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  1. Cooper Kupp vs. Taywan Taylor

    Looks like this Cooper Kupp is off to a great start for the Rams. I know JRob scouted him personally. Do you think JRob was hoping we would land him in Taywan Taylor's spot in the 3rd round (Cooper was picked by LA 2 spots before we picked Taylor.) I'm happy with Taywan, especially now that we signed Decker as well. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000833231/article/trumaine-johnson-cooper-kupp-is-top-rookie-material
  2. Anquan Boldin HoF?

    He's a shoe in for the Hall of Very Good. Always liked the way Boldin played, lots of heart and not afraid to take the big hit for a first down.
  3. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    My foremost thought watching the 10 minute video, to show Mariota's weakness throwing right is: Man, what an awesome quarterback we have!
  4. Titans vs Raiders pulled CBS' #1 crew

    Hate listening to these tow the most: Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts. How about a joke on how he likes people to pronounce Ian (eye-on)
  5. Favorite Asian cuisine.

    Sichuan Korean Thai Teppanyaki
  6. Something wrong with our zone coverage on defense, it is way too easy to pick a hole in the zone for wide receivers and get an easy completion.
  7. Another chance from a team that picks him off the scrap heap without surrendering a draft pick. lol Butt-can-eers.
  8. Casey penalty

    CTF used to be a mod. 'Nuff said.
  9. Zeke Elliot (Update: Suspended 6 Games)

    maybe he could sign Kapernick in retaliation, lol.
  10. A trust is very hard to change. Someone with more knowledge can chime in, but I think you would have to fight a court battle on the interpretation of the trust. Written by lawyers, it is usually hard to have different interpretations of the document. They probably state the rules in every way imaginable in the document.
  11. Zeke Elliot (Update: Suspended 6 Games)

    lol, CowPaddies, lol.
  12. Great job guys. As far as the defense goes, I think next off season we may see a bigger emphasis on the defense. The Tajae Sharpe situation is interesting, I wonder how much of him being #1 last year was to motivate the other wrs' work ethic. Didn't work on Kendel but maybe worked on Rishard Matthews. If we had signed Eric Decker before the draft, do we still draft Corey Davis? cheers, Tex
  13. USA Today predicts 12-4

    I bet this gets pinned up on the Texans locker room wall.