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  1. Vrabel named Titans HC

    thats what im thinking tbh
  2. Vrabel named Titans HC

    No this said head coach and they had his salute to service jacket changed to a Titans logo
  3. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Yup. By the time I was going to post it @IrishTitansFan had beaten me to it.
  4. Vrabel named Titans HC

    They deleted that one and the new one is 5 mins ago..
  5. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Who was our Rooney rule interview?
  6. I've been to the US, 20 maybe 25 times. I was in a bar in Boston on sunday evening (i was shitfaced so cant remember the name) It was the most high tech shitter i've been in. The restroom door opens automatically the stall door you waved your hand over a sensor and it closed the tap and soap dispenser worked automatically But like all American toilets, there's a massive gap between the stall and the door.. anyone know why? I got prime view of a guy in Gilette who was having the most murderous shit ever, not pleasant
  7. Sound fx for the game up ok NFL.com Credit given to the Titans for the come back and pats warned to play the full 2nd half. Casey extolling bradys prowess but otherwise it's about 2 mins or Lewis and brand shredding us
  8. The Browns want Mularkey as OC

    Good for him. I hope he takes it and does really well.
  9. Going to the fucking game!

    What a terrible game. Outclassed outgunned and out coached. also I’m bloody freezing
  10. Cian Fahey Resigns From ESPN After Bar Incident

    An Irish person who can't drink.. for shame. However the Irish and American sense of humour is very different especially when alcohol is involved.
  11. Going to the fucking game!

    The weather is awful. Also I'm going to be on wkrn tomorrow!
  12. Going to the fucking game!

    in block 120
  13. sounds like the Titans will be playing in London next season

    The jags Titans rivalry could be set to renew from here given they won the division but we best them. Personally I don't see that game drawing in fans but who knows.
  14. Going to the fucking game!

    where in the stadium are you sitting?
  15. yeah this is defintely a concern. Over this side of the water.. all the chat i about a potential steelers/Pats conference game. There's some chat about the Jags defense and what it could do, but theres nothing about the Titans. This surely has to be a concern, if we did beat them.. you can be sure the Steelers would get every call on Sunday, no way the Championship game is Titans @ Jags