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    Yea not sure what you expect of him now. He cannot break stories or news.
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    Again I'm not even denying his connections! I am skeptical when people say that bc everyone now days has "sources" and 99 percent is crap. His original post, the way it was written, implied jrob was here for the drafting of MM. Bc of this the rest of info had no credibility. Now that this is cleared up and he did not mean that, its null. The air is clear.
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    I've been around since the old board. Frankly I'm not even denying what you are saying, simply stating that the way it was written implied an impossible fact. It's always interesting but hard to put much stock in the "I know someone who knows someone who is close to the people" kinda stories. Clearly several others say the info you provide is bologna. Bongo has been around for years and has shared "input" the whole time, doesn't make it accurate. Entertaining for sure!
  4. I'll listen shortly, always enjoy him. I really am thinking it's Thomas if they stay at 5 and he's still available.
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    I'm the dumbass? You better learn how to write better. The way it currently reads, that is what sounds like you were implying, hence all those posters liking my comment.
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    Two years ago your sources knew Jrob was going to pick MM???? Hmm
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    Has us taking- 5- lattimore 18- Ross I don't think he has any sources and it's purely based on need but always interesting. I could be WAY off but something tells me if one of Solomon Thomas or Allen is available at 5 (and we don't trade) they will absolutely be the pick, with an edge to Thomas. During a recent spot on 104.5 one of the guest says when you have your choice always go with the big boys. There is a limited number of human beings with huge size combined with Strength, skill, etc and I believe they're right. Not even sure he makes it there but I just have a feel JRob and Thomas are a perfect match. I wouldn't be disappointed at all. He will be a stud and Casey isn't getting younger. Being better up front helps mask backend weaknesses and this is a very few draft for CBs.
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    I think some over value Searcy. I think he is below average at best. His pick versus the bears was gift wrapped. Superbad was resigned more so for special teams, which he's very good at when he doesn't commit a dumb penalty.
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    Blake is a free agent thank god. I believe McCain is still under contract however.
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    I'm thinking Thomas is a real possibility if he is there at 5. Seems like an ideal jrob type of player. I honestly wouldn't be mad either.
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    Agreed I want Davis also but what are you saying? CJ was the last fastest ever player we had and his first few years were absolutely amazing.
  12. Of course it's a matter of time, he ain't sitting out. Dumb tweet.
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    I'm saying no way Lewan takes it. Yes you risk injury but if he gambles he gets even more.