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  1. I remember when Rocket Ismail did the same to avoid playing for the 1-15 Cowboys. A few years later the Cowboys won the SuperBowl with Ismail playing in Canada.
  2. Wouldn't the District Attorney be as much to blame (if not more to blame) for this plea deal than the judge?
  3. Whose our backup QB in ‘18?

    It's not going to matter. Under the new offensive leadership, Mariota will thrive and not get injured.
  4. Tom Brady's annoying little piss ant

    I watched the documentary clip. All the little girl did was yell from the other room "Daddy, I am going to soccer." When Brady didn't acknowledge her, she repeated herself two more times (getting louder each time) until acknowledged. That was all, nothing more. She did nothing wrong, only wanted some acknowledgement from her Dad. If any super parent has the energy or expertise to curtail this type of thing, then more power to you. Most of us in the real world know that in the pantheon of child misbehavior this isn't even on the radar. So, I am with Brady 100 % on this one. The guy calling his daughter a pissant was uncalled for and offensive. In fact, Brady would basically be a spineless amoeba to let this guy's remarks roll off his back without comment. And in Brady's defense he has now stated that he hopes the guy doesn't lose his job.
  5. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    I have zero issue with either player having emotions and showing them at the end of the game. I can see why people made fun when Tim Couch cried because the fans cheered when he got injured or when Kordell Stewart cried because he was benched, but those situations seem completely different.
  6. I think the dispute with Eric Dickerson is what led to the daggers.
  7. At this point, they would probably have to be embarrassed by Kansas City on a New England in the snow level for Mularkey not to be retained. But yeah, you would think that the fewer amount of other openings would lead to larger pool of quality candidates (if he is fired).
  8. Where is Frank Wycheck?

    Dave McGinnis has taken Wycheck's place on Titans Radio.
  9. Jaguars are not resting any starters.

    They would be crazy to play this one like a preseason game, after getting trucked by San Francisco. They would look the fool if they then lost a home playoff game. Especially if it was to the Titans.
  10. Confederate statues

    Unbelievable fortitude by the City of Memphis. They defied the state legislature so overtly that no one even saw it coming. Now there are few sniveling Republican legislators calling for an investigation. What are they going to do - try to force them to put the statue back up? The man was a war criminal who ordered the execution of 300 black soldiers. There should have never been any monuments erected to him anywhere in the nation. It doesn't matter if he was contrite later in life, as that doesn't make up for the 300 people he killed.
  11. Fire Mularkey billboard fund

    On twitter Paul K suggested that people donate to a local charity which is buying Christmas presents for underprivileged kids rather than donate to the gofundme page. I agree with with his sentiment.
  12. McDaniels/Cutler In Perspective

    Using this logic, Belichick never would have received a second chance.
  13. There have been two times when Superbowls were basically home games. The Rams lost to Steelers in the Rose Bowl in 1980 and the 49ers defeated the Dolphins in Palo Alto (whoever thought that was a good idea?) in 1985. Home teams are 1-1.
  14. Richardson came across as a bully during the 2011 lockout, so it doesn't seem unbelievable that he may have in some way abused his authority.
  15. It seems like a flawed premise to me. The Browns were starting from scratch, while the Titans were playing with an 8-8 roster from the previous season and simply changing the uniforms and team name.