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  1. Another shooting today!!

    I'm sure Jake will move the goal posts about how the other 16 school shootings this year don't really count.
  2. Another shooting today!!

  3. Another shooting today!!

    It's apathy. It happens so often that people are barely phased by it. By this time next week there will be at least 2 more school shootings based on the current trend.
  4. Another shooting today!!

    We've got bigger issues to deal with in our country like making sure food stamp recipients aren't abusing the system.
  5. I'm going to say Gruden is the first one fired out of the head coaches hired this season.
  6. Didn't she come out and admit she lied about the affair a few weeks ago? Now Trumps team is admitting they actually paid her off. How long before the news about her being bribed again to say she lied?
  7. No team in their right mind would ever hire him as the OC after his stint here. He's like Munch, he's good at being a position coach and should stick with that. No shame in it.
  8. Amy Adams Struck stays in the picture

    Both are former players as well
  9. Altered Carbon

    Have you watched Dark yet? It's a really good show and might be even better than Altered Carbon. It's entirely in German and English subtitles.
  10. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    Again, what about saying that I MIGHT watch some Vikings games to see how good he'll be means I love the guys nuts? Wouldn't reason dictate that if I and others on this board wanted him to be OC of the Titans that we'd also believe he'd be a good OC? Typically good coordinators get hired as head coaches eventually, no? You read way too much into it and are continuing to dig your heels in rather than just admit you wanted to be an ass.
  11. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    Or, and hear me out here, you read WAY TOO MUCH into my post and went full throttle hyperbolic throwing out fallacies left and right, but rather than just move on with being wrong you insist on continuing to make an ass of yourself. If that makes you feel better, then by all means, carry on!
  12. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    Lol Soxcat =
  13. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    Lol. Some body call the hyperpolice. Sox has committed a false dichotomy. I said I want to watch some Vikings games to see how well he does. It is of my opinion that he won't be an OC for long. Many here wanted him as the head coach before we hired Vrabel and then as the OC after Vrabel was hired. Furthermore, he doesn't have to dominate as a coordinator to get a head coaching job. E.G. Mike Vrabel. But I'll remember that having interest and optimism regarding a coach or players future means you're on their nut sack. I'll be looking out to see whose nut sack your on next.
  14. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    Wanting to watch him call plays to see how good he can be means I'm on his nut sack? Okay then.
  15. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The Wii U had an excellent library....of Nintendo games. It lacked any meaningful AAA 3rd party games. The Switch on the other hand, while still not getting everything on the market is definitely doing a lot better in this regard.
  16. Altered Carbon

    Watched the entire season over the last week. Really good show. I enjoyed it.
  17. does Lewan get his extension before FA starts?

    Pay the man what it takes. The sooner the cheaper it will be. He's far too valuable to quibble over paying him as much as Joe Thomas.
  18. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    I might watch some Vikings games this upcoming season just to see how good this guy is. He won't be an OC for long.
  19. Hopefully the Titans have a reason to give Mariota a $200M in 2020.
  20. IIRC, the Giants were going to take Conklin if we didn't.
  21. Cliche buzz words they know fans like to hear.
  22. Trump still wants his Soviet-style military parade

    As Trey Crowder said once before Trump supporters would let him burn their house down if they knew that dems/liberals would choke on the smoke. They live in a different reality.
  23. He's going Tony Montana on McDaniels
  24. The biggest takeaway was definitely being flexible and not forcing players into their scheme. You could tell that was a point of emphasis when they were hired. Really liked that LaFleur wants to break Mariota out of his "I don't want to disappoint you" shell and encourage him to tell the staff what he wants.