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  1. 'Nator

    Joe Rogan Strange Times

    It sucked. Turned it off about 30 minutes. I like Rogan and usually enjoy his specials.
  2. Matt Nagy runs the offense for the Chicago Bears. Helfrich is basically the QB coach with an OC title.
  3. Told you guys Mitch Trubisky was Mariota with actual arm talent.
  4. 'Nator

    Evaluating Trump without Bias

    Trump is sucking Saudi Prince shclong now. Worried that we will lose some lucrative arms accounts. Licked Putin's ass. "Fell in love" with Kim. Now this. His foreign policy is literally sending tough Tweets.
  5. 'Nator

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    CNN BREAKING: Supreme Court
  6. 1 Billion? That seems like a lot
  7. 'Nator

    "Negros who do not read. "

    I was thinking about this just yesterday. This approach is now applied to everything the right does. They are constantly painting fringe leftists as mainstream democratic voters. "THE ANTIFA" is supposedly this vast cabal of democratic voters committing violent acts in various cities across America. It's like 18 college aged kids in Berkley and a few in Portland. Any video anywhere in this country where someone is behaving like a shithead is labeled "the ANTIFA".
  8. 'Nator

    Phil Bredesen

    Phil Bredesen was only the best Nashville Mayor, and Tennessee governor of our lifetime. Marsha Blackburn is what happens when some redneck jerks off on a blond wigged MAGA hat floating in a murky pond which is then struck by lightning. Of course she is going to win. Outside of urban areas, Tennessee is filled with Hills have eyes types.
  9. Yo yo yo yooooooo! Bret K in the hooooooouse! Keg City Club REPRESENT! MUTHAFUCKKKAAAAAAS! YOOOO, I'm Brett and I'm a little aloof I like to drink, get hammered, and boof Pull down your blouse 100 Kegs or....I bust in ya mouth Hand over your face gotta drown out ya shouts Keep your mouth shut or wind up homeless I'm on a mission for SCOTUS Don't resist, your attempts are feeble You're keeping the baby, abortion's illegal YEAH YEAH KEG CITY BITCHESSSSSSS!
  10. 'Nator

    Stock Market

    Good twitter thread Click on it to read entire thread
  11. 'Nator

    Stock Market

    The forgotten presidency of George W. Bush. Republicans just ignore that it ever happened.
  12. 'Nator

    Evaluating Trump without Bias

    This is because he has nukes. Has nothing to do with Trump. His nukes are his leverage. Of of course he should be afraid of denuclearization. EVERY regime that de-weaponizes is toppled by the west
  13. 'Nator

    Trump at 50% approval heading into Mid-Terms

    I know exactly why you posted it, you dimwitted rube. Blacks typically aren't fundamentalists, the black church is different than the white church. They are bent much more towards social justice than conservative theology. In the event that a black person believes in the same shit as Matt fuckin' Walsh, then yes, absolutely, that black person is a dipshit.