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  1. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Dummy...that’s the point. Historical data is only used in Jackson’s case to say that he cannot be a QB. It is not used anywhere else, or when history suggests that others have made it with low scores, it’s dismissed. I simply asked why and since none of you bitches can answer, the answer is the obvious. Dread it, run from it, you still arrive at POS racists! And what’s more, the only faggots driving the opposition are known on this Board as POS racists, including yourself. Does it get anymore obvious? My last post on this topic!
  2. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Hell with all this stupid shit. Let's put all your talk to the test. Let's make a bet...I guarantee you Jackson will have a better career than Mayfield. But we will stop after 3 years and make the comparison. No subjective bullshit, whoever has the highest QBR is the winner. Both QB's should have taken reigns as a starter by then. If one hasn't, then he is the loser at year 3. Capiche?
  3. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    How many Super Bowl winners? Wasn't that the starting point when you started the low Wonderlic bs? How many SB winners were there? Always a fucking moving target with you people!
  4. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Funny how the defenses became so much more complex with the same dumb assholes running it. So the people actually on the field in this brand new complex defense don't have to be smart/smarter but the one playing against must be? Silliness. And for the record, since 2000, 44 QB's have been drafted in the first round. Only 4 have been consistently successful/won SB. Does that mean you stop drafting QB's in the first based on historical data? Once again, you can't pick and chose when you use your analytics. When you do pick and chose, it always means something else is afoot!
  5. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    6 Pro Bowls, a SB appearance and he’s not successful. Enough of this stupid ass conversation. Racists are going to racist!
  6. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Name me QB’s drafted in the last 15 years with low Wonderlic scores.
  7. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    No it hasn’t. There is nothing that bares that out.
  8. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Bitch..I never made it about race. Have stated constantly that Wonderlic scores mean shit! That’s everyone. But you, POS, have shown that you are a racist and all your comments are seen through those lenses. You are a piece of shit!!!!
  9. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Meanwhile, some of the most successful QB’s in the league had low Wonderlic scores. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!
  10. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Jackson has played QB at a high level his entire life. He has proven he can play the position. This test does not measure football intelligence. What do you account for Jackson’s success as a QB so far? Perhaps football intelligence?
  11. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    All of them chosen in the first round! Johnny Manziel, Rex Grossman, Cade McNown, etc. Let me help you out. What Wonderlic score do you need to be successful at WR, RB, LB, DB? Oh your answer will be they are not QB’s. The QB position requires a level of competence...they are like a coach on the field. OK, what Wonderlic score is required to be an OC? A DC? A Head Coach? A General Manager? Oh right, there is none!!! The Wonderlic is not relevant in any other place, position in football but the QB position? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit! It is a waste of 12 minutes! There are no geniuses in football!
  12. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Are you that stupid? Of course, he is short. Now, do I have to name the massive amounts of failed short QBs as opposed to the few successful ones? Maybe you are this stupid! So let’s try the question again. Why was Jackson compared to failures and said he couldn’t do based on historical data and the historical data didn’t matter when it came to Mayfield?
  13. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Once again, no answer to the question. Because you have none. The subtle nuances of racism. You know another? Trying to blame the person for calling out your bullshit as the racist. In fact, show me once where I called you a racist for comparing Watson to Jackson??? Stupid diversions. You are a racist because of the reason I said...comparing everyone else to their failures and of course you know the rest. I am done placating your bullshit!
  14. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Please stop with the stupidity. Once again, the only reason you brought up Watson was to be dismissive of Jackson ability. And to make the point that if he goes in the first it would only be because someone was trying to replicate Watson’s success. Go back and read it. Let this shit die....constantly going back to this is not going to change my opinion. You still haven’t answered my only question. Why was Jackson compared to all of the failed low Wonderlic score QB’s, yet you immediately compared Mayfield to all of successful short QBs? You know why washistorical data a factor in assessing one but not important in assessing the other?
  15. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    Dumbass, it was sarcasm!