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  1. Vietnam War documentary

    I am through Episode 5 and love it so far. I am big fan of Ken Burns, though and have watched all of his documentaries except Jazz. I watched an American Experience episode several years ago about the My Lai massacre and it was so disturbing that I am almost dreading that portion of the documentary.
  2. If I were a voter, I would go: D. Coryell T. Owens R. Moss R. Lewis S. Tasker
  3. Anyone see the new mascot?

    I guess he's fighting for his spot.
  4. Anyone see the new mascot?

    I like the raccoon. My seven year old son loves the raccoon! It is the State Animal of Tennessee for god's sake. Long live T-Rac!!!!!!
  5. preseason week 3 against the Bears

    So Peyton Manning is on the sideline of a team who has a very shaky GM and a coach with whom he has a prior working relationship?? Let the speculation begin.
  6. If a 1st round draft pick nets a long term starter then it is a good and proper pick, IMO. Janikoswki has started for 17-18 years so I believe it has been a terrific pick!
  7. Him, along with John Lee (high 2nd round pick by the Cardinals), have to be the biggest draft busts at the kicker position in NFL history. The only kicker I can think of picked higher than those two is Janikowski, but obviously Janikowski was worth the first round selection used on him.
  8. Scaramucci calls out Priebus.

    Scarramucci is reminiscent of one of the vulgar-cartoonish characters from VEEP (no offense to the show, which I love). A slightly more intelligent Jonah, if you will...
  9. I can sleep

    John McCain has cemented his legacy as a Senator of great importance. One of those Senators that makes the history books and everyone remembers, ala Henry Clay.
  10. The Game of Thrones

    So, the person she is imitating doesn't have to be dead for her to use their face? I guess I had the impression that the reason for warehousing all of the dead faces at their headquarters was so they could use those faces whenever they needed to but that they had to possess the face in order to use it?
  11. Dwight Schrute Beavis and Butthead Ari Gold Tim Taylor all of the Duck Dynasty cast Ron Swanson Barney Stinson Mr. Krabs
  12. Umm, both teams have 5 rings.
  13. There will have to be a Family Guy story line for this.
  14. I think what they should do is shorter the OT period to 5 minutes and just play the period out. If there is still a tie, keep doing five minute periods until there is a winner. I hate the current overtime scheme.