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  1. Gladiator references are always great!
  2. Titans to Hire Matt LaFleur for OC

    You do know Wilkes has a head coaching job and more experience coaching than both Vrabel and LaFleur? But being Black makes him under qualified in your book, I guess.
  3. Titans Hire Kerry Coombs

    What about Jimmy Johnson and Butch Davis from Miami? Norv Turner was nothing more than WR coach. How did that work out?
  4. The Titans are desperate!

    The cap was new. Many didn't know how to manage it back then. He was a football man, not a numbers man. Now GM's need to be both. As you can see, GM's are getting better at it, as there are no substantial FA's on the market.
  5. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    You don't cry when you win then you don't cry when you lose.
  6. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    Yep. Let's cut a real FB and line out TE's up in the backfield as lead blockers. Ask them to do something they are not really good at.
  7. Titans to interview Rams OC Matt LaFleur for HC job.

    Not very good success.
  8. Interesting nugget for our old coaches

    Funny, when we played the Rams, all the coaches on the Rams sideline were sleek and in shape. Then you looked at our sideline and we had beer gut, out of shape coaches. It was like the new NFL vs the Dinosaurs.
  9. How good are the Titans right now(last 4)

    Being doing this for 20 years.
  10. How good are the Titans right now(last 4)

    Jax put up 30 in the first game. I definitely didn't see Pittsburgh slowing them down or having enough offense to win the game against Jax defense.
  11. Year 2 of a 3 year rebuild. Our QB got valuable playoff experience. NE still needed the refs to win. Gotta replace coaches still. Ready for the offseason!
  12. Darrell Bevell?

    I agree both ways. I just find it funny how people have second guessed the play to oblivion like it was a no brainer. We lament Robiske constantly for running into a 9 man front but that would have been the suggestion on that play. And if Lynch was unstoppable, why were the Seahawks down in the first place? It was a good play call and a better defensive play. Sorry for the ranting!