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  1. It seems like a flawed premise to me. The Browns were starting from scratch, while the Titans were playing with an 8-8 roster from the previous season and simply changing the uniforms and team name.
  2. How about Marino? He has to be at least in the conversation, right?
  3. Suddenly Jay Glazer and Ian Rappaport are kings of the world. La Canfora is like "Does that make me #3?"
  4. Bob McNair...

    The position of those upset by protests during the anthem is that such protests are disrespectful to flag, military, and nation. So anyone who has issues with the current protests but who would applaud an anthem protest which honored fallen police officers would be a hypocrite of the highest order.
  5. Bob McNair...

    So, is Rishard's use of "employers" an error when he meant "employees" or is this his way of saying that the players are the true bosses?
  6. Bob McNair...

    The common phrase that he was close to quoting is "You can't let the inmates run the asylum." The fact that he changed asylum to prison does lead one to ponder the racial implications.
  7. Vietnam War documentary

    I am through Episode 5 and love it so far. I am big fan of Ken Burns, though and have watched all of his documentaries except Jazz. I watched an American Experience episode several years ago about the My Lai massacre and it was so disturbing that I am almost dreading that portion of the documentary.
  8. If I were a voter, I would go: D. Coryell T. Owens R. Moss R. Lewis S. Tasker
  9. Anyone see the new mascot?

    I guess he's fighting for his spot.
  10. Anyone see the new mascot?

    I like the raccoon. My seven year old son loves the raccoon! It is the State Animal of Tennessee for god's sake. Long live T-Rac!!!!!!
  11. preseason week 3 against the Bears

    So Peyton Manning is on the sideline of a team who has a very shaky GM and a coach with whom he has a prior working relationship?? Let the speculation begin.
  12. If a 1st round draft pick nets a long term starter then it is a good and proper pick, IMO. Janikoswki has started for 17-18 years so I believe it has been a terrific pick!
  13. Him, along with John Lee (high 2nd round pick by the Cardinals), have to be the biggest draft busts at the kicker position in NFL history. The only kicker I can think of picked higher than those two is Janikowski, but obviously Janikowski was worth the first round selection used on him.
  14. Scaramucci calls out Priebus.

    Scarramucci is reminiscent of one of the vulgar-cartoonish characters from VEEP (no offense to the show, which I love). A slightly more intelligent Jonah, if you will...