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    If it ain't broke, don't break it.
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    Not the supplemental draft. And you started watching football in an expansion draft year. In 1999 Cleveland became a franchise again. Each team had make players on their current roster available if Cleveland wanted to draft them. They are mostly scubs on overpriced veterans. However in 2002, when Houston became a franchise, Jacksonville made Tony Boselli available and Houston took him. So the expansion is when the league expands and the new team gets to draft current players in the NFL.
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    Has nothing to do with the NHL. There have been expansion drafts in the NFL. What year did you start watching football?
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    Sounds great. But the reality is Wright average 56 rec 649 yds and 3.6 TDs over 5 years. Take away the one anomalous year, and you have a veteran receiver who averages 46 rec 541 yds and 4 TDs. Sharpe, in his first year, put up those numbers. So there is a rule in the NFL, if the rookie is equal to the veteran, go with the rookie! Kendall Wright added nothing more than Sharpe to this offense. Sharpe can grow, Wright is what he is.
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    If he is not running the proper routes then no, he was not a better receiver than Sharpe. He was a smaller DGB. And what ability after the catch do you speak? I've seen the Titans force feed WR screens to him for 5 years that only went 3 yards. The myth about the talented Kendall Wright is widespread but not true.
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    Brown is getting the same treatment as Hunter, Wright, Warmack, etc. Great players don't sign 1 year deals.
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    You will be in McLean. Nice restaurants there too. You can take the Silver Line into the city. I work in Georgetown and there are all kinds of restaurants, from Asian dumplings to seafoods. Places like Sequoia, Tony and Joe's, Catina Marina and Bangkok Joe's are excellent. 14th Street...try Masa 14 and Red Hen. DC is known for its restaurants, so it will be hard to go wrong. If you wanna do a drink, get out, HMU. I plan to be in Nashville for my first home game on September 10 and hope someone extend me a courtesy too.
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    No dispensers but easy to find. DC has everything. What type of restaurants do you like.? For 6 weeks, you will have to check out eateries in Georgetown, Adams Morgan and the U Street Corridor. Great bars on H St.
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    The shit we get excited about around here. Wasn't Corey Davis drafted with an existing injury?
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    I'd take 30's.
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    Gary Walker and Sen'Derrick Marks. We are due by the Gods.
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    Sterling was an absolute monster. Shannon couldn't compare to the player his brother was...and Shannon is a bonified HOF'er.
  13. Back to the topic. For all the holier than posters, all true playas know that you don't pay a chick to fuck you, you pay a chick to leave!
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    I know that I maybe dating myself but the player Davis most reminds me of is Sterling Sharpe. And if he has that kind of an impact, I would be ecstatic!
  15. Target Alec Olgletree in FA next year, and you have the flexibility to add many different pieces to a roster that's getting more and more talented each year. I really like what Robinson is doing.