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  1. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    It’s a real problem. I’m not sure what to think of it at this point.
  2. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    No. Cat sniper was one behind Bondra.
  3. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    It’s going to come to a head at some point. 1/3rd of our electorate gets their news from FB and total bullshit news sources. Something has to give.
  4. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    So when do we get the cat sniper back?
  5. Mariota obviously had his issues last year. They’re the same ones he’s had since his rookie year. He’s constantly thrown off his back foot. The last regime didn’t see an issue with it. The new one did and let him know what to work on.
  6. Don’t go talking sense to the experts.
  7. Seems to be a running trend in the organization, not so much with some of the fans.
  8. Mayock Mock Draft

    I don’t think Robinson is going to choose an ILB at 25 unless he believes LVE is a pure 3 down backer who commands the defense. There’s simply no way we are taking a two down type guy in Evans at 25.
  9. Ah. It really is amazing what Robinson has done to patch together the team. Logan fits nicely into the rotation.
  10. Logan was 3 years. Do you mean guaranteed money? I think we re-sign both Morgan and Orakpo. Both are still good starters who set the edge, and neither will command a big enough contract to get us a solid compensatory pick. Both years they’ve been together they’ve put up solid sack numbers to go with excellent pressure stats. If we are only only going to keep one it has to be Morgan, but Orakpo is harder to fill in the draft unless it’s a 1st. This is why taking a guy like Hubbard would be stupid on all fronts. It’ll be the first real black eye for Robinson if he goes that route as we will have 3 SLBs on the roster, one who is in his prime.
  11. HELP! I'm in love with the WR draft class

    Go back and watch his college tape. He definitely was not a bubble 9 route guy.
  12. That’s pretty interesting.
  13. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    @Jamalisms I’m still digging my heels in on the repeated threats of violence. That shit shouldn’t be allowed. Threatening to hope someone gets a bullet between the eyes in a thread like this is grounds for a ban if it continues. Just my opinion.
  14. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    The offer won’t be right, and it’s a stupid idea in the first place. We should be in win now mode. Trading our biggest weapon is pretty much retarded. He isn’t slowing down anytime soon.