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  1. TeamRamrod27

    Corey Levin earns high praise from Mike Vrabel

    My top criticism of Levin coming out was his lack of power if I remember correctly. Looks like the scheme change (and maybe a year in an NFL strength program) has turned him into a good player. I love it when players the Titans draft prove me wrong.
  2. Great episode. Doing a fantastic job taking over so far Jamal.
  3. TeamRamrod27

    Training Camp Discussion

    What the fuck would Fahey know about how far along Davis is? Lol. He didn’t play in the first preseason game and was beat up all of last year.
  4. TeamRamrod27

    Anthem Protest

    No! I’m so mad I didn’t get to see what this bumblefuck “wrote” lmao
  5. TeamRamrod27

    Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

    Sign Reid. I have a feeling we’re going to sign Mike Mitchell and I’m going to be sad.
  6. Right about what we expected. I’m happy with the deal.
  7. I would be pretty surprised if he isn’t the highest paid OL. Just the way it goes.
  8. TeamRamrod27

    Dodd Released

    I remember getting flak for not liking the pick that day. Bummer he didn’t prove me wrong on the field in the short time he had.
  9. TeamRamrod27

    OTA Updates

    Who are the OTs right now? Kelly and who?
  10. TeamRamrod27

    Barkley's Numbers this year

    Better improve his vision quick and hope that Oline plays better (they’re definitely better on paper) if he’s going to put up those kind of rushing numbers. I’m sure he’ll have a ton of receiving production.
  11. I’m always really confused when I come into these threads. Have you guys really never met anyone with this type of personality? Lol. I never understand the meathead or asshole label that gets thrown around here with Vrabel. And I’m not being condescending and saying you guys are sensitive. I’m just genuinely confused where this is coming from.
  12. TeamRamrod27

    Harold Landry vs Myles Garrett

    I wanted him at 25 which is why I was disappointed with trading up for Evans at the time. Never dreamed we’d get him in the second. Now I’m all for the Evans pick in because we got them both anyway! Hindsight is a beautiful thing lol