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  1. Democrat Party is pathetic

    What is the left's new format?
  2. Trump Latest Theory

    Actually I could care less. But you bring up the fact that they were registered as republicans a long time ago
  3. Trump Latest Theory

    Lol, no one ever changes political parties.
  4. Trump Latest Theory

    So what is the big difference between those two?
  5. Trump Latest Theory

    What about all his staff? They are all too professional?
  6. Trump Latest Theory

    So if there was something there it would be leaked? Why is that not the same standard for collusion/obstruction investigation by Meuller?
  7. Trump Latest Theory

    "If Mueller is registered today as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, it is not clear. The last time this was known was in 2001." Comey's wife and daughters are Democrats. He didnt vote in the last election he stated. He is hardly a Republican and if so, a never Trumper most probably. Not sure about Rosenstein.
  8. "We express our willingness to sit down face-to-face with the U.S. and resolve issues anytime and in any format," North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan said on Friday, according to the outlet, citing the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
  9. Where do we go from here? Post Mueller coup recovery

    The pendulum swung because of Obama and the direction he was taking the country.
  10. So, she sat down with him 2 yrs ago and now feels this is important to get out? Must have a book coming out.
  11. Trump Latest Theory

    Are you ready to believe if the facts show that this guys theory is correct?
  12. Trump uses unsecure iPhone

    Hey OldJewHater puts down his Hamas flag to join in!
  13. Trump uses unsecure iPhone

    I knew about what Jordan asked, but I knew a dumb ass like you would twist it into something that wasn't said. Going to cheat on your wife today?
  14. Trump uses unsecure iPhone

    Sessions said he was not going to appoint a special counsel to look into it. There is not enough evidence that the DOJ can't handle and they would need to use a special counsel. Not that there is not enough evidence. As I have stated before, Sessions is a cross your t's and dot your i's guy. He waited for the IG to recommend McCabe be prosecuted and he fired him right away. If the IG says anything bad about the Clinton email investigation, I would bet that Sessions reopens the case.