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    Damn! Damn! Damn!
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    Dude, you must be joking, right? You just gave a list of the Patriots entire receiving core. What did you mean by that? How is possible that you would believe that anyone would not infer that you were insinuating that we should build a receiving squad like the Patriots?
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    Great face for the organization.
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    We definitely will bring in a player or two during the off season. Tre McBride has shown nothing and probably will not be on the roster next year. We have 2 receivers. Bringing in FA's would at least be proven receivers, which you can not guarantee through the draft. I would pay Alshon Jeffery and Robert Woods in FA and draft Malachai Dupree in the 3rd or fourth. I have no problem with Switzer at that spot. Receivers would be Jeffery, Matthews, Woods, Sharpe, Dupree and Switzer. JRob will address the position and turn it from a weakness to a strength. Making a few moves could make this offense explosive.
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    No...I know it's a common theme around here, that after one year, we all know WJRWD and his type of player, but we don't. He did not build the Patriots roster. What we do know is that he said he would look for receivers who could win one on one match ups in the off season and during the draft. I would assume (and maybe it's just me because I don't know WJRWD) that if he said that WR is one of the weaknesses he wishes to address with players who can win one on one match ups, then that's what he will do. His name is Jon Robinson and not Scott Pioli or Bill Belichick. Just maybe his philosophy of building a team is different.
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    Our receiving core would be Matthews, Sharpe, McBride, Kupp and Switzer. I don't see any who win one on one matchups. That's what JRob said he wanted to add this offseason.
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    Don't see how you would think JRob wouldn't be interested when last year, during the draft, his focus was on more picks meant more airtime and exposure for the Titans. He is all about marketing.
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    I'll take that draft in a heartbeat!
  9. Not DLB style, he failed miserably as a Head Coach.
  10. Winning the SuperBowl requires winning more than just one game. I am pretty sure 105 receptions 1,300 yds and 6TD's contributed heavily to the Broncos making the Super Bowl. And hey, I agree with you about building the defense now, but at some point a top flight receiver who can win one on one battles will be needed.
  11. @patsplatI understand that you think the team needs to draft on the defensive side of the ball and I get it completely. But if you try to rationalize the none need for a first round WR with Super Bowl analytics you are way off. Since 1990 20 out of 27 SB winners have had a 1st round WR on its roster. That's 74%. If you exclude the Patriots, it's 87% of SB winners. So as the rule, SB winners are not devoid of resources thrown at the WR position. And if there is a WR there that can help your roster in the first, you take him. History has shown that you may need him.
  12. And 3 out of the 5 you named didn't win a SB. I am not following at all.
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    WOW! People on this Board have been saying this for a while. Like after one draft, they know what JRob will do. Bravo!!!!
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    He's 6'1" 207 LBS. I don't think he needs to slim down to play SS.