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  1. Not sure Deoin Jones would've been that great a fit for us, but on the evidence of his rookie season I'd have drafted him in a heartbeat.
  2. I like the concept. Whether it's real or not we shall see. Also Kuharsky has been wrong so so many times so just ignore the arrogant oaf.
  3. He was never a top 10 DT. I remember thinking Matt Miller lives on another planet when he posted that article.
  4. Nah he's pretty bad in many ways if you go back and look at some of his rankings. Also abject in terms of his annual NFL positional rankings - I remember him ranking Mike Martin in the top 10 DTs in the NFL, MIKE MARTIN!
  5. We have always tended to play well vs NFC opposition I thought. Would be interesting to see the Titans' record on that actually.
  6. The good thing is that there are a lot of attractive potential options for JRob to consider. I still think we will look to trade back, the Patriots way.
  7. Jamal Adams is a player I favour ahead of Foster. He plays at a more premium position in terms of draft value and I think he has the best leadership qualities in the entire draft. Foster is real good though and I wouldn't be upset if he ends up being the pick. Byard is already a real vocal guy and had a great rookie year. I'd love a Byard-Adams combo at the back end of our secondary.
  8. I like him, but I think his draft range will be where we are not going to have a pick (barring a trade), say the 7-12 range. I like his game but I don't think he will be one of the top 5 players on our board.
  9. Good for him, hope he stays injury-free. I know if I were a highly regarded junior college football player that I wouldn't take the risk of returning to school.
  10. Jamie Collins would be great in our defensive system, I think we could be all over him. AJ Bouye would be my number one target at CB. And Eric Berry my number one target at S. I think going for Bouye is eminently more realistic and would weaken a divisional opponent.
  11. They've actually amended the 3rd/4th round picks to this: Rd 3 Tennessee Titans: Noah Brown, WR, Ohio State Rishard Matthews has been a pleasant surprise for the Titans, but they still need another receiver with Kendall Wright once again falling out of favor with the coaching staff. Rd 3 Tennessee Titans: Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech Delanie Walker turns 33 this offseason, so the Titans might have interest in adding a successor. Rd 4 Tennessee Titans: Howard Wilson, CB, Houston Given their major problems at cornerback, the Titans could choose to double up on the position in the first four rounds. I would be happy with a first round of Adams and Lattimore - I think both are excellent players. But I also think it's unlikely we'll double-dip at secondary in the first round, this will probably become more obvious post-free agency. As for the later picks, I'm happy with the positional choices of WR/TE/CB, but I'm not deeply familiar with any of the prospects mentioned so I can't make a value determination.
  12. He's good, but doesn't really fit our scheme. Jace Amaro is basically the same player.
  13. I would probably be inclined to wait until the 3rd to get a TE/WR, but I am a bit on the Corey Davis hype train. I think more than anything we need to turn our defence into a powerhouse. We have two pass rushers (could add another to go with Dodd), we have a good D-Line, but our ILBs and secondary need an upgrade. Williamson is decent but not great in coverage and Woodyard is inconsistent from week to week. We need at least three new guys in the secondary. I think Byard and Sims are the only solid bets to make the roster next season and they were both rooks.
  14. The more I watch Corey Davis the more I think he might be the best WR in the draft, and could be worth the pick at #5. Senior Bowl week and the Combine will be BIG for my assessment of him because it will show if he can keep up that level of play against quality opposition. He had a real nice game vs Wisconsin already though. Avoid Mike Williams, watched a number of his games now and not comfortable with him at all.
  15. Pretty sure Jerry Rice won a Super bowl...or two...or three. Irvin won three as well although he's not on that level, it doesn't hurt to have one or two really good WRs/