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  1. Glad that's over. Texans fans over here are going Romo crazy, hope that ends soon as well. There's only so much you can read and listen to on one singular topic.
  2. It's a reasonably obvious list but a nice refresher and a short read.
  3. I thought Swenke played well in a relief role last season, hardly noticed a drop off, if any.
  4. fitting end to a 42 page speculative thread.
  5. But, it is close. And he is in Nashville. And it's JRob. And Belichick is an asshole who could cut his ass next off season.
  6. Mike Mayock?? Just when you think the DeadSkins couldn't possibly get more dysfunctional.
  7. As much as I don't like him, he deserves to be there for his early work with the AFL.
  8. Original post posted 1 hour and 10 minutes before free agency even starts. How can he be in a sophomore slump before the season year even starts? Wait for 3:01 central. In JRob I trust.
  9. Used to be two rough rider teams. Ottawa's folded and when they came back, they chose "RedBlacks". Not kidding.
  10. Now that CTF is gone, the job of top narcissist goes to.... JK, without Jamal, Oman would only get worked up 5 times a day.
  11. Anyone who will pay $50 to have a cab, will surely pay $100. (Planes, Trains and Automobiles) If they are willing to move up to 6, they will be willing to move up to 5.
  12. Romo going to Houston is a god send. They will tie up more money in cap hell. They will have to deplete other personnel in the team. I honestly wish Romo would retire because his back will be shit once he is over 40. But, with the O-line the Texans have, it will be extremely unlikely that they finish the season. If he does, and if the defense returns to last year's form, they can beat the Patriots.
  13. It's a billion dollar industry. You don't think they have people who know exactly what the tampering rules are, talking to agents in an untraceable way, since the season ended? It's a sham the way people sign right as free agency starts. Tamper the right way, untraceable.
  14. ok see it, please delete...
  15. http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/John-Ross-Breaks-Chris-Johnson’s-40-Record-at-NFL-Combine/a7b05057-bbfa-4334-89d0-c2accfc4e8ef