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  1. Can't wait for the draft to get started!
  2. I hope we come away with a great draft and I hope we somehow land Davis, but even if we don't, this has been one of them most exciting lead ups to the draft I can remember in a long time.
  3. Great bingo card We should have a vote on who has the biggest meltdown when our picks are in. Bonus points if they claim to be done as a fan of the team.
  4. You shut your whore mouth!
  5. So is he going to be sending the tape to teams so they can verify? Lol
  6. Wyatt even quotes Davis in the Tweet. We know you're lurking, Jim! Stop toying with us and just say it! Davis to the Titans!!
  7. We'll have a better picture of him when he's in two tone blue!
  8. Could he fit in our 3-4? Would love to have Barnett. He's got the attitude and work ethic you want out of a player, the production is just icing on the cake.
  9. Is there any possibility that Monday Night Football moves away from ESPN with them cutting costs like this?
  10. This is the major reason I don't watch it. I wasn't crazy about their service when I did have cable, but if I needed some background noise to listen to, I'd put it on if they provided a way to view the bulk of their service online.
  11. My Master Shield finally broke last night, against a Lynel no less, and it proceeded to beat my ass because none of my other shields stand up to their attacks for long. Fortunately I've got Tarrey Town built and I was able to secure a new one for 3000 Rupees. More importantly, being burned out on trying to grind for Rupees, I found the easiest way to earn them was Farosh Horn farming. I spent about 5 minutes last night and racked up 13 of them and they sold for a tidy 3900 Rupees.
  12. Upgrade your armor sets. I'm currently 1 Lynel Gut away from having a 4 Star Barbarian Armor Set. That sweet 60 defense, Attack Up & Charge Attack Up here I come!!!
  13. It will come back in eventually. Keep in mind that the 20% off preorders lasts for 2 weeks after the game releases as well. Also, if you're even remotely interested in a game, just preorder it. Amazon doesn't charge you until the game actually ships. You can cancel at anytime before that.
  14. GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target? Target usually has a deal where you get a $5 GC after you pick up the game if you preorder it. Amazon will almost certainly have it back in stock eventually though.