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  1. I love the fact that we never delete posts! It just shows that we can suck at predicting the future. I wanted Lenard Williams, so I was way wrong.
  2. wow, I'm impressed with all the thinking involved in this mock. I would love to screw the Texans a bit in their quest for yet another quarterback.
  3. What's up with his hair?
  4. I will not be very excited if we go offense twice in the first round. I want a serious shot in the arm for our defense, secondary needs the biggest boost. I want to watch games this year where we put up points in the mid 20's and watch our defense create a turn over to win the game. Too many times last year I watched the defense collapse in the second half. I would even be happy with 2 picks on the defense side of the ball. Just my perspective as a fan.
  5. The times I've listened to PK's podcasts I thought they were quite informative, he has a good perspective on the Titans. He seemed pretty up on Indy and Jax as well, but not nearly to the extent he knows the Titans. Living here in Houston, I never found he had much insight on the Texans. Hope he finds a spot and keeps on trucking.
  6. Although we hear a lot about the percentage that get caught using this or that banned substance, I would say the vast majority of the players are protecting their livelihood by avoiding banned substances. Contrary to popular beliefs, most are not millionaires and most are professional, IMHO.
  7. Where is CTF, this could bring him back.
  8. ESPN is a huge drain on Disney stock right now, it's going to get ugly.
  9. Nic odds chart! Mahomes at 23 might make Houston trade up to 18 to get their guy.
  10. 12 and 33 would be tremendous for us, would give us all sorts of flexibility with the 12, 18 and 33rd picks.
  11. hahaha, they would be the Browns if they fell for this. If I were them I would not draft a QB in round 1, draft a project in the later rounds and wait for next year's QB crop. But, they are the Cleveland Browns...
  12. In your scenario, is Sims our starting CB opposite Ryan?
  13. Please, oh please, a late push for drafting QBs and some trades! According to several sources with knowledge of the team's thinking, the 49ers are still strongly considering taking a quarterback second overall. That would be somewhat of a surprise, considering they signed presumptive starter Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley in the offseason -- and they have Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins potentially as an option for 2018. Taking a quarterback high would likely end any chance at Cousins. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000801980/article/niners-considering-a-quarterback-with-second-pick
  14. Keep on trucking Kyle. Tex
  15. Good podcast, lots of good info and insight, great job guys. If we stay at our current picks in the first and 3rd round, an overly simplistic point of view might be shoot for 2 pass catchers and 2 secondary. I would love for the Browns to trade up to 5 and get their QB, that would be cheers and beers in my living room.