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  1. Not my favorite, but I have a feeling James Daniels (G/C) will fall to us and JRob will not be able to resist. I would prefer an edge or even a good ILB, but my feeling is we get an interior O-lineman.
  2. Jaguars new uniforms are really plain and boring.

    At least they have normal numbers.
  3. Jarvis Landry's deal

    Compared to money ball, they are doing well. Compared to all the Browns' front offices since 1998 they are doing well. But, I agree they are questionable. It's the Browns.
  4. We've had a few players on the BB over the years. And some of their wives.
  5. GMFB, there's a source! I'm beginning to hate predictions more and more, basically because writers and tv personalities are forced to make predictions, and they hate it more and more. So they do a lousy job, for the most part. They google their reasons to support their predictions. Zero analysis. Which decreases the value even more. But hey, it is the off season.
  6. Old becomes new

    I would really say adequate blocker. Frank's talent was getting open and catching the ball, if I remember right he was our leading receiver one year. The Titans of that era were starved for a good receiver corps and Fisher's scheme was very run oriented. Frank was a big part of our offense, you really thought of Frank, Steve and Eddie as the Titan's offense.
  7. Love the Columbia Blue Jersey with the white pants, great combo. My second is the navy jersey with the white pants, third is the white jersey with the Columbia blue pants. My least favorites are all navy, all white and all columbia blue pulling up the rear.
  8. Who has the best unis in the league?

    Raiders and Saints.
  9. Somehow...the numbers look a bit better now, go figure. The jut is not so weird, still a bit weird.
  10. I paid thousands of dollars over the last 5 years following this team, equivalent to a second hand car. Someone agrees to paint it for me to "freshen the look" and then takes off my chrome accents (the shoulder swords) and bends my antenna (the fucked up "8") and I'm pissed.
  11. Having Amy come out with a jut on her hairdo to match the new numbers would just be the icing on the cake.
  12. I fear it is not impossible...
  13. The helmet had better be fucking awesome, that's all I have to say. Removing the sword is big. The "ace ventura" jut on the "8" is just weird.
  14. Will AAS be her father's daughter and fuck up the uniform redesign? News at 7:30.
  15. Puharsky’s 25% off deal

    I'm a member. I prefer his articles to his webcasts. To me the articles are worth the $5/month. I listen tot he podcasts on the way to work, they are good as well. The public periscopes are often crowded with nonsense questions. The private periscopes are better but you pay money for him getting irritated at your questions, if he chooses to answer them. He gets annoyed at spelling.