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  1. Stranger

    More genius words from queen c**t

    Jake, I've had some fruitful conversations with you recently. If you want to change anyone's mind, you have to accept that no one cares about Hillary anymore. She isn't in charge. 2nd, starting a thread with cunt in the title isn't going to inspire a very open dialog. I know you're going to say that those of us on the left call Trump and his supporters names, so just remember to be the change you want to see. We can disagree with each other and still be civil.
  2. Stranger

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone playing Hollow Knight? Pretty challenging but fun.
  3. I voted. Now what's the purpose?
  4. Stranger

    Are you for or against pedophiles getting death penalty?

    Their incarceration still costs about the same. The actual act of putting them to death isn't what costs so much. It's the trial, appeals, investigations, etc. that cost so much for the death penalty.
  5. Stranger

    Are you for or against pedophiles getting death penalty?

    In the spirit of continuing a hopefully fruitful and cordial conversation.... Keep in mind it does say accused while pointing out that he's an illegal immigrant. What does that have to do with him being a shit bag human being if he did in fact do what is claimed? If he were going to rape someone, he'd do it here or back in Mexico. There are plenty of rapists that are American citizens. I hope you can see how Fox News, at least in this instance, is trying to use an appeal to pity to get you outraged at illegal immigrants. They're using the rape of a child to get you angry at the fact that he's an illegal immigrant and hoping you associate all illegal immigrants as shitty as this person is.
  6. Stranger

    Are you for or against pedophiles getting death penalty?

    You responded to my post twice so I'm going to use this one to respond to both. In regard to the cost, it's actually most cost effective to the tax payer to just give the offender life imprisonment. The average cost of life imprisonment is around $750,000 while putting them to death is around $1.25M. Regarding being anti death penalty, you have to be careful when you use it. Depending on the crime, if the only punishment is death, then the offender may feel they have nothing to lose and may just kill the victim. For example, if the only punishment for rape in general is death, then the offender would be motivated to kill the victim to try to keep from being caught. If the punishment is a long term prison sentence or life, they may be less likely to kill the victim. The death penalty shouldn't be used so liberally, but the circumstances should always be considered and it can be used as a deterrent.
  7. Stranger

    Are you for or against pedophiles getting death penalty?

    https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/americas-pediatricians-gender-kids/ As @WG53 would say.... X
  8. Stranger

    Are you for or against pedophiles getting death penalty?

    Holy shit, what is with the bags under Trumps eyes in that photo?? Anyway, I suppose that depends on what your objective is. Do you want to severely punish the child rapist? Then the death penalty is too good for them. Release them into the prison general population and let the other inmates dole out justice. If you can prove guilt with 100% certainty, then the death penalty is the humane thing to do for everyone involved - If you're certain the offender can't be rehabilitated while also considering the severity of the crime. It's a touchy subject and a hard question to answer. Should an 18 year old be put to death if they had consensual sex with a 17 year old? Probably not. What if the 18 year old raped the 17 year old? Then why not all rapists? If it were a toddler? I don't think you'd get an argument from many people that they shouldn't be put to death. What's the real point in this topic though? To try to get left leaning members to say they think child rapists shouldn't suffer consequences so it can be used as ammunition? I mean most everyone, despite political affiliation would probably agree on this issue.
  9. Stranger

    Titans Running backs past and present.

    Don't forget Titans great David Cobb.
  10. Stranger

    Madden 19

    I might seriously consider getting Madden 19. This video did a good job selling me on the franchise mode.
  11. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/6/19/17478456/tennessee-titans-heavy-favorites-to-sign-dez-bryant-nfl Which team will Dez Bryant play for next? Titans -200, Texans +200, Giants+300, Packers +400, Redskins+500, 49ers +600
  12. Stranger

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    JRob should just go into the player settings and change Lewan's position to something he'd be terrible at like DB or something. Sign him for a long term deal for as cheap as possible since his overall rating will be down and then switch him back to LT.
  13. Stranger

    Manafort In jail

    I think this is the most involved I've seen Guru in the politics forum.
  14. Stranger

    Landry signs his rookie deal

    That's all four of them signed, right?
  15. Stranger

    Madden 19

    Madden 18 is on sale for $11 on the PSN store. Is the franchise mode and game play worth even that?