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  1. drop by my tailgate for a beer.
  2. Me and Mrs. Tex have tickets to the Raiders game.
  3. I think 6th or 7th with the following teams better: Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, and Bengals. Texans could be the other team but it hugely depends on Tom Savage.
  4. A buddy of mine (Texans fan) was giving me grief over the Decker signing (Texans fans think he is washed up). I just said Ed Reed and Ahman Green and he shut up pretty quick. https://www.battleredblog.com/2014/2/27/5452842/previous-free-agents-signed-by-the-texans
  5. Agree with what most are saying here about Brown being a developmental player, but Adoree is definitely a key player to watch for contribution, we do not have a lot of high talent depth at cornerback, I look for them to limit his other duties and keep him focused on becoming a starting corner. If he is playing well in camp and preseason, this will be a huge shot in the arm for the defense.
  6. She doesn't sing, she screeches!
  7. Otto Warmbier, (in progress) You don't go to North Korea and destruct public property unless you need to be eliminated from the gene pool. idiot.
  8. Memento Gotcha' (with young Anthony Edwards) So I married an axe murderer. I can watch these anytime. I also like the original stepford wives from the '70s cheers, Tex
  9. the prequel is awfully good as well, 2011.
  10. apparently he is running at full speed, that is encouraging I would say. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2017/6/15/15809968/kevin-dodd-is-running-titans
  11. Indy will finish last in our division.
  12. I know, we've done this before, but it's the middle of the off season... Moving Miami into our division, Baltimore into the AFC East and Indy into the AFC North makes a lot of sense. Moving the Panthers into the NFC East and the Cowboys into the south also makes a lot of sense. (I know, they'll never move the Cow Paddies) http://waitingfornextyear.com/2016/01/if-the-nfl-map-made-sense/ A total of 5 teams move divisions.
  13. I think they would have taken Latimore if he had dropped to 18, but I'm pretty sure they didn't expect him to be there.
  14. Bradford surprised me last year, he put in a solid performance.