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    All JRob's signing were for a specific job. It's key to building a good team. Every player does not need to be a star. They just need to do their jobs well.
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    Davis will not be gone by 18. I prefer Williams and Malachi Dupree.
  3. Nothing. Just if the majority of football people say he is a late first round to second round pick, why do so many laymen pretend to be so much smarter? So smart that they don't need any due diligence done because they have YouTube clips. Really? I know this is a message board but just because you have an opinion does not mean you are qualified to give it.
  4. Let's try this again, you have decided on 13 games that Corey Davis is great? Let's try this again...what do you do for a living? Stick to that.
  5. Once again, which tape?
  6. Which tape? Fucking 5 minute highlight reels? Let's do this again. Everybody looks good in highlight reels!!!! They are designed to focus on only your good to great plays. Do you get that? Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright, Dorial Beckham Green had great highlight reels. And every bust in the NFL too.
  7. What happened to all the FA signings you had inside information to?
  8. Damn you have big ass balls!!!! Geez!
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    I'd take Malachi Dupree for Goodwin, but this is a solid offseason and draft. Secondary and LB core upgraded and the offense is upgraded. The best so far! Good job.
  10. The re-build will be complete this year. The Titans will make the playoffs. It may take another offseason before we are SB contenders consistently.
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    He has the same list as Kiper and McShay.
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    Point taken.
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    Yes. Charlie Casserly is a former GM. So is Ryan Grigson and so is Ruston Webster. If they wrote a list of top NFL prospects, would you trust it? Or would you ask, why are they former in the first place?
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    They are analysts, not scouts. Jeremiah had Myles Jack, Reggie Ragland, Jarran Reed, A'Shawn Robinson, Noah Spence, Mackenzie Alexander, Kevin Dodd in the first in 2016. In 2015, he had Randy Gregory, TJ Clemmings, Bernardrick McKinney, Dorial Beckham Green, Eli Harold, Denzel Perryman, Jalen Strong and PJ Williams as first rounders. Don't put your faith in analysts.
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    Only on this board is he a top 10 pick. In reality he is a late first to second round prospect. Always has been.