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  1. I'm not some prude that wants to forbid endzone celebrations but I think the mother's letter was articulate, on point, and reasonable from a parental perspective.  I was expecting something completely outrageous.  
  2. It looks like it will end here for Peyton Manning, just 32 yards beyond Brett Favre in passing yards. 
  3. Patrick Willis

    I am of the opinion that Willis would like to play in Tennessee because of the team's proximity to his hometown.  He is from Bruceton which is about an hour and a half from Nashville.  He has a large family that I believe still resides there and he has always been very well supported by the local community.  A large contingent of residents from his home county attended the last time the 49ers played in Nashville.  I have even heard that many of these people regularly went to support him each time the team played in St. Louis.  Of course, the 49ers would probably want to keep him? 
  4. Saints will let Payton out of his contract

    Lets see, Payton took over a Saints franchise who had been a league joke for decades and (along with Brees) transformed them into winners and Super Bowl Champions.  Not only was the team's morale low when he arrived, you had a community so devastated by Hurricane Katrina that there were many who doubted that the Saints would even remain in New Orleans.  Brees was not even much in demand either.  He was coming off of a serious injury and many thought his best days were behind him.  I think it could be argued that Payton made Brees, just as much as Brees made Payton. Now, if he has lost his edge, like one said, then it would be a disaster.  But if he still has his focus, then I think his past job experiences would serve him well in Tennessee!
  5. Maybe the team could beg the league to grant Leonard Fournette an exception to enter the draft and then draft him... 
  6. The only name I recognized was David Duke.  Of course, everyone already knew he was in the klan.
  7. It is so much fun watching the kids' sports.  My 5 year old twins have played soccer, basketball, T-Ball, and most recently flag football.  My son likes football the best, by a wide margin.  My daughter probably likes basketball the best.  She definitely likes T-Ball the least.  Sometimes they get really competitive with each other which usually leads to arguments and hurt feelings, but for the most part they do great. Another thing that has been pleasing to me is how my son has recently become interested in following pretty much all sports.  Every day he is asking "Daddy, is there a football game tonight?"  I have found myself following baseball and college football more than usual this year, just because he has taken an interest. 
  8. By cutting off the list at 1960, they leave out the all-time leader in passing yards for a single game.  Norm Van Brocklin - 554 yards (1951).  He did have two INTs though, so I guess Moon does lead in most yards without an INT.
  9. Apparently the notion that Madeline Rogero is in the KKK is so absurd, it has thrown the credibility of the entire list into serious doubt.  Rogero is an outspoken supporter of pretty much all progressive causes with racial equality and LGBT rights being high on her list.
  10. Colts fire Pep Hamilton

    They have already promoted Chudzinski, who will likely turn their season around.
  11. Mularkey Presser

    How refreshing would it be for Mularkey to come in with some bold predictions?  "I know the fans are tired of losing.  So I am going to promise you this:  We are going to win.  And we are going to win right away."
  12. I think for Mularkey to be considered, not only will he have to win games, but I think the team will need to play with an edge.  He will need to basically repeat what Dan Campbell has done in Miami.
  13. Do they fire Whiz this week?

    I don't think they will fire both of them in-season.  But if they wait until the end of the season, I would guess the entire staff is gone.  With that said, they should just go ahead and fire Whiz.