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  1. Who wishes we took Jaylon Smith last year?

    Read this from Dr David Chao, NFL team doc for many years. Shows exactly why I have no interest in Smith. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/profootballdoc/sd-sp-pfd-jaylon-smith-debut-cowboys-0819-story.html
  2. Huge relief on Davis if true. Mularkey said all week Murray was playing also, so taking it with a grain of salt.
  3. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Yes ST hasn't looked good in years! The coverage teams look excellent and called back or not when's the last time we had a punt return for a TD?
  4. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    What a find Jayon Brown has been!
  5. First Team Offense vs Panthers

    All fan called plays have to be approved by the team, they don't have free reign. During scrimmage the guy the son admitted he was given just a handful of plays that he could pick from.
  6. Starting to worry he will be on IR, designated to return. He quickly said he wasn't playing next week and very little talk during the week about his progress. Hopefully I am wrong anxious to see him play.
  7. He wasn't out of football? Thad has been on rosters every year as a back up or 3rd string and tore his ACL in pre season I believe last year. Saying he was out of football is completely wrong.
  8. Stand outs

    Curtis Riley has flashed to me.
  9. Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Jets Game Day Thread

    Curtis Riley has looked good all camp and is flashing today. Jayon Brown continues to show exactly why he was drafted.
  10. Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Jets Game Day Thread

    Byard looked excellent multiple times and highly unlikely that drive goes anywhere if not for the god awful personal foul call against Casey. He literally tackled ankles on the sack and was called for roughing. Ryan obviously not good getting beat deep.
  11. Who All Is Headed To Nissan Stadium Tonight

    Free to the public, I think they announced 11k people in attendence. It was the best weather we have had in Nashville in weeks, picture perfect weather. To be fair there is more to do on a Saturday night in Nashville than to watch a practice unless you really love the team. I wouldn't miss it but many people feel that way. They had a few things for kids but real Sunday game days have way more stuff to do inside and out. Plus they just had the open practice Friday night at the local high school where 7k showed up. It was a good time for real fans, don't think they needed to add too much to it or worry about attendance. Training camp already has way more people then it's had the last few years. I still suspect plenty of opposing fans this year but I think it will be better and another winning season should ensure next year continues improvement.
  12. Titans Sign Brandon Radcliff RB

    Should this be concerning regarding Murray? Fluellen has had a good camp so I am a little surprised.
  13. Who All Is Headed To Nissan Stadium Tonight

    Also I didn't stare at him but I didn't see Corey limping at all. I wasn't there last night but was told he didn't have a limp there either.
  14. Who All Is Headed To Nissan Stadium Tonight

    Curtis Riley looked really good tonight and Avery williamson still cannot cover a tight end, giving up a TD. Lewans penalty was for flipping off off the defense. Hilarious. No idea if it was playful or he was pissed.
  15. Paul Kuharsky Trolls Jason LaConfora on Twitter

    I agree he's always been this way but it seems like it's being ramped up even more to generate interest. I even agree with him sometimes in that wolf and LCF aren't bright but he continues beating that dead horse. If you think you're so much better than wolf than why not continue to our work him in terms of quality than just berating him at every chance. Why waste your time on him? mid day 180 has excellent interviews like wash and bettingfield and I enjoy the cossell segments but it seems like they're trying to turn the show into a reality tv thing with all the dumb drama.