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  1. Titanstattoo25

    Titans Running backs past and present.

    Shonn Greene was awful as a Titan. Chris Brown was pretty damn solid. He ran upright which lead to injuries but I recall several games he had 100 yards rushing by halftime.
  2. Titanstattoo25

    Titans for Sale?

    Per Darren Rovell of ESPN. Typicaly hes a pretty reliable source but I think he’s full of it. His back and forth with PK is pretty funny. “Two sides to $2.2 billion Panthers sale. Lower than expected price suggests teams that are next — like Tennessee Titans — might go for lower than expected. Lower than expected price doesn’t factor in yesterday’s sports gambling decision. Will be baked into next deal.”
  3. Titanstattoo25

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    Ramsey is very solid. I’d imagine he has a good shot at the practice squad.
  4. Titanstattoo25

    2018 Draft (Round 2)

    Vince young didn’t pronounce his name right and I had no idea who he was saying hahahah
  5. Titanstattoo25

    Round 2 options

    Vince young didn’t pronounce his name right and I had no idea who he was saying hahahah
  6. Titanstattoo25

    Round 2 options

    Really curious to see if they do something like this. I’d be all for it and with jrob you just never know.
  7. Titanstattoo25

    Round 2 options

    Hurst is so damn good. Would be thrilled to get him.
  8. Titanstattoo25

    Who are some of the TItans greatest late round picks?

    Not sure it’s gets better than Finny in the 7th
  9. So there would still be a white one out there also yes? We currently have navy, Columbia, and white so hopefully that continues?
  10. I think it would look better if they removed the lift blue from the side all together. I also secretly hope this is a massive troll job all orchestrated by Titans PR and they leaked the pic themselves and it’s totally different etc.
  11. Gonna be disappointed when your concepts are better than the real thing.
  12. Titanstattoo25

    Odell Beckham: Would You Want Him? How Much?

    Nope. Headcase. Distraction. Injury prone. Talent is insane but for what he would cost? Not worth it.
  13. I actually like this more than what the real thing I worry will look like. The silver on arms is way better than all silver shoulders. I wonder if we have a high should logo like the preds do incorporating the state.
  14. I agree. I think he either signs here now or doesn’t.