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  1. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    And of course, contrary to what most fans would like, the path to success is not straight and upward as most think...but it's undulating. Mariota will survive. He has that stuff in the basement!
  2. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    I like it. Mariota has had smoke blown up his ass for the last 6 years. Let's see how he deals with the criticism...now is when we see what we have.
  3. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Don't know if I am defending him. What I am saying is that even great QB's have had shitty stretches, years and been left for dead. This is nothing new. Has Mariota sucked? Yep. Does it mean he is a failed experiment? No. It's part of being a NFL QB. Just like overreaction of fans!
  4. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    I hate to interrupt the party, but every QB has been at this place. The moment that everyone doubts if he is an NFL QB...that list includes Terry Bradshaw, Warren Moon, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, Steve Young and even Steve McNair. I remember when McNair was booed and people openly said that he couldn't read defenses. It's playing QB in the NFL...struggles, criticism and doubt, both self and public are all a part of it.
  5. Kevin Dodd

    At first you said he would anchor this line for years at NT. After almost 2 years he is still a great pick but after 5 games, Davis is a bust? This is why you consistently need to STFU!
  6. I think the 1 game suspension is really simple. The Patriots have the Steelers in 2 weeks and Goodell does not want Jones and Kraft, both on his ass.
  7. So, give me a book, a speech, a poem, prior to the weak minded black people having the meaning changed, that uses the term as you have stated. That shouldn't be hard at all.
  8. Walk in a room full of your male friends and say "What up Bitches?" Walk in a room with your wife and mother in law and say "What up Bitches?" Think you would get the same response? Is the word simply the word in both cases? Stop pretending to be stupid. Oh, your backwoods ass ain't pretending. You really are stupid as fuck!
  9. Sox, Jake and Scine are neck and neck...and neck!!!!
  10. Of course you know you are stupid as fuck when you can't find an appropriate dictionary. Exactly where did that definition come from? Because you can show me mounds and mounds of evidence, literary or otherwise of the term "nigger" being used other than as a contemptuous term for black or dark skinned people. I will wait for your examples idiot!
  11. Titans open as 3 point favorites @Az

    1 - 0 in December. December football is about the grind. I can actually watch games that we are supposed to win and know that we are going to. I can actually watch every game knowing that we have a chance to win. How many years have we been able to say that? Learning how to win, expecting to win and making the plays to win. This is how Dynasties start homie! You are a witness!!!! Enjoy the ride!
  12. No...there is nothing wrong with that hit. Did you see "The Express", the story about Ernie Davis? Back in the day, people cheap shot players all the time and there were no riots. Screw the fake outrage, right???
  13. Titans open as 3 point favorites @Az

    Comments like this always remind me of the final scene in "My Cousin Vinny" when Joe Pesci, after much help from Marisa Tomei says he wanted to win his first case on his own. She respond with what if he has a great career, winning case after case but with the help of others. Because really, when is winning not enough? I wouldn't mind if every game was the same way as long as we did not lose another game this year.
  14. A few post game thoughts

    STFU please! No one is a bust with 5 games played in the NFL and you are not a fucking GM or evaluator of talent. You are a stupid message board poster who puts out 123 mock drafts a year which covers every player being picked by the Titans. Bitch you mocked Bishop Sankey to the Titans in the second round. That's enough to show you are an idiot! Once again, STFU!

    I know.