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    Fox equated our last president with a terrorist, or if not a terrorist then a terrorist sympathizer, if not a sympathizer then a non-citizen. I don’t condone how they’ve discussed his family. But the right called Michelle an Ape in heels... no one is right if everyone is wrong.
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    I must have stumbled upon it over FB where I get the rest of my news.
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    This fist thump, is that sort of a signal that young people get?” she asked. “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently.
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    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Comey bypassed Lynch. She was a nonfactor in the end.
  7. This isn’t a localized issue to only this board. Not even close.
  8. IsntLifeFunny

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Yeah, they don’t seem to understand when you hate both sides you’re in a certain sense apolitical.
  9. Why is it hard to understand that the argument is to leave kids with their parents because it is the right thing to do? It isn’t hard. It’s called carrying water.
  10. I’m not going to continue this argument with you. It’s pointless. You’ve been shown several times from several posters that this is happening for one reason and only one reason. I’ve continued on hoping at some point you would take the time to consider reason, logic, and thoughtfulness. That isn’t happening. It isn’t surprising. You carry water well.
  11. No, the increase is directly because of the no tolerance policy that has been quoted verbatim on this thread. Stop already. Damn.
  12. It’s to a point where there is no dialogue whatsoever. Even in the IG report and the WSJ article showing political bias where some Clinton staff lied. I give a concession and say okay if it can be proven they lied to the FBI they should be charged seeing as that is a crime. I’m then told that simply won’t do. The people we are talking to are totally lost. It is permeating a large sector of our country. You give them an inch and they take a mile. You prove them wrong and they discount your facts with opinion. You show something patently false and they retreat and counter with more bullshit. Half of them can’t even take context into account. Look at the article Jake linked above. He simply couldn’t understand that equating unaccompanied children with taking infants and small children from their parents at an alarming rate is faulty logic. Their next argument is discussing people in jail who have their kids taken from them. They fail to realize it is the right who has continued to promote the drug laws they’re even really discussing in the first place. They fail to mention the kids are given to the significant other. If not, to family. If that isn’t available and they’re an infant they stay with the parent in jail...because an infant does not need to be around strangers and in foster care. It is the equivalent of trying to reason with a stubborn child, which doesn’t surprise me seeing as they constantly carry water for Trump.
  13. You are the biggest fucking idiot I’ve ever seen on a board. Unnaccompanied by parents or a guardian that’s the important part of that article. We are talking about 2000 kids who are being taken from their parents. That never happened under Obama, or any other president.
  14. At some point you will grow up and learn to take an L.
  15. If it wasn’t for those pesky facts they would have a point.