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  1. Stranger

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    I guess he's not a star yet
  2. Dawkins is the 4th string wildcat QB to this guy!
  3. Stranger

    Lets trade for Antonio Brown???

    Gordon has mysteriously failed his physical and the trade with the Browns is void. In other news, the Pats are working out a trade for Brown.
  4. Stranger


    I thought it was 520 that ate ass. I could see a Skyrim being a mile high club thing.
  5. Stranger


    This is how innocent people behave.
  6. Stranger

    Around The NFL...

    Damn the Jags are playing lights out and Cole is on fire.
  7. Stranger

    Best Coaching Job We've Seen In Years

    Thank God he wasn't really going to put Mariota in on running plays. Ian Rapoport was being fed bull shit and decided to report it. I didn't see the game, but listening on the radio, it sounded as though they played as good a game as possible, especially considering the circumstances.
  8. Stranger

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Listening on the radio. Sounds like we're playing well. Do they look the part as well?
  9. Stranger

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Here's the tweet where he mentions this. It's beyond fucking stupid. If Vrabel tries to run that sort of offense, then this franchise is in deep shit. JRob would have to answer big time for it as well. Going with not true and it's just the Titans trying to fuck with the Texans.
  10. Stranger


    If it's really your 1st time playing it, once you get past the tutorial, pick a direction and just explore. You will inevitably run into plenty of quests. If you want a little more structure, then follow the main quest after the tutorial for a bit and it will give you plenty to do as well. You'll have a blast either way.
  11. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    The price isn't the issue, it's the lack of value for the price. I've survived without cloud saves for most of my gaming life. It's a nice feature, but not worth the price in my opinion. Nintendo also said that they can't guarantee that your cloud saves will be safe in the event you let your subscription run out. I don't play online often enough to warrant paying for the service in that regard either. The NES games, while a nice feature, are games that I've either got access to on my NES Classic or I'm just not interested in anyway. Playing some of them online is about the only redeeming quality of said feature. If and when they introduce SNES/N64/GameCube games to the service, then I'll jump in head 1st. Until then, I just don't see the value.
  12. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    The game looks fun but I'm concerned about the microtransactions and if they'll be required to fully upgrade your ship.
  13. Stranger


    Join the Dark Brotherhood. Oh, and watch out for the mannequin's in the Honeyside house. How much did you get it for?
  14. Stranger

    Browns releasing Josh Gordon

    I hope we at least put in a claim even if we don't get him.
  15. Love him or hate him, Mariota is the Titans QB for the next couple of seasons at least barring a trade for an established vet QB. The market sucks and the upcoming class isn't strong. Mariota is good for at least one head scratching play a game and will miss some time/games every season. I still think he can be a good QB and you could still give him the benefit of the doubt that he's learning yet another system even though some of his issues are consistent across coaching changes. The biggest concern for him and the Titans is his availability. He can't overcome his mechanical issues if he can't be on the field to improve on them. He's no good to the Titans on the bench. His likability makes it difficult to criticize him and it seems a few posters here almost take offense to even the mildest criticism of his play or health. I'm not ready to move on from him yet because I still think he can be a good QB, but it's time to at least start having the conversation about the possibility of life after Mariota.