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  1. Early Tour of Mock Drafts

    His son is committed to play there.
  2. NFLs Neediest Teams - Andy Benoit

    No one is saying it’s not a need or questionable area, but the biggest need on the team? That’s a joke.
  3. Haha what a hack. He has the Titans as the 7th neediest team and the biggest need? Wide Receiver. Hilarious. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/02/09/nfl-free-agency-draft-2018-team-needs
  4. Jason Kelce gives it to Michael Lombardi in his SB parade speech

    I pray I’m still alive the day this happens in Nashville. There will be no one happier.
  5. Schefter: McDaniels Backs Out of Colts Job

    The entire press conference was a joke. What rivalry? Peyton and Brady had one. But the colts suck. People are fawning over Ballard but he deserves way more shit than praise. Does Ballard not own ANY responsibility for offering the job to a shit bag like McDaniels? Making the right hiring decisions part of being a boss. He failed his first big task. Chance to fix obviously but a good press conference doesn’t change that fact.
  6. How many of you feel insulted by this?

    Still got titties I see
  7. Schefter: McDaniels Backs Out of Colts Job

    Everyone saying Ballard is killing the press conference and it sounds like it’s solid but he still has to own offering a job to McDaniels and not seeing through his shit. So I think people are being a little generous with the praise.
  8. Titans Increasing Ticket Prices for 2018

    No tickets this year either. Just a card that you reuse each game. Got my email this morning with details.
  9. Rumor: Leaked Details Of New Uniforms

    I haven’t read any of the thread but a buddy ran into AAS in the pro shop the day before the Jags game at Home Week 17, and she didn’t give much away but said it was minor changes. The logo isn’t changing I’d bet also. She spent a shit ton of money plastering new decals all over the practice facility just last off-season. I think the original post is all BS. She did say to him that there would be a party for the unveiling but I think it will be the same as the draft party.
  10. Dean Pees Possible DC

  11. Callahan To The Raiders; Titans Never Offered

    Per Wolf (shockingly) we never extended an offer. It’s gotta be bc of Flip.
  12. Who Will JRob Go After In A Trade This Offseason?

    no need to trade for him, its my understanding hes a free agent.
  13. Titans Interviewed Callahan for OC

    I’ve never seen you so negative lol. The guys been in role for less than 7 days. No matter who he hires we won’t truly know until the season. Deep breath.
  14. Can’t say too much till we see how it plays out on the field but tough in my mind to go from a DC that’s consistently has fielded top 10 defenses to a secondary coach that’s never been a DC.