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  1. Yeah but I won't ever read or support their shit after their tweet about McCain, wishing him dead.
  2. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    By the way, if anyone knows, is there coaches film of the Titans' pre-season games on Gamepass? I can't see the option available. Also the graphics on Titans Network are straight outta the 90s.
  3. Deadspin is a horrible site, what they wrote about John McCain was a fucking disgrace.
  4. Police brutality isn't single race issue though, it's a national one. So making it racial is just creating a straw man to be criticised. Also, the cultural issue is way way more important. Why do young black men find themselves in contact with the police so much in the first place? Are we really going to say that most of the guys the police have been douche bags to are ordinary law abiding citizens? No, most are engaging in some type of illicit behaviour. And it all stems from a poor education (which hampers any future economic opportunity), the high fatherlessness rate in the black community (which is creating a self perpetuating cycle of crime), and the inner city gang culture and violence which is ruining tens of thousands of young black men's lives, as well as their families. Police brutality is an issue, it is for all races. But for the black community in particular there needs to be a cultural shift. Government systems are holding them down through crap education and the incentivisation of non-participation in the labour market via welfare handouts. These are the major issues! Look at the stats, black men are doing far worse to each other than the police are doing to them! All of this is not to say that police brutality is not an issue or that we should ignore it, but it is merely a side show to the real issues hampering the black community. We need the black community to take note of the Asian American experience. Personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, hard work, strong nuclear families, and an emphasis on education throughout the culture, that is the foundation for prosperity.
  5. Instead of protesting during the anthem, they should focus on helping to address the cultural issues within the black community in America. That's what's causing the most harm to young black men. Not police brutality.
  6. How bad is Bortles?

    I saw Bortles play at Wembley last year and he looked very good. He's a streaky player and can have great stretches. But I'm not sure you can rely on him to make your organisation a consistent winner.
  7. Unraveling in Jax

    What a bunch of silly cunts.
  8. 6 mill retards a week listen to Alex Jones(Jon Oliver)

    Alex Jones says stupid shit but I sometimes watch his vids because he's entertaining.
  9. Patreon

    They shouldn't have banned Ms. Southern's account in my opinion, but they are well within their right to do it. In fact I agree with Ms. Southern stopping the 'refugee' boats, many are simply economic migrants from sub-Saharan Africa that have nothing to do with the conflict in Syria. And even for the actual refugees from Syria, I think it's a dangerous precedent to set to allow the boats to come over, many will die and find it harder to rebuild their nation when the conflict is over. They need to be given safe haven in nation states on the periphery of Syria's land border, not across a mass of water. More broadly though, this could end up just being bad for Patreon's business model. Someone could quite easily just set up an open crowdfunding website that allows any funding unless it is overtly illegal.
  10. PK is going in on Jason Wolf

    Far more interesting than re-reading quotes from Mularkey that you've already heard at the press conference.
  11. PK is going in on Jason Wolf

    There are many more interesting and fulfilling careers than sports journalism. Although sometimes I think it would be great to watch and write about sports for a living. But you make career choices that lead you down a different path. Regardless, there are a number of amateur NFL and Titans bloggers that produce infinitely more interesting content that the 'pros'. Just harder to find them on a Google search.
  12. PK is going in on Jason Wolf

    Jim Wyatt was a proper beat journalist. PK is quite ignorant in terms of his knowledge of football and his 'articles' are not of high quality. Wolf is useless and annoying. In sum, I think many of us could produce better daily content than most of these guys. Also, Glennon should've never been fired at the Tennessean. He's far better that Wolf or Rexrode.
  13. ObamaCare will Not Be Repealed Or Replaced At This Time

    Obamacare is fundamentally flawed and will eventually be repealed and replaced or amended to the point that it is Obamacare no more. I come from the UK where we have a universal system and it is certainly not a perfect system. The private and competitive nature of the American system means you have the most modern, innovative treatment. I think Bismarck system is probably the best and is something the USA could emulate. McCain was right to vote against the skinny repeal, it would've done a lot of short term harm without a guaranteed long term solution.
  14. Will never be forced, against civil liberties.