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  1. I am a bigger titans fan than preds but if you're not in Nashville right now it is impossible to understand the way the city is all over this. I really hope it happens 10x as much when the titans get there but damn this is fun. And yes ratings continue to go up and I can only imagine what they would be if the thousands and thousands at watch parties were actually at home with their tv. I hope we finish the job, I am ready to attend the parade on broadway!
  2. You're absolutely right about the city and the preds. It is on fire. I was able to snag 2 of the $15 tickets they released right at 10am, they only released 100. Can't wait to be at Bridgestone. If the titans continue to improve this will become even better. The support between teams is awesome with mularkey and Jrob going to preds games frequently as well as titans players. This city can feel making the cup!
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    Guess he will never play in a playoff game.
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    Yep how will he ever beat out Harry Douglas and Tajae Sharpe to start on day 1?
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    I frankly expect Lynch to look like AP did opening day last year. They've got a great line I just don't think the guy has a lot left in the tank. Two damn years in a row the refs screwed us versus OAK at home, while we also had dumb penalties. Nissan is packed with Oak fans so I'd love to see titans fans return and send the raider fans that do show up home very unhappy.
  6. $250 for the game at indy last year. 50 yard line lowers. Great seats and the crowd there sucks. Very quiet. I was positive we were finally going to beat the colts and I wanted to be there to witness it. Long ride back to Nashville after. Fucking Perish Cox.
  7. That's not accurate however. Finnegan was a 7th round pick. Plenty of great late round picks and undrafted guys in addition to early round flops. You never know.
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    James Connor
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    I absolutely wanted Adams but I love Davis also. If they both hit their ceiling hard to argue against Davis. The titans pretty much have never had a dominant wr so I am totally on board. Love Howard and honestly wanted Foster but I understand the risks of him for sure. We've not had a LB like that in a long time. I honestly don't know a ton about Jackson but he looks like a special athlete and this team has lack that elite athleticism and speed for a while. Jrob has earned trust so I'm trusting in him!
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    I'll be at Nissan tonight for the draft party. Curious to see if they kick us out before the 2nd pick! Usually they shut everything down right after the titans first pick.
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    I would shit my pants with this draft and think the round 1 is very possible in the trade down and target Howard sense. I'm conflicted on wanting Howard or Adams but picking up a 2nd is worth it Adams play was already good enough but if you've heard him talk during the process it's hard to not love him as a player Even though it is not a need I'm telling you that James connor will be a STUD. The kid is very, very good. If this draft were to happen, wow.
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    I don't think anyone questions the guys talent. If it was just talent I think it's a no brained but talent means jack if he can't play due to injury.
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    Torn between Adams, Allen, and Thomas.
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    The shitty thing is I would love Foster if it was strictly about on the field production. Too much drama off it including medical however.
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    Beating them at home and any win versus the colts are the ones I want most this year. We blew/got robbed versus the raiders the last 2 years at home.