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  1. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    When are we getting a colts game thoughts/expert analysis?
  2. lack of DLine depth has become a real issue

    Ironically I think we would’ve been better against the run if Sly Williams had played.
  3. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    I thought it was up and down. Obviously first half was much worse. Giving up huge rushing yardage on first down was crushing. Also generating little to no pressure on a bad line was very frustrating. Many times Brissett had literally 5/6/7 seconds. Coverage just isn’t gonna hold up that long. I was extremely happy to see big half time adjustments that changed the game and ended up winning it. I am rewatching the game on DVR now but I’m shocked they didn’t overturn the Brisset 4th and 1. It looked to me that he reached and got it. Was worried they were on the way to tying. Luckily that wasn’t the case.
  4. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    Brain fart on the pick 6. Again the defense was bad in first half great in second. They also caught a break in that they had an easy touchdown pass dropped. I do want the defense to not give up 7/8/9 yards on first and 10 numerous times throughout a game. Keep in mind this is all against a backup QB that recently was a third string QB. Now he is very talented but he’s still a backup. Im saying if Cassel had played it would’ve been worse bc they would’ve been on the field for much longer. We dominated TOP. That wouldn’t have been the case with Cassel. Cassel is good for numerous sacks and typically at least one turnover a game. You’re welcome to disagree.
  5. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    I think if Cassel played we wouldn’t have had several of those long FG drives. Less time for the D to rest which would have led to giving up more points (they had 22 as is, not sure where 16 came from). Marcus couldn’t move but he moved around the pocket with great feel an anticipation. Also excellent touch on several passes. Cassel would’ve had none of that.
  6. Not sure we had any sacks minus the intentional grounding. Very little pressure on Brissett against a truly awful Oline. Moncrief dropped a perfectly thrown TD pass. Rush defense was also awful. Avery Williamson shouldn’t be resigned. He still cannot cover to save his life. Thank goodness he forced the fumble. Brown looked great in coverage again thankfully. The Delanie sweep worked perfectly one time for a TD. Can we please now forget that play? Why Delanie had like 2 handoffs tonight is beyond me. This staff really tries to get too cute at times. So still several things to be very very concerned about. However there were several great things as well. Marcus with a very McNair like performance while being hurt. Minus the INT he was freaking deadly. Decker finally showed up. Matthews is always reliable. I actually thought the run game wasn’t very good overall. The Henry run was awesome and inflated the stats but wasn’t great. Loudest crowd at times that I remember in years at some points. Thank god we have an extremely accurate kicker. This reminded me of the 8 field goal game vs Houston Bironas had for a while. If Cassel had played we get BLOWN OUT.
  7. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    We are in field goal range. Should we just kick it now?!?!
  8. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Lol if the titans need 5 for a first down they’re guaranteed to run a 4 yard route every single time.
  9. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Avery still can’t cover a LBer to save his life but thank god he can force a fumble.
  10. Kuharsky: Mariota will start Monday night

    He’s not even on the injury report anymore.
  11. Kuharsky: Mariota will start Monday night

    Agreed but I’m fairly confident we don’t win without him.
  12. AFC South Game Day Thread

    Bortles obviously makes me think they have a not very high ceiling but I certainly never expected them to go to PIT and win. Their D will win them a few games.
  13. AFC South Game Day Thread

    Jags lose at home. Win tomorrow and a big log jam at 3-3 in the division with the softer part of the schedule happening right now. Not an awful spot.
  14. Snap counts(McCain benched)

    Cutler absolutely sucked but to be fair, his receivers dropped multiple catchable balls, many on 3rd down.
  15. I’m open to almost any and all changes within the organization except JRob. He’s untouchable as far as I’m concerned. Has he made some mistakes? Of course who doesn’t but he’s shown far too much potential for me to want him replaced and you can tell he truly loves the organization and wants to win badly.