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  1. OK, I will say it. I, for one, am happy that McDaniels will still be available for head coaching opportunities next season. Just in case Mularkey and his system somehow tank in 2017.
  2. I can't find anywhere that Peyton Manning has actually said "no thanks," yet.
  3. So, if the Jaguars violated the Rooney Rule, I say stripping them of their 2017 1st round draft pick would be an appropriate punishment!
  4. So, it is actually plausible that Mike Mularkey soon becomes the dean of AFC South coaches.
  5. well, it supposed to be a bad draft for elite quarterbacks (kind of like the year Manuel and Geno) were the top two taken, so I would say we definitely wouldn't want to consider a first round draft pick on one.
  6. Do you figure Sheriff Joe will give him a break (because of his celebrity) from the pink outfits and the outside jail cells?
  7. Belichick strikes me as the type of guy who would like to try and win at least one without Brady. So, as to show where the true greatness lies.
  8. The Patriots would be crazy to trade Garappolo. They would be better off trading Brady. Brady will turn 40 prior to the start of next season. He says he has another 5-6 good years left, but the reality is that no quarterback in the history of the league has ever been truly effective past the age of 40.
  9. When you fire your coach in-season and you do it in either a division rivals' facility or at the freaking airport, it might give a little pause to prospective head coaching applicants?
  10. Everyone could read or hear details about this incident and it would have a significant negative effect on his draft stock. But to have video where people can readily watch the incident unfold is just so unbelievably damning. I mean it magnifies the situation by about 1000%. Most teams simply wouldn't want to deal with the PR fallout if they take him, even more that wanting to make some kind of moral stand.
  11. It sounds like Fisher maybe should scrap the football coaching career, altogether, in favor of one in relocation management? I mean if he is so damn good at that type of thing.
  12. 9 News Denver (via Rotoworld) is reporting Siemian will start tomorrow.
  13. They love to give MVP and Offensive Player of the Year to separate players so brace yourself for: MVP - Prescott, OPOY - Elliott, Co-Offensive Rookies of the Year - Prescott & Elliott.
  14. Six QBs make it, so everyone on the list + one more. Then, after 3-4 of them drop out maybe deserving guys like Stafford and Mariota will have a chance?
  15. I think they keep Hue even if he goes 0-16. Jimmy Haslam likely has his mentor Jerry Jones in his hear telling him "I kept Jimmy Johnson after going 1-15 and look what happened 3 years later?"