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  1. Brugler's First Big Board

    Here's something to mull over; Delanie Walker is 33, LaFleur had a lot of success with Matt Ryan when he utilised multiple option targets especially tight-ends. I think it is conceivable that we draft the top TE if he is still on the board at #25.
  2. Dean Pees Possible DC

    Pees would kinda be a lateral move - which wouldn't be bad because I am a fan of LeBeau.
  3. Rumor: Leaked Details Of New Uniforms

    Sounds awesome if true.
  4. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I hate Barnwell but he's right that it's confirmation bias. Vrabel needs to choose his words more carefully, he's come out with some odd statements.
  5. Bettcher Chooses Giants Over Titans

    Fair enough. The Raiders did apply some hybrid front concepts under Del Rio but yeah he's a 4-3 guy. But a smart defensive mind. Can lead a defensive room and gives Vrabel some experience to lean on. But there may be less pros than cons.
  6. Bettcher Chooses Giants Over Titans

    Del Rio is available right?
  7. Vrabel and Robison discuss OC position

    Bevell would be preferable in my eyes, considering his body of work, but DeFillippo would be good too.
  8. Bettcher Chooses Giants Over Titans

    I think it's pretty clear that he'll have more control as a DC in NYG than here. You can kid yourself if you want, using Vrabels statements as evidence, but the DC here will have less control.
  9. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    Bevell has a strong resume and has had playoff success. It wasn't long ago that he was a mooted HC candidate. He would be a solid hire. Wherever he has been he has moulded the offense around the strengths of his personnel - one of the reasons that Wilson has been so successful.
  10. Press Conference

    I didn't see the start, but he seems to be doing well as far as I can tell.
  11. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Man we need some experience on staff too. Someone with a lot of NFL coaching experience as assistant head coach ideally.
  12. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Vrabel is definitely a leader of men and that is what JRob was looking for. Much will hinge on the OC hire. But I think Vrabel could be an effective CEO-type HC.
  13. Of the playoff teams I can see us interviewing DeFillippo, McDaniels (if possible), Reich, and maybe Edwards.
  14. Yeah Toub is very well respected in the league. His name has been mooted as a head coaching candidate for a number of years. I think he's worth an interview to hear him out.