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  1. Titans 2018 Schedule

    and who have 1st year coaches. Wont be the Titans
  2. Titans 2018 Schedule

    When Hunter caught a highlight reel ball. I'll be at this as Dublin is a short flight away
  3. Last Year's WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviewed

    Where you coming from? Book using Norwegian and you'll have a cheap trip to Dublin
  4. Titans secondary working together

    not hard at all, they dont have other jobs. Working together makes them better = increased chance of a better contract next time round, its common sense.
  5. Lewis vs Adoree (New kick return man?)

    Adoree brought one to the house but was called back for a penalty away from he ball and get had another one get deep into the other half that was also called back
  6. Titans FA News/Rumors

    she's a liability
  7. Titans Release Karl Klug

    he's been a big favourite of mine for a long time. I think the injury slowed him a bit. Good luck to him
  8. Lewis vs Henry

    This will be interesting to watch in camp. Henry could get unhappy if it looks like Lewis is turning into the primary RB.
  9. Titans FA News/Rumors

    I think they BB era is coming to an end, and potentially an acrimonious one
  10. he's amazing in Madden though
  11. Browns Trade for Jarvis Landry

    Poor guy but at least hes got 16 million reasons not to give a fuck
  12. Cwolf is the Alpha. Other guy is a fucking moron.
  13. Amy Adams Struck stays in the picture

    Jrob has let himself go since he came here, he's getting pretty tubby