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  1. Neither are. More injuries at the WR spot so they need more camp bodies at that position.
  2. You can't be serious. You actually believe trillions of dollars have been transferred since 1965? And no African American earned a contract, admission to college on there own. Data will show that Whites and Blacks benefit from welfare equality. Here is where these conversations end.
  3. No such thing as black on black crime. People kill the people that they know. In America, Whites hang with Whites and Blacks hang with Blacks. Crime is just crime. If I kill my wife, it's not because she is a color, it's because she deserved it. And it's not really about getting anything. People don't even want to acknowledge the racist policies and laws that set Black people back for years. It was planned and systematic. But I promise you, if African Americans were given the amounts of reparations that were given to others, this conversation wouldn't be taking place. Those are the simple details which are always left out.
  4. No such thing as black on black crime. People kill the people that they know. In America, Whites hang with Whites and Blacks hang with Blacks. Crime is just crime. If I kill my wife, it's not because she is a color, it's because she deserved it.
  5. This all sounds good but first you must visit the American policy that led to all of these things. Didn't start here nor should the past and it's effects be ignored. And we shouldn't pretend that ghosts of past policy don't still exist. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/06/the-case-for-reparations/361631/
  6. Tajae Sharpe injury update just started running again

    But that's silly. Sharpe's rookie stats matched Rishard Matthews stats as a 4th year vet. The one's in which we signed him. And now all of a sudden he his light years ahead of Sharpe. Davis and Taylor haven't caught a pass in the NFL and I'm sure you remember, Sharpe was once a member of the training camp hype club too.
  7. Tajae Sharpe injury update just started running again

    It don't get the hate either. This was a productive player last year. Yet, every other player, even those who did not contribute that much, is expected to have the 2nd year player bump (A.Johnson, D. Henry, K.Byard, K. Dodd and even S. Tretola). But Sharpe isn't expected to improve at all in his second year. Ridiculous.
  8. It's just the"I am somebody because I can comment" generation in which we live.
  9. I see why you are a Jeff Fisher fan. And a bullshitter. Why would one get upset at any football player on the Titans roster for not showing up to voluntary OTA's? I mean talent, without hard work will led to the same results right? Let Mariota, Henry, Davis, Lewan, Conklin, Orakpo, Morgan, Jackson all sit on the sidelines till the season. Hell no need to show up for weight training either. According to you they will perform the same. See how your bullshit doesn't even pass your own test?
  10. And by the way, simply because you watch football does not mean you have to imitate the intelligence of football players. Your entire life has been built on the principle of sowing and reaping, but perhaps you don't recognize it. From the ant and the grasshopper to The 3 Little Pigs to the fucking justice system to every fucking bad guy loses in a movie is based on the principle. Let me ask you a question. If you had a football team who practiced once a week and another who practiced everyday, if they played each other, who do you think will win? Right. You been told all your life to work hard because you will reap the rewards. The principle homie! And I bet you wouldn't tell your kids to not work hard because you get what you put in is a myth! An older gentleman who once said "After all the shit I did, it looks like I got away with it." 6 months later he died of a heart attack. The wheels of justice turn slow but grind exceedingly well. Don't let the pace fool you. I know it serves your purpose not to believe, but you too will have to answer for every joke about a dead or crippled person you have made. I hope the laughter and applause you got was worth it.
  11. If I had to chose between the intelligence of you and Sir Issac Newton, I would choose Newton every day and twice on Tuesdays (simply because that's when the club goes up).
  12. I wish some of you stupid mfers would realize one principle. Laughing is catchy! I cringe every time I see a thread about another team's injuries and stupid fuckers laugh and make fun. Grow the fuck up will you! Injuries are not funny period! I know some stupid mfer will say one does not effect the other but that only proves they are about 10 and know nothing about life. The number 1 principle in life in sowing and reaping and another is every action has a reaction. Cause and affect. Personally I am sick of the shit and ask the mods to shut down every thread where someone laughs at others injuries. It's stupid, immature and after having a Super Bowl winless franchise, any good karma will help!
  13. Titans training camp discussion

    Injury to Sharpe. But I like what I hear about Decker. I am a fan, not Bongo. I will gladly pay out to see a better receiving corps than last year. I maybe wrong, often am...but my name ain't Righteous for nothing!!!!
  14. Could Corey Davis holdout

    Well that wouldn't take in account injuries. If everyone is healthy, I'll take that bet.