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    I'd take 30's.
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    Gary Walker and Sen'Derrick Marks. We are due by the Gods.
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    Sterling was an absolute monster. Shannon couldn't compare to the player his brother was...and Shannon is a bonified HOF'er.
  4. Back to the topic. For all the holier than posters, all true playas know that you don't pay a chick to fuck you, you pay a chick to leave!
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    I know that I maybe dating myself but the player Davis most reminds me of is Sterling Sharpe. And if he has that kind of an impact, I would be ecstatic!
  6. Target Alec Olgletree in FA next year, and you have the flexibility to add many different pieces to a roster that's getting more and more talented each year. I really like what Robinson is doing.
  7. @Kyle021 How many picks did you get right? Not screwing with you at all. Just wanted to gauge the accuracy of your predictions.
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    Stupid, but wtf do I know. I'm just a Chi-Town N***a with a Nas flow!
  9. What I realized is that football people see things differently. Look at the first 3 rounds. Laymen had mocks and where people should go. Football men drafted people where they actually should go. And yet fools still complain as if they know what is right. Based on what? You like football? Please, STFU and watch the game. That's what you are getting paid for, right?
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    JRob is definitely dialed in. Best receivers are gone. No CB's have been taken.
  11. Joke? Hahaha! Don't backtrack pussy!
  12. That's where you have misunderstood. I am not defending anyone. Riddick gets paid for his opinions for a reason. If you want your refrigerator fixed, you probably would listen to the advice of a refrigerator repairman. Of course he may be an idiot, but he has at least earned the right to give that advice. You wouldn't trust a bum on the street, would you? It just a stupid premise. Dmeade questioned Riddick's credentials as if he had earned some.
  13. Not blindly defending anyone. He gave his opinion. The majority of the mock drafts have Adams going ahead of Hooker. His comments are nothing new. And even he had Hooker ahead, it is still just his opinion. An anonymous, uninformed, message board poster with no credentials or talent calling a football man stupid for his opinion is the rub.
  14. An opinion of an opinion from an anonymous message board poster! Once again, how many people care about yours? And what's your qualifications? I got it, you pretend to know football on a message board. You are brilliant! Does that feed your desire to be important?