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  1. Mueller requesting more documents...

    So let’s say they don’t prove out in out collusion, but they find extensive money laundering with the Russians, would you back off your thinking?
  2. Tajae > corey

    Jerry Rice is easily one of the most talented players to ever play in the league.
  3. Pro Bowl Voting Open

    Byard, Succop, Woodyard, and Kern. I would say Lewan, but he’s sucked the past couple weeks.
  4. Fluellen should be getting some touches.
  5. Colts Week (plus AFC Playoff Picture)

    We win the game if they go into a more hurry up shotgun oriented offense. Seeing as we aren’t going to do that the game will be close and we will either pull out a squeaker thanks to a big play from Byard/Jackson, or we’ll finally lose one of the close games. If we ran a better offense this game would be a no brainer.
  6. Welcome aboard my man. The idiocy of the offense is that we have a QB who is tailor made for a WC approach, yet we almost never use him as such. The kid has proven he’s one of the best play action seam throwers in the game, if not the best. If we would allow him to get in rhythm on short throws while allowing Henry some IZ OZ from shotgun this offense would put up 30+ every single game because defenses would have to cover the entire field. Right now defenses are playing a lot of deep zone and only keeping 7 in the box because Murray is done and Henry sucks under center. A lack of drag routes, RB screens, flares, and rub routes is allowing defenses to play back and be able to cover a lot of the longer developing routes. Since the line isn’t holding up as well this year almost all of our explosive plays are coming from PA. If we would open up the shotgun run more often I think we would see our offense start to hum. Henry needs 15-20 shotgun carries a game. Mix in the quick hitters across the middle to draw in the defense while getting some actual usuage from our running game and our play action will kill them over the top with more consistency.
  7. around the NFL today

    I’ve been saying this the entire season. If they would do that more then you would be correct that we ran a similar offense. The only similarities we have right now is the RO and RPO.
  8. Yawn. At least ME and 9s are original.
  9. the FA running back group isn't great this year

    Maybe we are having this argument from different platforms. Are you saying this is the way we’ll go because it’s the best way forward? Or are you saying we’ll be hamstrung with a lack of up front money from the organization forcing us into this situation?
  10. the FA running back group isn't great this year

    We disagree, but only one of us is being unreasonable. If you don’t think we are bringing in at least two mid FA signings then I can only hope you’re wrong . We have a ton of cap room and no one to sign except guys whose contracts aren’t up.
  11. the FA running back group isn't great this year

    So 2 guys. Good to have you back, but no way we get comp picks from those guys after FA.
  12. the FA running back group isn't great this year

    We don’t have any FAs who will get contracts from other teams worthy of compensatory picks. Maybe we have one if we let DQ Jones walk. We won’t get a pick off of him because there’s simply no way we don’t bring in FAs next year. I simply think you’re wrong here. We have more than enough cap to upgrade our team in several areas in FA that it would be stupid not to do so.
  13. the FA running back group isn't great this year

    Then it would seem 18 would be the year to spend money, no?
  14. Every Mariota Interception.

    That route is always designated for the receiver, who is usually the X, to go under the CB...always. You’re wrong here, even if it was a bad throw. The blame goes on the WR because he’s always supposed to hit that spot.