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  1. I agree with business tax cuts. I disagree with giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Raising the income tax rate on the wealthy to offset the business tax decrease should be the policy. I'm a liberal that believes we should embrace a pro business model. I think business taxes should be lower. We simply cannot compete with cheap labor. Period. But we can lessen the tax burden on businesses so that they have a better chance to compete. Regulations are another matter, which I feel justifies the lower business tax. Some regulations are a requirement, but I can see some regulations being a burden to businesses. It's harder for me to declare regulations are bad, particularly when particular regulations are seldom discussed. I'm sure I agree with Republicans on a lot of burdensome regulations. But particulars are seldom discussed. In fact, I rank it high on the ignorance topic. We don't talk about specific regulations much. It's the watered down regs are good or bad, little public discussions on the details. We all know that bad chemicals in your water supply is bad. So not all regulations are bad, right? I'm all for reducing business taxes, raising taxes on the upper echelon to offset the revenue loss (or keep money within the business), but regulations needs more pondering on the particular regulation. But you know, who has time for that? I'm out causing riots every night.
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    The good news is...

    The good news is we looked like a team deserving of being on a pro field again.
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    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    Could be? Hahahahahaha
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    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    This week sounds like the week!!!! Er, I guess next week. So, next week! That'll be the week!!!! Unlike all the previous weeks! The next one is it! And if not, there's a shit ton of weeks after that!
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    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    Ben is young and naive. He might grow when he's out from his mom's basement.
  6. Sack1 Sack2 Sack3 Sack4 Sack5 Sack6 Sack7 Sack8 Sack9 Sack10 Sack11 Any resident experts want to break 'em down?