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  1. Where do we go from here? Post Mueller coup recovery

    Because he didn't want to politicize the pardon process and he knew that there was good evidence that Johnson beat women. That's why, you retarded dipshit.
  2. Cobra Kai

    A lot of hype around this show. I found it just okay. Why do all new shows with teens have the most annoying, generic teens possible? I really don't care about the new kids except for Johnny's kid, who was okay.
  3. You got your timeline all fucked up. The W Bush admin fucked this country in the ass harder than it had been fucked since the great depression. The only large scale terror attack on our soil, two wars, and he exits with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Therefore it took Obama, a solid moderate Dem, quite a while to right the ship. Against unprecedented obstruction. Now captain Orange Fuck-balls comes in and takes all the credit for the fact that things are going well. You know this is true because in April 2017 he was already bragging about an unemployment rate that was a mere decimal point or two higher than what it was in 2016, back when he called all those numbers "fake". By the end of his admin, things will be going to pot again, and he'll blame Dems.
  4. You're truly a retard if you believe in 100% unsubstantiated bullshit like that, but doubt every piece of evidence in the Trump/Russia scandal.
  5. He literally thinks Obama is a secret homo and his marriage to Michelle is a cover.
  6. Where do we go from here? Post Mueller coup recovery

    Is each side crazy? I mean one side is mostly "Eh, I dunno man lots of circumstantial evidence here. We'll see how it all shakes out. This investigation into the Russian's attempts to tamper with our elections is a good thing." The other side: "WITCH HUNT INVOLVING AN EVIL CABAL OF CRYPTO STATIST SATANISTS, OBUMMA SPIED ON TRUMP, HILLARY HAS HAD PEOPLE MURDERED! FUCK MUELLER, HE'S A CRYPTO DEMOCRAT (OR MAYBE HE'S WORKING FOR TRUMP) OUR ONLY HOPE IS A LYING, FAT, ORANGE FACED REALITY SHOW HOST AND CASINO OWNER WHO IS A TRUE CHRISTIAN AND ONLY HAS AMERICA'S BEST INTEREST AT HEART!" Please.
  7. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    It's not even that he didn't know the difference, but that he couldn't take two seconds from tweeting, to bring up a browser on his phone and do 12 seconds of research. He's like a retarded child.
  8. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    The President of the United States is a fucking imbecile.