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  1. I've never seen wide open receivers in the NFL worse than Titans - Texans, only watched part of the Browns game. McCourty looked good, must be back to 100% healthy.
  2. did he watch the Titans - Texans game?
  3. Great podcast so far, I am 30 minutes into it (drive to work) I had the same reaction as Scotty hearing Mariota compared to McNair for toughness, sorry, I like Marcus a hell of a lot but he's no where near there yet. I will donate $10 towards troubleshooting and possibly upgrading Scotty's audio quality. I have this image of him being on a speaker phone, 1/2 reclined with his feet up on his desk with his head about 4 feet away from the speaker. We need a headset that keeps the mic in place at all times. That whole last sentece could be rewritten by one of the board's members to be extremely vulgar. Challenge on! Cheers, Tex.
  4. understand. It's hard for me being an older guy to adjust to the current politically correct standards, I can get myself into trouble when not even trying to be "incorrect".
  5. Ok, now I'm interested! Can anyone fill in the details?
  6. Browns Predictions & Poll

    If we lose, the moaning on the podcast will be unbearable.
  7. How weird is this?

    Wait... You had to walk down to your car... For paper files.... Did you have to get into a time machine and go back to 1995? Why didn't you just open the document on your smart phone from the cloud? Just kidding, I know a lot of legal papers are still on paper files. cheers, Tex
  8. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    We have absolutely 0% margin to relax or take it easy for the Cleveland Browns. There is no margin. Play as well as we can and the odds will be slightly in our favor. Anything less drifts into a toss up or a loss.
  9. Exactly. right on. Absolutely nothing wrong with gay people, I have a couple gay friends, great people.
  10. Yay, after this game we don't need to hear the mopey stuff about how it's hard to be a fan of this team. At least for one week.
  11. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    did not realize it was that low, that should be fine. We still need a weapon or two, get Henry going, get Davis out there. Decker, Taylor, Smith, get these guys running the right routes.
  12. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    I thought Lewan was yelling at Mularkey for calling a jet sweep at the goal line to Delanie Walker.
  13. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    I'd settle for 50% less designed runs when he is healthy, lets develop some other weapons.
  14. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    Norm from cheers. The quote is "It's a dog eat dog world out there, and I'm wearing milk bone underwear.