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    3 out of 25 All Pro players were drafted in the top 5. It ain't where you pick, it's who you pick.
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    @StephenIsLegendShit...even Ruston Webster knew that. Look at his picks, Free agent signees and retained players. Knowing what to do and knowing how to pick the right players are two different things. Stop being a rocket surgeon Bro!
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    Yes I have. As I said, it ain't rocket surgery! Since you are one of the those rocket surgeons I speak of, name me the percentage of SB winners who have lacked any of those 3 qualities?
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    Andrew Luck made Avery Williamson his bitch all year and your plan is to extend him? I am sure at least Luck will be excited about that. I appreciate the effort but as I said, building a winning team ain't rocket surgery. Don't take something that's easy and make it complicated. It just comes out sounding stupid. Get it? QB, trenches, build your defense strong up the middle. Searcy, Williamson and Woodyard ain't next level players. Planning a future with them is planning to fail. Just throwing out names is not building a team.
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    The shit ain't rocket surgery. Safeties and ILB are more important to a defense than CB every day. Why, may you ask? Because the majority of the offensive plays are designed to attack the middle of the defense. Simple! A great CB can be schemed around. 5 out of the 8 Pro Bowl CB's teams didn't even make the playoffs. The strength of your defense should always be in the middle. If you were to take a look at all SuperBowl winners, you will find that great safety play is almost as important to winning as great QB play. So the two areas that are most important on defense should not be ignored and should be strengthened, if you can. Stop overthinking this. The shit is not rocket surgery!
  6. Non sense. Football is a brutal sport. In one game your career could be over. Von Miller signed for 70 mil guaranteed. If he blew out a knee and couldn't play anymore last year, he would still be owed $70 mil. If he signed for the $14 mil tag and blew out a knee, he would be owed $14 mil. How is it dumb to ask for guarantees in a brutal, brutal sport?
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    So being a woman beater doesn't matter if it is a position of need?
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    So no on Mixon, but yes on Westbrook? I am confused here. No video? Is that a factor?
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    Lots of character concerns about Westbrook may push him down the draft board.
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    I'd take M. Dupree in the 3rd or 4th and be just as happy.
  11. I think it's a little deeper than this, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. You certainly have every right to yours.
  12. We've had two World Wars, which included no Muslim countries. And that included Atomic Bombs, gas and all kinds of shit. Is it that only Muslims are judged for acts of aggression?
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    Terry Glenn
  14. More bullshit and hypocrisy. One is a villain and the other is a hero. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2015/04/28/us/baltimore-riot-mom-smacks-son/index.html?client=safari