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  1. I have only read the book (and it has been a while), but I don't recall the parents being portrayed harshly.
  2. The formation of Black Lives Matter is a clear indication that they believe they are being unjustly killed by police officers.
  3. I have been thinking Cris Carter (without the Coke).
  4. I think this is a testament to how much they like Sharpe and Matthews and maybe Andre Johnson as much as it is an indictment of DGB.
  5. I hope Robinson and Mularkey are the types to allow Tanney the opportunity to beat out Cassel.
  6. Maybe they have hope that Cardale Jones can develop into the guy and that Tyrod can hold down the fort until that time?
  7. According to Rotoworld, White also only wants to sign with a team he considers a contender.
  8. I, too, think Kaine is a head fake. I will say Booker or Warren. A big deal is being made of Warren and Clinton both being in Florida today, while none of the other presumptive candidates are.
  9. I don't question Brady's greatness, but what if Garrappolo flashes greatness? He is 15 years younger.
  10. He has four rings, not five. Unless you are counting the ring he got as Brian Griese's backup in Michigan. Just saying. I think it would be great if Garrappolo comes in and tears up the league in the first four games. It would be fascinating to see if Belichick would actually consider treating Brady in the same manner he treated Drew Bledsoe.
  11. I think Memphis/Kansas should have been on the list. it was a national championship game.
  12. Completely heartless. The Insure Tennessee plan would have expanded Medicare at no cost to the state, but they still wouldn't do it. The hospitals had already agreed to pick up the remaining 10% of funding when the Feds decreased their funding to 90% in a few years. Alas, it might be akin to admitting that Obama did something right, so it would be better if hundreds of thousands of folks remained uninsured.
  13. Fascinating case. I thought the FBI's stance has always been that he died in the jump, even though a body was never found. I guess this is almost an admission that they don't believe he perished in that way. There are several interesting possibilities detailed on wikipedia and other pages as to Cooper's real identity.
  14. The biggest joke of re-alignment was allowing Dallas to remain in the NFC East.
  15. I think it would be a home run pick. A lot of Bernie's supporters are also high on Warren, so this might help to fully bring them on board. I also think she would be very formidable in the VP candidate debate.