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  1. Julio Jones Possible Trade?

    Could you imagine if the Giants had him and Beckham?
  2. As great as Brady has become, I believe Belichick has to be given much credit for DEVELOPING him into a franchise quarterback. When he started he was very rough around the edges (nowhere nearly as skilled as Drew Bledsoe). But he did have one component that you can't teach. He was clutch. After his amazing game saving and game winning drives in the Tuck Game and Super Bowl it was obvious he was special. With that said, if not for Belichick, Brady would currently be remembered as a former NFL backup who had some impressive wins while at the University of Michigan.
  3. Titans Sign Bennie Logan

    I guess this is an alright signing but it seems a little underwhelming. Kind of like they just signed the Blaine Gabbert of defensive lineman.
  4. Who has the best unis in the league?

    Cool graphic. Though I feel like Andrew Johnson would identify with Titans and Reagan would definitely identify with one of the Los Angeles teams.
  5. I fucking love this man.

    It was Conklin instead of Tunsil. Lewan was drafted in 2014?
  6. "Hillarious" - That is either brilliant or a freudian slip! LOL
  7. PBJ Construction

    At the present my kids want PBJ every day that they don't eat the school lunch (2-3 times per week). I use the top method. Peanut butter, wipe knife, then jelly. Sometimes I pull a second, really big knife to cut the sandwiches in half though.
  8. The off-season quarterback carousel

    What could really shake the QB carousel up is if something falls through between the Saints and Drew Brees and Brees decides to test free agency. He is 39 years old but he is also about 100 times the player Kirk Cousins is.
  9. I remember when Rocket Ismail did the same to avoid playing for the 1-15 Cowboys. A few years later the Cowboys won the SuperBowl with Ismail playing in Canada.
  10. Wouldn't the District Attorney be as much to blame (if not more to blame) for this plea deal than the judge?
  11. Whose our backup QB in ‘18?

    It's not going to matter. Under the new offensive leadership, Mariota will thrive and not get injured.
  12. Tom Brady's annoying little piss ant

    I watched the documentary clip. All the little girl did was yell from the other room "Daddy, I am going to soccer." When Brady didn't acknowledge her, she repeated herself two more times (getting louder each time) until acknowledged. That was all, nothing more. She did nothing wrong, only wanted some acknowledgement from her Dad. If any super parent has the energy or expertise to curtail this type of thing, then more power to you. Most of us in the real world know that in the pantheon of child misbehavior this isn't even on the radar. So, I am with Brady 100 % on this one. The guy calling his daughter a pissant was uncalled for and offensive. In fact, Brady would basically be a spineless amoeba to let this guy's remarks roll off his back without comment. And in Brady's defense he has now stated that he hopes the guy doesn't lose his job.
  13. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    I have zero issue with either player having emotions and showing them at the end of the game. I can see why people made fun when Tim Couch cried because the fans cheered when he got injured or when Kordell Stewart cried because he was benched, but those situations seem completely different.
  14. I think the dispute with Eric Dickerson is what led to the daggers.
  15. At this point, they would probably have to be embarrassed by Kansas City on a New England in the snow level for Mularkey not to be retained. But yeah, you would think that the fewer amount of other openings would lead to larger pool of quality candidates (if he is fired).