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  1. I am thinking the Bears. Maybe even with pick #3.
  2. I think the outcry has been such that they will have to let TO in next year. With that said, I bet Randy Moss gets in on the first ballot. Randy admitted to taking plays off, and had a few personality conflicts along the way. But Randy works as a TV analyst covering the NFL and all of those guys get in.
  3. I guess Saban probably wouldn't want to subject his defense to such a fast paced offense though?
  4. So, I guess - Chip Kelly to Alabama as OC?
  5. Charles Haley? Of course, It took him a while to get there.
  6. So, if you start bringing in the guys with shorter careers like Terrell Davis or Calvin Johnson, does that mean Patrick Willis gets serious consideration?
  7. Jerry Jones getting in is a joke. If anything, when they have had success it has been in spite of him. TO deserves to be in, maybe next year it will happen. I am happy Morten Andersen is getting in and I am glad that they are becoming more open to special teams players.
  8. I guess I thought that the purpose of compensatory picks was to allow a team an opportunity to replace a valuable player who has departed via an extra draft pick? Since drafting an additional player would not replace a departing coach, I would say no.
  9. It is hard to imagine that O'Brien and Kelly's egos could co-exist. Especially since O'Brien is also an offensive coach.
  10. OK, I will say it. I, for one, am happy that McDaniels will still be available for head coaching opportunities next season. Just in case Mularkey and his system somehow tank in 2017.
  11. I can't find anywhere that Peyton Manning has actually said "no thanks," yet.
  12. So, if the Jaguars violated the Rooney Rule, I say stripping them of their 2017 1st round draft pick would be an appropriate punishment!
  13. So, it is actually plausible that Mike Mularkey soon becomes the dean of AFC South coaches.
  14. well, it supposed to be a bad draft for elite quarterbacks (kind of like the year Manuel and Geno) were the top two taken, so I would say we definitely wouldn't want to consider a first round draft pick on one.
  15. Do you figure Sheriff Joe will give him a break (because of his celebrity) from the pink outfits and the outside jail cells?