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  1. He's got to be close to retirement anyway.
  2. Just to give you the impression across the pond, they are pretty sure these leaks have come from US law enforcement - probably the FBI - not the White House.
  3. Been calling for this for a while now, good move. It's a very American thing to restrict sports celebrations and penalize them, doesn't really happen in European soccer games.
  4. Shows you why ESPN is failing, I'd expect it to have the converse effect. People will switch off if they hear a screecher.
  5. I see no problem with it but it does seem a little tokenistic seeing as she hasn't done any pre-season NFL games by the sounds of it. Ultimately these jobs should be awarded on merit and merit alone.
  6. Salge seems like a really outgoing and affable guy in interviews, but I do remember he was one of the scouts that was really ecstatic when we got Kendall Wright (I assume he was the area scout for Texas), let's hope under his watch we get less Kendall Wrights and more Lewans, Mariotas and Conklins.
  7. I think Travis is right in a sense that we can't get past how freaking weird what Takk McKinley did was. Taking a picture of your dead grandma on stage and then cussing. It was odd.
  8. We do need another experienced corner IMO.
  9. Well I got two of the players right.
  10. And I called Davis and a corner in the 1st. Maybe I'm on the inside... Look for ILB today, maybe the kid out of Oklahoma.
  11. NFLN and TitansOnline both have us getting pick 200.
  12. So I was reasonably accurate so far I guess, we picked up a slot guy and also Jannu Smith was effectively our 4th rounder after the trade.
  13. Smith has been really consistent and had a productive college career. And he can block, for sure, but he also has the ability to be split out wide. Very much like Delanie.
  14. It was actually very hard for me not to attack you personally Jamal, I was turning over a new leaf but now I've been triggered.