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  1. helimachoptor

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    There seems to be a definite split in terms of the approach with the OLBs and ILBs, i wonder if this will potentially cause some communication issues on the field at some point
  2. helimachoptor

    Jason Wolf Leaving Tennessean

    I'd take PK over Wolf any day
  3. helimachoptor

    Titans Running backs past and present.

    Guy unblocked me on snap chat after I called him out on singing into his phone while driving with no seatbelt. One of the first posts he puts up is him driving with a kid who got not seatbelt on. With that stupidity he was never gonna make it.
  4. helimachoptor

    Madden 19

    I play madden in a european league, im an ok player, but some of the good guys are impossible to beat. All Madden is easy to beat if you know what to do, so agree with @TheBukafax, you make bad passes they'll be picked, gotta play smart against all madden and you win
  5. helimachoptor

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

  6. helimachoptor

    Two Tone Crew Returning 6/13

    Just got a guy who kept shouting "remember the Titans" at me while I'm wearing a sideline fleece. Can we put on the discussion list that Irish people know very little about amerian football bar me and @IrishTitansFan
  7. helimachoptor

    Titans cancel the final Mini camp practice.

    Or he doesn't want to watch another day of shit offense
  8. helimachoptor

    OTA Updates

    What the fuck is Dodds major malfunction
  9. helimachoptor

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    Agree, the man should maximise how much he can earn because as soon as he doesnt fit what the team wants they'll cut him
  10. helimachoptor

    OTA Updates

    Wonder what's up with Dodd, is he just a pussy?
  11. Grizzly, easily has 200lbs if not 250 on a gorilla. Claws, teeth and in general is more of a predator (given a gorilla is a herbivore) so will likely be better mentally suited to trying to kill other big animals. while gorillas fight the tend not to kill each other. The gorillas only real advantages are its intelligence and pound for pound its stronger in its upper body and while it average about 350lbs that's all muscle, while a grizzle would have a large % of its weight being fat. I think a grizzle wins, but i dont think its one sided.
  12. helimachoptor

    Lewan Starts Real Life Fortnite With Teammates

    Idiot. But he's our idiot.
  13. helimachoptor

    Mariota- Vrabel press conference

    why is he so out of breath