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    On to the Jaguars.

    Vrabel and LaFleur are refreshing. Young coaches who are willing to defy convention to win football games. The complete opposite of Mularkey and Robiskie.
  2. Yep. If he wants people banned go to pussy forums like GoTitans.
  3. He sounds like 75% just can't get zip on deep balls yet. I'm sure it'll be fine
  4. JRob is good at player trades. Kelly and Correa are great pickups

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Yeah needs to sort how he holds the ball. But in terms of his catch radius, YAC and getting open there are absolutely no issues.

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Davis would have legit #1 receiver stats on a team with consistent QB play.

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    This game proves Vrabel can coach. But damn I still can't wait for a healthy MM, Lewan and Conklin back. The offense was barely functional that game. Still a tough gritty win against the loser Texans.
  8. If he can't start then Marcus shouldn't play. Go with Gabbert. We shouldve signed Woodside to backup this game.
  9. The best QBs in the league; Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben all play well through injuries. Marcus doesn't appear capable of doing this, or at least I have seen minimal evidence. The fact is that he's injury prone

    How about the horrible officiating?

    The interceptions weren't Vrabel fault, the injuries weren't his fault. I think the defense should've come out quicker and that's on him. But I don't know many HCs that could be dealt a worse hand than he got last Sunday. And his reaction to it in the immediate post-game presser was mature.

    How about the horrible officiating?

    They were shit too. If we had that 60 yard TD allowed it's a par game. The only players doing well were the kick returners.

    How about the horrible officiating?

    I thought our offense started quite well. I'm gonna give them a bit of a pass in terms of the execution element week one. No one can prepare for a game that lasts 7 hours with two long breaks. Has to be the toughest week one game for a HC that I've seen in a long time when you include all the injuries (losing our most important receiver for the season hurts bad) and the terrible officiating.

    How about the horrible officiating?

    Did you listen to the rest of his presser? He kept talking about how it's not an excuse. And working with the cards dealt to him. Referencing that 8 out of 10 calls came back in our favour means he now has clarity on what is legal and not. Things like the Mariota hit were a grey area cause Boger said it was legal, clearly he was wrong.
  14. With all these injuries my theory is Vrabel has severe CTE and has his players training for UFC instead of the NFL. He looks like a crazy bastard.