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  1. Mariota's girl is pretty hot.

    Of course she's hot.  Nobody really thought Marcus would be dating Honey Boo Boo's mom, right?
  2. Watch Out Seattle

    Kurt Warner has the top three passing yardage performances in Super Bowl History and is a two time league MVP.  That gets him in.
  3. Watch Out Seattle

    Flacco is never going in.  Eli is also non-deserving.  If he gets in, it will be because he is a Manning.  Winning two Superbowls in an otherwise mediocre career does not mean you get in the HOF (go ask Jim Plunkett).  To me, Ben is borderline but will probably get in.  His recent statistical successes will probably push him over the top.  Russell Wilson is a long way from punching his ticket, at this point. I agree with the rest of them.
  4. Alfred Morris

    I'd prefer Forte, or even Foster.
  5. Yeah, now we will be getting in to the league's domestic abuse policies (if they have ever been clearly defined?).
  6. who gets fired first

    I think it will playoffs or bust for Fisher in 2016, while Mularkey will get at least two seasons.  Fisher.
  7. L.A. Rams interested in Manning

    If this were to play out and we got some great players and the quarterback who they selected ended up sucking, the Titans would definitely want to send the players received from the trade out as team captains when the next meeting between the two teams occurred. 
  8. Calvin Johnson is done

    I have heard HOF voters like Peter King discuss the criteria for receivers making it in.  First, they want the receiver to be considered one of the the top 3 at his position for a number of years.  All-Pro selections are considered a reliable indicator of this, with Pro Bowl selections being considered somewhat helpful.  Next, they want the gaudy statstics, especially career wise.  Supposedly, there was a feeling among many of the voters that Art Monk and Andre Reed were never "top 3" at their position and that is what kept them out for so long, as they had the gaudy career statistics.  Obviously, sometimes a receiver can get in despite these criteria simply for being on a dominant team with a huge fan base (Michael Irvin, Lynn Swan). I could see Calvin getting in because he was certainly a top 3 receiver for most of his career and he put up gaudy, sometimes record breaking single season statistics.  He is only really lacking the career statistics
  9. L.A. Rams interested in Manning

    Jeff Fisher would probably prefer just about anything to being involved in a blockbuster trade with the potential for a fleecing of his current team, by his former team.
  10. He is such a great improviser and scrambler, I could see him flourishing in Canada, ala Doug Flutie.  Plus, I don't believe they stigmatize people drinking beer as much as people here do.
  11. Vikings (History Channel)

    I was thinking of giving the show a try, but I haven't yet.  I will probably try it out in the next week or so.
  12. This has to be the craziest strategic move I have seen in politics.   The Cruz campaign recently sent out a mailer to Iowa voters which rates their past voting participation by assigning them a letter grade (A-F).  Not only that, but a list of their neighbors is included, with grades assigned to them, for comparison.  The wording of the mailer implies that it is an official communication from the Iowa Secretary of State.  The recipient is urged to caucus and is warned that a followup communication may be forthcoming!   This could well be a defining moment in the life of the Cruz campaign. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/ted-cruz-mailer-iowa-official-slams-218459    
  13. I wonder if there is any overlap between the people who dislike Obama and the people who dislike Cam Newton?
  14. Super Bowl Trivia Question!!!

    Paul Hornung should be on the list.
  15. Super Bowl Trivia Question!!!

    Ty Detmer may have been a backup on the 1996 Packers, as well?