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  1. Stranger

    Lewan crushed JPP

    I laughed way too hard at that.
  2. I've placed in the top 10 multiple times, top 3 a couple of times. I made it to the final 2 once, where I feel like I should have won but I guess my opponent's aim was truer than mine. He only had 12 health left after the game ended.
  3. Stranger

    Mariota for Carr/Trent Edwards?

    Carr & Mack and you have a deal.
  4. Stranger

    Might Bridgewater be traded to the Eagles?

    Balled out? I don't know about that. I will agree that he isn't as bad as some make him out to be, but he's far from a game changer at this point in his career, injury aside.
  5. Stranger

    Might Bridgewater be traded to the Eagles?

    Trade Gabbert to the Jets for Bridgewater. At least @Jonboy would be happy.
  6. Stranger

    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    Evans is one of the best WRs in the league and he's a giant to boot. That said, what he did in that video, while impressive, was just some NFL style And 1 moves that almost definitely wouldn't work in a live game. If he were the 2nd or 3rd read and their line held strong, then it might be useful.
  7. Stranger

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    It's a carefully crafted message. He can't praise the Titans too much since he plays for a division rival, but he also plans to sign with the Titans when his current contract is up, plus he doesn't want Henry to punish him too harshly for talking shit.
  8. Stranger

    Saquon Barkley rips a huge fart before the snap.

    That would have to be a massive fart to move a towel. That or the towel is very thin. I'm skeptical. #fartgate
  9. Stranger

    Titans Signing Safety Steven Terrell

    I didn't get to watch the whole game. Did President also get hurt?
  10. The new uniforms are fire! I love them even more seeing them in action. Great 1st series. Time for the Gabbert show now.
  11. Stranger

    MAGA: Make Asbestos Great Again?

    The Deep State clearly got to Geek.
  12. Stranger

    Madden 19

    I think 'Vrabel's' arm looks fine. His head though. It's fucking huge.
  13. Stranger

    LaFleur Interview

    The teams issue last season was Mularkey's undying loyalty to Robiskie. The formations, for the most part, weren't the issue. Being way too predictable and lousy play designs were the problem. Mularkey would still be the head coach if he weren't so damn stubborn.
  14. Stranger

    Madden 19

    I bought 18 during the last PSN sale for $8. While the game seems to have made significant progress since I last played it regularly, I'm going to wait on the same sale for 19 after the Super Bowl. My biggest peeve with the game is how not fun playing defense is. Always feels like your player is running through mud. Players just don't feel responsive enough. Maybe 19 will fix this??
  15. Stranger

    The Deep State has come for Alex Jones

    All this has done is make a martyr out of him. As soon as he puts up a Patreon page, people like Ben and thor will dump their life savings into a membership.
  16. This is how you know that shit is getting real for Trump. He just said a day ago that his son colluded with the Russians and that it wasn't illegal. Now he's saying it was Hillary that colluded and they need to be investigated. The investigation is getting closer to him and he's trying like hell to distract and deflect.
  17. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    I understand the Blood Moon mechanic, but I still don't see how adding a few lines of dialog acknowledging your achievement would require a restructure of the game. It comes down to the immersion for the two of you (Dude & Jamal) in that it wouldn't make sense for the world to acknowledge you defeating Ganon if he isn't actually defeated, E.G. the Blood Moon occurring wouldn't make sense. For Pat, it ruins his immersion that he accomplished a major goal in the game only for it to feel irrelevant because the world doesn't reflect it or acknowledge it in anyway. Simply put, the game wouldn't need to be restructured in order for the world to acknowledge you defeating Ganon. Would it make sense? No, not really. But by the time you've beaten Ganon, does that really matter? Besides that, the Blood Moon is just a cut scene explaining why the enemies are respawning. The cut scene itself isn't even necessary for the enemies to respawn. I'm not super well versed on the Zelda lore, but I don't think the enemies rely on Ganon for their existence.
  18. Definitely CMJ. He's a Cowboys fan isn't he?
  19. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    You think adding a few new lines of dialog to the NPC's around Hyrule acknowledging you've beaten Calamity Ganon, maybe even a few NPC'S visibly celebrating your achievement would radically change the game structure? I've no issue with how the game plays now, minus the weapon degradation (that's a different conversation), but I could support it if the world acknowledged your feat.
  20. He says it's totally legal but he felt it necessary to lie about this totally legal thing? Lol are his supporters really this gullible? (Rhetorical question) Now throwing his own son under the bus. Once the investigation starts focusing on Ivanka, you'll really see Trump lose his mind.
  21. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    So what you want is for the world to recognize that you've beaten the final boss in some way? It's been a while since I've played Odyssey but I think you can replay the main story final boss any time you want. I believe the only difference between the two games is that Odyssey acknowledges what you've done whereas BOTW doesn't.
  22. It'll make for a great 30 for 30 in a few years. They should've taken Mariota.
  23. Stranger

    Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

    Michael Griffin is already a part of the coaching staff isn't he? Problem solved!
  24. Stranger

    Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

    Wolfe wasn't bad, but this Davenport guy seems pretty football savvy and more active to boot.
  25. Pelon was signed just a couple of days ago right? I wonder what the issue is with Hankins.