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  1. Uh..someone asked him about it. He can only report what he hears lol
  2. Titans to sign Kevin Pamphile to 1yr deal

    I think he has 33 starts? I'll take that at the price we probably got him for in this market. Haven't personally watched him though. Depth signing.
  3. Titans FA News/Rumors

    Yeah, I watched him do it lol Just putting out there why some teams might be concerned.
  4. Titans FA News/Rumors

    Had some serious knee injuries in the past.
  5. Bob Mcginn scouting article

    Well, that's admirable. Wish more people were like that.
  6. Bob Mcginn scouting article

    Huh? Didn't you make a thread saying we should draft Carter?
  7. MCM post-FA Mock Draft

    Thanks for the literal analysis.
  8. MCM post-FA Mock Draft

    Guarantee he won't be.
  9. Titans Release Karl Klug

    Oman hasn't shown up yet.
  10. Titans FA News/Rumors

    Ugggggh. You just reminded me Douglas is still on the roster.
  11. That's super interesting. The guy isn't a traditional nose. Maybe they think DQ can play nose.
  12. My darkhorse/sleeper 1st round pick

    I haven't personally watched him, but I've heard from people's whose opinions I respect that he can't play. Sure, he's a freak athlete, but he has no idea what he's doing. Not falling on one side or the other. Just putting it out there.
  13. Who and what we should draft

    Who is this information useful to?