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  1. Tex in a Can

    Text real fine, light

    On PC, chrome, noticed the message text is really fine (small width on lines) and light, harder to read. Cheers, Tex
  2. Tex in a Can

    Two Tone Crew Returning 6/13

    Today is the day... although the year was not specified, 6/13.../18?
  3. Tex in a Can

    Im bout to cry for my friend man.

    If you google it, it says you are suppose to throw eggs at cars, not rocks.
  4. Vet wr could help the wr corps, however Dez is a head case.
  5. Tex in a Can

    Two Tone Crew Returning 6/13

    It will be interesting. I'm betting the different points of view will outnumber the agreements 10:1. Y'all could start out with a couple of items that you agree on and then launch into the main podcast (time of day, weather, the name /number of the podcast, etc.) Looking forward to it.
  6. Meanwhile, up where CTF lives, the brother of former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford (smoked crack while in office) was just elected premier of the province of Ontario. Maybe drugs do increase your chance of success, up there anyways.
  7. Tex in a Can

    Gimme a perfect album

    Van Halen I was a great rock album, near perfect. Kiss Destroyer and Alive are great rock albums, near perfect.
  8. Tex in a Can

    OTA Updates

    Don't distract Jamal from doing intense social media research on how Kendall Wright could have been driving that lamborghini.
  9. Tex in a Can

    I'm back (well sort of)

    Thanks @abenjami , great summary. I used to wonder what it was like to be an older guy when I was younger. You capture a lot of the wisdom and how you look at things from many different angles in your post. It never seems like the kind of wisdom that is easily conveyed to my adult kids or to younger colleagues even though I try, perhaps because of course they've figured everything out already. cheers, Tex
  10. Tex in a Can

    Nashville to host 2019 NFL Draft

    Awesome! Now to convince Mrs. Tex to make the trip...
  11. Tex in a Can

    How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    Las Vegas' new NHL team is in the Stanley cup finals in their first year there. Gruden will be under tremendous pressure during the move which won't help.
  12. Tex in a Can

    I'm back (well sort of)

    Hey Legal. Most of us are pretty much still here. I guess you're too busy to be running to conference rooms, taking your shirt off for a selfie to post now-a-days?
  13. True, but Gruden-Oakland, Case-Denver and KC with a rookie QB are the division.
  14. NFC: Eagles Rams Vikings Falcons Wild Card: Seahawks Lions AFC: Patriots Steelers Chargers Titans Wild Card: Chiefs Jags
  15. Tex in a Can

    Anyone know what Wycheck is talking about?

    His stomping dance was weird at the uniform unveiling.