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  1. The dossier was compiled by a former senior MI5 intelligence officer, I wouldn't expect him to be lying.
  2. I don't mind him but he doesn't use his hand well in my opinion and gets beaten off the line quite a bit.
  3. I think if you practice these for a couple of months you should always get 30 as a bare minimum. If you don't practice and you aren't great at math then I can see someone who is actually reasonably intelligent only getting a 20. But I think most reasonably intelligent people wouldn't get less than 20 with no practice, even if they are slow or poor at math.
  4. Did the 25 question one and no surprise I did a lot better, but there were duplicated questions: 23 of 25 questions answered correctly Your time: 00:05:41 You have reached 23 of 25 points, (92%) Average score 52.22% Your score 92%
  5. Look it's not THAT easy, especially if you're slightly slow at math. But, yeah, most of these guys should be getting at least 20.
  6. Results 36 of 50 questions answered correctly Your time: 00:11:24 You have reached 36 of 50 points, (72%) Average score 50.94% Your score 72% The test itself isn't that hard, but there isn't much leeway in terms of time.
  7. I think there a better than 50% chance we trade down, but that's all dependent on the players available at our spot. If we have to stick and pick we'll be able to snag someone good.
  8. Just cause a player doesn't visit, it doesn't mean we won't draft that player high. Many teams use visits as smokescreens.
  9. Foster would be completely off my board.
  10. Sucks that I can rarely ever catch these live due to time zone differences.
  11. It's La Canfora...*turd emoji*
  12. Mularkey's comment matters more. Ultimately jobs will be won and lost at camp, not the voluntary portion of the offseason.
  13. That doesn't make it interesting. People reading way too much into this... Passing the time till the draft comes methinks.
  14. Not interesting at all it's voluntary activities, as long as he's in shape come camp there'll be little concern.
  15. Derek Barnett.