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  1. I love that function. Makes it less tedious when looking for stuff you need to upgrade assuming you've found it already once before and taken a picture of it. You can also pay the guy that is Puyah's?? assistant to give you pictures.
  2. I'm a 15 hearts and 1 full circle of extra stamina. I like having extra stamina, but with the Zora & Climbing gear, I haven't yet felt the need to have more stamina that what I've currently got.
  3. I've unlocked all the towers. Around 55 seeds. 63 shrines. 2 dungeons. I've been in the castle but didn't stay long as I was way under prepared.
  4. Yeah, Netflix has the best original content of the big three streaming services. Can't wait to see what Chapelle does next.
  5. I couldn't believe that! For two shows? Maybe he'll bring back Chapelle's Show now.
  6. @Kyle021? Which round will we take him?
  7. Good news! Still wouldn't hurt to add another OL, but we're a little less anemic on OL depth now.
  8. Gawdamn! Even humble at the end after putting that other kid to shame! Doesn't boast and heads back to the line. Just watched it a few more times. Kid didn't even have to make that last cut that tripped the DB up. He had already beaten the coverage. Him falling over was just insult to injury. Also goes to show that straight line speed isn't everything. The DB recovered from the initial shake, it was the route running that beat him.
  9. His body language is so odd. lol He's slouching over. Noticed it during the 1st skit of his stand up as well. Guy is still funny as hell.
  10. Looking for that sympathy discount?
  11. This is what keeps me from thinking the Titans will actually draft Ross. If Ross is worth the 18th, then Cooks most certainly was. The Pats 32nd pick was more than whatever it was that we actually offered. It wouldn't make much sense to draft a guy with no certainty that he will produce and has injury issues over just trading the pick for a guy that you know will produce.
  12. So we move down 9 spots, Still have 2 1st's, pick up a 2nd, and have 2 3rd's? That would be a pretty decent selection of picks going into the draft. Interesting that he doesn't have a WR going in the top 10.
  13. I'm not upcharging it like others here and I'm not going to bait and switch you. Worst. Pirate. Ever.
  14. I think it was a tongue in cheek comment. Rhetorical. As the for article, the smoke just keeps getting thicker.
  15. It would appear so. I've been too focused in on Davis & Ross and their injuries.