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  1. Quid pro quo. He (finger quotes)competes(/finger quotes) for the job and we show him your wife's tits. Sound good?
  2. He probably won't, but like Murray, maybe he'd be willing to for the right team to get out of a shitty situation with the Raiders. He's also not having a great year, so that's a small bargaining chip. Look man, I'm just spit balling here.
  3. You'd restructure his deal, obviously.
  4. I'd send a mid round pick for Carr just for competition/insurance for Mariota.
  5. Stranger

    Around the NFL today

    Mahomes makes it look so easy.
  6. Sharpe has taken the #1 role from Davis in this game.
  7. This team can never just have everything going well. Something always has to fuck up.
  8. Allen is triggered and Williams is hurt. Maybe this is the turning point we needed.
  9. I'm on mobile. Who keeps down voting any Mariota criticism?
  10. Fisher ball has come full circle for the Titans. Run run pass punt/FG.
  11. So about those ex Pats DBs.
  12. Stranger

    Jets release Pryor

    Weren't we targeting him back in the off season? I could see us making an offer, especially with Matthews gone.
  13. I'm not a NFL coach, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night... Wouldn't boxing gloves make it harder to knock the ball out? It would be easier to strike the ball with your fist since it doesn't take up as much space. A boxing glove is just going to hit the ball carrier in the forearm/elbow. I get they don't want to get their hands broken, maybe they should use mma gloves instead??
  14. Stranger

    Matthews Unlikely to Play in 2018

    Team player?? Lmao! He fucking quit on his team. The Titans aren't giving him a bad rep, he did that all on his own. What a delusional moron.
  15. Stranger

    Matthews Unlikely to Play in 2018

    Matthews lacks any self awareness. He really doesn't understand why no one wants him?? He freaking quit on his team because he wasn't putting up Madden numbers during a turbulent start to the season. He's going to have to really humble himself before anyone signs him again.
  16. Stranger

    Moving Forward

    This is such a weak argument from Blake. Yes, the window for the Titans to win now has never been more open in recent years. But who's to say we can't trade for a vet QB and just keep on trucking along? Even if we don't trade or sign a vet, not all rookie QB's take 3-4 seasons to be ready whereas Mariota is still struggling 4 seasons into his career. Blake wants to play it safe and just hope things just work themselves out. I'm not advocating for the Titans to move on yet, but at this point waiting on Mariota to turn the corner is wishful thinking. He might, but it's looking increasingly unlikely. We can risk wasting the youthful years of some of our other stars in trying another option or we can risk wasting them on a 4th year QB that might finally figure things out. I'm glad we took a chance on Mariota, but at this point I wouldn't be upset if we rolled the dice again.
  17. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Maybe Vrabel can tell us again why fans should show up for such an amazing performance.
  18. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    The coaching staff are just trying to get this game over with.
  19. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    If you put Gabbert in, it's to preserve Mariota's health. Not because you think Gabbert will do better, because not even Brady could succeed behind this line.
  20. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Note to self: Play the defense of who ever the Titans are playing each week in fantasy football.
  21. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Our offense is just bad. The interior line is putrid. Marcus, while he has incredible potential, shouldn't still be playing as bad as he does at times. It's made worse by how awful our line is. Outside of Davis, we lack a real threat on offense with Walker out and even he isn't always on his A game. This team can put together a good game against quality opponents but clearly can't do it consistently. It's frustrating being a Titans fan. You think they're about to finally turn the corner and show they're ready to play with the elite teams and then they show the entire NFL fan base why they're not to be taken seriously.
  22. Stranger

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    I guess they missed the horse collar tackle