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  1. Living in Texas, I understood Oilerman. We say "can't" here, we don't mean "not at all", it's just a stronger form of "doesn't". Example Charley Casserly can't assemble an offensive line if his life depended on it.
  2. Josh McDaniels

    I'm not a big fan of him as a head coach but I do believe everyone deserves a second chance. I hope it's not us, we have a play-off team and I don't want to see 2 years of turmoil. Not saying it will happen, but there is a risk there.
  3. Listened to the first 1/2, great job as always, will listen to the second half on the way home. I agree with Scotty's point (which I've raised before), Mularkey knew he was getting fired before the press conference. He was thanking his coaches and saying up yours to the organization for firing him. Robinson said it was a factor because obviously it pissed him off tremendously, Robinson knew his press conference was going to point out there was an issue with the direction. Robinson would have preferred an opening where Mularkey admitted there were areas to improve, so he could drive his truck through it. It's the only thing that makes sense, as much as we wanted change and thought Mularkey was an idiot, he really is no where near that stupid, in my opinion. Great job guys, enjoy the podcasts tremendously.
  4. its incredible how many OC have been fired around the league

    Robiskie was borderline great as WRs coach in Atlanta. I think he'll end up coaching WRS again, or retire.
  5. What Did We Learn

    I think jrob thought thete was a possibility mularkey could win a super bowl until sometime in 2016. From that point on he knew eventually he would need to be replaced.
  6. The run and shoot era, what a blast, the talent during some of those years was unbelievable the only offset were the heart breaking play off losses.
  7. Titans to interview Rams OC Matt LaFleur for HC job.

    Is it just me or do other people see Matt LaFleur and read it Matt Lauer?
  8. Interesting nugget for our old coaches

    That was his problem, he was too regular and repetitive, you can't fool anyone by being regular and predictable.
  9. LOL, thanks japan, this mixed metaphor really got me laughing this morning, I really like it! I have this image of someone shooting a shotgun across the bow of a ship.
  10. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    Pass rusher, corner back (maybe not so high now that ty smith looks good) and interior O-line to me are top 3.
  11. What Did We Learn

    I liked the post, many of the arguments and conjecture seem reasonable. I'm think JRob wanted to fire Mularkey before the pay offs, but Amy was convinced that continuity was the most important thing. I' also think Mularkey knew he was going to be fired from before the press conference and the it was his "up yours" moment. All conjecture.
  12. What I'm gonna say is pure conjecture on my part, but Mularkey's press conference to me was a good bye. He knew he was being canned and wanted to give a shout out to his coaches and the team. He wanted to show us he is proud of the work he did here. He was being fired and he wanted to say up yours to his bosses. Anything else makes him to be a total idiot to do the press conference that way when the decision was being made and extension discussions were being discussed. Jrob saying it was a factor could well have just been being pissed off at Mularkey.
  13. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    I think they were about equal but would not call either of them shit.
  14. JRob already has his coach, IMO.

    All GMs have an up to date short list of coaches they would hire, at all times, I'm sure JRob is no different.