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  1. Gabriel has literally reinvented himself in Atlanta.
  2. Is it irony that the NFL, which promotes itself as a wholesome, family league, displays it's players as childhood heroes and turns a bit of a cold shoulder to gambling is moving a franchise to Las Vegas? Stadium looks awesome, too far from the hotels in the pic.
  3. not so far from the grand canyon either, for the healthier side of life.
  4. we can worry about that in 3-4 years.
  5. later in the article. Long story short: Teams around the NFL should look at Atlanta's return to prominence as the ideal example of how careful roster construction can help a good quarterback become an MVP-caliber field general hunting a championship ring.
  6. from NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000776704/article/falcons-provide-lesson-in-team-building-aaron-rodgers-magic As a young player, Ryan led Falcons to four playoff berths in his first five seasons, collecting 56 wins along the way. Granted, the first-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft was certainly well-prepared after spending five seasons at Boston College honing his craft, but the Falcons made sure he stepped into a lineup that allowed him to grow into the position. Ryan was surrounded by a powerful RB1 (Michael Turner), an explosive WR1 (Roddy White) and a big-play TE1 (Tony Gonzalez, acquired via trade in 2009) and an offensive line with solid pieces on the edges. The composition of the lineup enabled the team to utilize conservative game plans during Ryan's rookie season (27.1 pass attempts per game) before gradually putting more on his shoulders as he grew into a playmaker (32.2 pass attempts to 35.6 ... to 35.3 ... to 38.4) in subsequent seasons. With a veteran-laden defense making just enough plays to complement an efficient offense, Atlanta logged five winning seasons and two NFC South titles. seem familiar?
  7. The collesium was built in 1966, they can't expect to keep an NFL team with an old stadium like that.
  8. Perfect pair with Osweiler!
  9. A formal step taken towards relocating the franchise to Las Vegas. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000776434/article/oakland-raiders-file-las-vegas-relocation-paperwork
  10. I'm happy to have DLB as our DC for another year. Let's give him some more talent and see what 2017 brings.
  11. Romeo Crennel will likely do more game management and Bill O'Brian will concentrate on his broken offense and $72 million dollar QB. Sounds like BoB has been given the job of rehabilitating the team's QB investment. This is all good for us, IMHO.
  12. ridiculous list.
  13. Sounds like lots of Shanahanigans are going on. After McDaniels pulls out, Cable and the Seattle GM are about to be interviewed but the 49ers become scared that Shanahan will pull out also. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000775827/article/kyle-shanahan-almost-certain-to-become-49ers-new-head-coach
  14. Oh my I don't think I can survive another first round offensive lineman, not for a few more years.
  15. It's an interesting debate but I don't see any more changes to the coaching staff coming before next year, so like them, love them, or hate them, these are our coaches for another year. About the only hope for people who want change is the fact that so many of these guys are so old.....