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  1. Njoku is a really nice player, could be elite.
  2. Big fan of his tape...Pierre Garcon.
  3. Lots of draft 'gurus' that I respect have Shaheen as a top 100 player. He could be in play in round 3 but is more likely to be a round 2 selection, especially seeing as Jake Butt is injured.
  4. I don't know why people are laughing at Njoku > Howard, Njoku is a very dynamic player and could go ahead of OJ in the draft IMO. I personally prefer OJ, but Njoku is no slouch and would be really effective on our offense.
  5. Foster is good but beyond that I'm not a big fan at all. Reddick is being projected as an ILB, but we'll see how good he is there, he's a big risk imo. Cunningham is ok but not a 3-4 ILB in my eyes, also he arm tackles a ton. Davis and McMillan are average. Don't know about Walker but Watt will be an OLB.
  6. If we want a Tight End to replace Walker then we need to get OJ Howard or David Njoku. But if we're just looking to replace the Fasano role then Jeremy Sprinkle should be our guy.
  7. Kyle, on what planet is Adams worth a 1st round pick? I mean seriously...
  8. Allen also has some arthritic shoulder issues, which is a major concern for a defensive lineman.
  9. We have two top running backs, not an attractive location for a guy like Burkhead who will be looking for starter reps.
  10. I don't dislike his tape, just don't love it. Also highlight tapes are completely useless, you need to use the fully game individual footage.
  11. Arian Foster has a bit of a god-complex, he thinks he's a lot more intelligent than he actually is. I wouldn't put too much stock into what he was saying regarding "smart" people in the NFL, especially if it's Foster who is deciding who's "smart". But, overall, he's somewhat interesting to listen to - even if I may disagree with him regularly.
  12. Conklin had elite athletic traits for sure, he wowed at the Combine and had some of the most solid tape of any draft prospect. Allen's tape doesn't scream top 5 player to me. Quite frankly I hope, when it's all said and done, that the Titans aren't picking in the top 5 anyway.
  13. Yep I liked Matias in his draft year.
  14. I really wouldn't compare the two, anyone that had watched Bosa's tape knew he was a top 5 guy, it's less obvious with Allen. He's stout vs run but didn't 'wow' me on a consistent enough basis. I'm also not sure what his specific position on the D-line will be as a pro, but that's less of an issue.