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  1. A good list , but I am not sure what they have against Marion Motley. They have the Hall of Famer at 29, while about half the list will never see Canton unless as a tourist.
  2. Can Jeff Fisher catch Tom Landry?

    It is a shining testament to Fisher's staying power. It just shows that he has been allowed to remain in coaching longer than any other coach who is not a consistent winner. That said, he will be lucky to survive past this season in LA, unless they make a playoff run. Kroenke will see their situation in LA as being very desirable for potential coaches and he will likely want to make a splash. Who knows if anyone gives Fisher the one more chance needed, post-LA, which would allow him to claim Landy's record?
  3. Further evidence of Belichick's high football intelligence. Unlike the article, I think if I were ranking the top ten Patriots, Jamie Collins would make my list.
  4. The Puzzling Plummet of RG3

    RG III deserves a little credit for the preparation he put into his presentation.
  5. Titans Backup QB For 2016

    Here's to hoping Tanney can impress like he did in limited action last year and beat out Cassel for the backup role.
  6. My employer used to have a conference at the downtown Sheraton each year. About two years ago, the pricing increased so much that the event has now been permanently moved to Murfreesboro.
  7. Myles Jack or Jaylon Smith

    To me, this is the perfect time to take a gamble on Jack. It's not like the #33 pick is their only selection in Round 2.
  8. Player Stupidity

    LOL. I thought you were talking about "Jack" Conklin on first read.
  9. Osweiler is completely unproven and has not flashed anywhere near as much potential as the others, imo. He is as likely to bust as be an above average quarterback.
  10. I would rather take a flyer on the 400 pound tight end from Baylor than this guy.
  11. Game on, Jimmy Garrapolo. If he is lights out, it could be up to debate whether Brady, at age 39, gets his job back.
  12. Lynn Swann named to AD post at USC.

    Statistically speaking, he may be the most overrated player ever elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  13. Something that struck me as odd was that the police officer claimed that he had no knowledge he was ever personally sued in the wrongful death suit. How does a police officer never become aware that he has been sued for wrongful death?
  14. Per information posted at PFT, this situation is getting more bizarre by the moment. The shooter had previously sued the City of New Orleans for the wrongful death of his father. His father had been gunned down by police around the time of Hurricane Katrina. A settlement was reached for $4 million. As part of the lawsuit one police officer was personally sued. The same police officer who was personally sued ate dinner with the Smith's last night prior to the shooting. It was also revealed that the shooter used to work security for the Saints during the time when Smith played there. After saying all that, the police maintain that the two men did not know each other.
  15. To me, it seems kind of blasphemous to use the Bible to score political points like they are doing here. I often have similar thoughts when I see businesses advertise themselves as "Christian owned."