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  1. It's a shame he gave the guy a mercy choke. It would have been more entertaining to see him back down from a guy that's twice his size instead.
  2. The OP is a very obvious attempt at trying to bait Trump critics into being hypocrites. "Jane Sanders is under investigation. Trump isn't. I feel totally validated!!"
  3. Based on that other thread about dick size and intelligence, it just means you're really smart and Decker is really dumb.
  4. Sharpe:"They just signed another WR AND he has a big dick?! Someone's ass is getting beat TONIGHT!!"
  5. I haven't played my Switch in a couple of weeks and likely won't again until Splatoon 2 releases.
  6. Great news! This takes some pressure off of Davis and Taylor, and gives them a polished vet to learn from.
  7. It is voluntary, after all.
  8. Yeah, that's the same Jonboy.
  9. None of them could show up. Can't demote everyone.
  10. I hope he recovers quickly. I want him at 100% while Davis is scoring TD's on him.
  11. Our resident Trump supporters
  12. Interesting article. They either need to do away with voluntary workouts or make them mandatory and pay them additionally for it.
  13. Trump admitting he's under investigation.