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  1. Titans for Sale?

    I wish we operated a fan ownership model but I don't think we would have enough fans willing to put up capital tbh. I'd put in like a grand but that's it.
  2. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    I already dislike Vrabel's modus operandi when it comes to press. Comes across as a d-bag. If he wins it won't matter, but I think his volatile character is something to watch out for.
  3. Titans for Sale?

    Once again Jamal with the terrible analysis.
  4. Cryptocurrency

    People are going to lose a lot of money on this in the next decade and it's a sad thing. A lot of working and middle-income people have been drawn in because of the media hype and are going with the sheep - WHICH IS THE WORST TIME TO "INVEST" YOUR MONEY. If you're on the fence with crypto it's probably because you're not cash-rich and aren't willing to lose a lot. I'd suggest putting your money in predominantly Vanguard passive funds, have a couple of absolute return funds in there as well if you wish. If you want to take a bit more risk then buy some individual stocks, but I think most people can make a lot of money over the next 30-40 years just consistently putting their money into diversified passive index-funds (as has been the case for over a century previous). Obviously nothing guaranteed, but at least your investing in something tangible.
  5. Cryptocurrency

    People keep conflating blockchain technology with cryptocurrenty, the two can be mutually exclusive.
  6. Cryptocurrency

    You do realise that tokenized exchanges and crypto are separate beasts? I have no problem with tokenized exchanges and eventually these will be bought up (and already are) to function the selling of security-backed tokens. Right now most are wholly facilitating crypto speculation. Crypto sucks. It's backed by nothing, and is pure speculation. Now speculation on anything can be hugely profitable if you time the market right - I would suggest that time has come and gone. If you want to INVEST, then do it in tangible assets - equity and bonds. Look, maybe tangible companies will eventually be traded on takenized exchanges en masse, that's fine and would fall under 'equities' in a normal portfolio. Crypto falls under pure gambling and speculation right now in a sensible portfolio. If it makes up over 5% of your portfolio then you're over-leveraged.
  7. Cryptocurrency

    Honestly all of the proselytising about crypto should make everyone a sceptic. There is almost a cult like quality to its backers and how fervently they defend their 'investments' - heck it seems they spend most of their time on chatrooms and YouTube trying to justify it. If you have a solid investment you don't need to shout loud about it. My stocks and index funds have made me a ton of money and I have no need to defend those investments to anybody, their value is clear, that's telling.
  8. Cryptocurrency

    I understand how it works. It would make up to 5% of my investment portfolio max and act purely as speculation. People will get poor as fast as they will rich dealing in this.
  9. Cryptocurrency

    Cryto is a bubble waiting to burst - if you've got significant investments in there I'd get them out. Invest in something with tangible value like the equity market. Heck, putting your money in crypto is not an "investment", it's pure speculation.
  10. So the latest accusation....against the FBI

    Just finished reading Comey's book and I come away with sympathy for his decision making. I also understand why he dislikes Trump's personality, but I think he makes a lot of inferences in referencing his direct communications with Trump. I don't think Trump should've fired him, Comey is an honourable man.
  11. We have had gambling here for as long as I can remember and it has not been an issue. If anything it makes the games more interesting.
  12. The Clintons are obvious sociopaths as is Trump. I don't think either Obama or Bush were sociopaths, but Obama was too cocky for his own good and Bush too easily controlled by fatboy Cheney.
  13. He comes across as a douchebag quite frankly, but many great coaches were d-bags.
  14. Maxine Waters is not a smart person, I thought that was obvious to all sides. And I'm only a Trump fan when he pisses off sissy-libs. I'm more of a Romney-type conservative.