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  1. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    We are a power run team that can’t run. Poor results are to be expected.
  2. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Lol no shot we beat Jimmy G next week. 8-8 is very realistic. And buffalo somehow winning on a bullshit penalty that was very late in Indy 2 pt conversation.... playoffs very much in doubt.
  3. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Time for a game winning drive.... zero yards gained.
  4. Jags@Cardinals Game Thread

    Wow. Hallelujah
  5. Jags@Cardinals Game Thread

    The one fucking thing they couldn’t have happen. Holy shit. Highly unlikely Bortles was leading a touchdown drive and fucking gabbert fumbles away the game piece of shit.
  6. The other first rounder: Jackson

    Jackson has been excellent all year for the most part. Davis with a HUGE leaping catch on the game winning drive. Missing camp hurt him dearly but damn he’s got crazy potential.
  7. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Murray can’t run for shit anymore but he’s a damn smart player.
  8. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Agreed. Missing offseason and camp hurt him but he flashes his potential big time.
  9. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Murray gonna finish with negative rush yards and a touchdown. Explain that. Lol
  10. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    No way it’s enough to overturn but I’m sure they will bc titans.
  11. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Burping the baby..... lol that and the pronunciation of Mariota. Worst commentators of all time. But we deserve it bc we are a shitty team also. Did nothing to deserve the turnover but damn I’ll take it. Please win.
  12. Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    7 Sacks Hilton limited to 1 catch down by double digits lol
  13. Hopefully Weems. Even Douglas is more vaulable than him.
  14. Thoughts on game and big picture

    We need to beat Indy next week or I think the playoffs are very much in doubt. The extra rest will help but that is far from a gimme game. We’ve been making the same mistakes for several games but got away with it bc of terrible opponents.
  15. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Once again the offense and defense are BI POLAR. They cannot play good at the same time.