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  1. Adoree being considered a bust so far?

    He has, twice, just refs fucked him both times.
  2. What makes it worse is that clusterfuck occurred just after another HORRIBLE call on Jonnu Smith during the long Walker TD.
  3. Yep, New York either missed it or ignored it. Either way it was a horrible horrible call by the officials and crew in New York. Any way you slice it. In my opinion they got it wrong on three counts: 1. It wasn't a fumble, Cassel's arm began forward motion and the ball moved forward accordingly. 2. There was a whistle during the play, both teams clearly stopped play and there was a conference that awarded the score an absurd amount of time after the fact. 3. Regardless of what you feel about the above two points, there were too many men on the field from the Dolphins and hence it should have been a penalty that negated the play.
  4. Negates the play and carries 5 yard penalty I believe.
  5. Refs 16 Titans 10

  6. Refs 16 Titans 10

    Even if we take what you said as a given, which it isn't by the way. The 'Fins had two players from the sideline walk on the field during the "fumble" return, it's as clear as day, that is a FLAG that negates the play and is a 15-yard penalty.
  7. Refs 16 Titans 10

    It's not just that. There was a whistle so the play was dead, yet a minute later they determine that a TD ran in counted - despite players from both teams stopping on the play. Miami also had two players from the sideline who ran on the field during this "fumble" return, which should've been flagged. New York are just flat lying if they deny any of this.
  8. How Long Can LeBeau Go?

    He is still fit as a fiddle and can coach defense with the best of them. I reckon at least a couple more years if he wants to and is wanted.
  9. Racial profiling is a logically consistent strategy to combat crime. It just happens to also be discriminatory. Value judgement: effective policing Vs political correctness. Just look at the case of Rotherham in the UK to see how dangerous the political correctness route is.
  10. Week 3: Seahawks @ Titans Game Thread

    Massive win for this franchise. Putting up 33 on that defense is some achievement. Also we should've had two more touchdowns than we did but the refs messed that up. Score was a bit misleading in the end, I thought we looked comfortable. But we really need to work on our strategy vs hurry up.
  11. We should go with the hot hand. The lack of trust in Murray only two weeks into the season is absurd. Murray is one of the most accomplished runners in this league, have some fuckin trust in him. Twats.
  12. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    There's no doubt POTUS is wrong here, but still... Fuk da haterz and do it for the lulz #MAGA17
  13. It Was A Toe That Ended One Titans RB's Career

    Murray will bounce back.
  14. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Lol, I found it funny. #MAGA fuk da haterz