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    Scared, then compared it to "catcalling". Lmao

    I have never heard of a candidate for office, in the midst of a campaign, having a debate with a journalist. That would be quite unusual. The point of a debate is for multiple CANDIDATES to discuss issues of the day so the voting public draw comparisons. She probably wouldn't be able to win such a debate, but I would guess there are plenty of Republican candidates who also would be skewered if debating a professional journalist, who makes a living covering issues of the day? Think Marsha Blackburn vs. any of them
  2. I remember reading a Commercial Appeal article at the time which emphasized that market constraints would dictate that having a team in Nashville would mean that Memphis would NEVER be the location of an NFL franchise. It also went so far as to accuse Bud Adams of blocking the awarding of what became the Jaguars franchise to Memphis because he already had designs on Nashville and the limited Tennessee market. After all the years Memphis spent pursuing a team, the anger and disappointment was understandable.
  3. wtenn

    Voter Fraud - The Big Myth?

    If voters were required to purchase a special voting uniform in order to vote, then the comparison might be apt.
  4. wtenn

    Voter Fraud - The Big Myth?

    I wouldn't have a problem with requiring picture IDs to vote if a couple of common sense modifications were made. 1. Exempt senior citizens who are not required to have a photo on their driver's license. There have been numerous reports of seniors, who have been voting for decades with their legally issued voter registration card, that were not allowed to participate because they had no way to obtain the photo ID. If this is not acceptable then the state legislatures should the fund the installation of equipment to make photo IDs at each election administration office. 2. Allow college issued IDs to to be used as verification at the polls. All college students do not have driver's licenses. By ridiculously allowing concealed carry permits to be used for verification but not college IDs, it appears that one sect of voters is favored over another.
  5. A former Titans player who should eventually get in is Gary Anderson.
  6. wtenn

    QANON conspiracy

    I, for one, have to give QAnon points for originality. They really go above and beyond other conspiracy-centric groups in that regard. I mean, according to them the mastermind of the current presidential administration is John F. Kennedy Jr. (pictured below), who faked his own death 19 years ago and now works as a t-shirt salesman under the alias Vincent Fusca. Luckily, his wife also survived and attends Trump rallies with him. I could find no word on the status of his sister-in-law who also supposedly perished in the plane crash.
  7. Not only did the attacker request specific pieces of jewelry, it is implied that he had a key to get in, as there was no forced entry.
  8. wtenn

    Body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins

    That's kind of what OJ tried ^
  9. wtenn

    Body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins

    Police believe victim was strangled or suffocated. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/26/police-believe-deceased-was-strangled-or-suffocated-at-janoris-jenkins-house/
  10. wtenn

    Body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins

    The linked article doesn't let him off the hook (to me). Just because he was in Florida when the body was discovered doesn't exclude him... Forgive me if there are more details, elsewhere, which do exclude him.
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    He had better lawyers than the State did. Plain and simple. This superior lawyers were able to get the trial venue changed from Brentwood to downtown LA. The venue change dictated that the jury pool would be comprised of mostly minorities. After that they out lawyered at every turn (exposing racist comments from Furman, poking holes in the Police's evidence procedures, allowing OJ, with little to no objection, to try on the glove, successfully making DNA evidence sound unreliable, etc.). If you were buying everything the OJ team was selling, then there had to be reasonable doubt creeping into your head.
  12. I know they made the playoffs last year, but I think the Chiefs will go from good to elite. Mahomes is going to be special.
  13. Between the Garoppolo trade and this, it's like Brady is the GM now.
  14. Tom Brady, for one.
  15. I remember 12-13 years ago, Charles Robinson of Yahoo sports proclaimed "If the Bears make the playoffs this year, I will eat my computer." When they made the playoffs he had a cake made which looked like his computer. It was super lame. I predict something similar here!
  16. wtenn

    Jason Witten retired

    Seems like kind of a funny way to go out for such a long time Cowboys team member. Leaving high and dry in the middle of the draft.
  17. wtenn

    What TV should I buy?

    I was looking to buy around last November and did some online research. I found a lot of positive reviews of the brand HiSense. It was referred to as the "Honda of the TV market" by one reviewer, I recall. So, I found one on sale for about $300 at best Buy which was 50' in size and included a built in Roku. So far it has been perfect. Exactly what we were looking for.
  18. wtenn

    Julio Jones Possible Trade?

    Could you imagine if the Giants had him and Beckham?
  19. As great as Brady has become, I believe Belichick has to be given much credit for DEVELOPING him into a franchise quarterback. When he started he was very rough around the edges (nowhere nearly as skilled as Drew Bledsoe). But he did have one component that you can't teach. He was clutch. After his amazing game saving and game winning drives in the Tuck Game and Super Bowl it was obvious he was special. With that said, if not for Belichick, Brady would currently be remembered as a former NFL backup who had some impressive wins while at the University of Michigan.
  20. wtenn

    Titans Sign Bennie Logan

    I guess this is an alright signing but it seems a little underwhelming. Kind of like they just signed the Blaine Gabbert of defensive lineman.
  21. wtenn

    Who has the best unis in the league?

    Cool graphic. Though I feel like Andrew Johnson would identify with Titans and Reagan would definitely identify with one of the Los Angeles teams.
  22. wtenn

    I fucking love this man.

    It was Conklin instead of Tunsil. Lewan was drafted in 2014?
  23. "Hillarious" - That is either brilliant or a freudian slip! LOL
  24. wtenn

    PBJ Construction

    At the present my kids want PBJ every day that they don't eat the school lunch (2-3 times per week). I use the top method. Peanut butter, wipe knife, then jelly. Sometimes I pull a second, really big knife to cut the sandwiches in half though.
  25. wtenn

    The off-season quarterback carousel

    What could really shake the QB carousel up is if something falls through between the Saints and Drew Brees and Brees decides to test free agency. He is 39 years old but he is also about 100 times the player Kirk Cousins is.