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    Tretola will be a starter on this team at some point. He will be very good.
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    Maybe the firings were in regards to Kendall and their inability to not get him to fix his shit and/or hold him accountable? No idea, just a thought.
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    Lol Cassel is done and Cleveland already said they would use the franchise tag.
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    Just getting at if you worked somewhere I knew.
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    Like dance battle serve him?
  6. Not sure you can even begin to say this without knowing what he would be getting in return. Initial I want to keep the picks too BUT - if you don't at least listen to offers you're ignorant - what if there is an absurd offer like last year that blows you away? Silly and impossible to say something like this right now.
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    I'd venture to say the colts won't let him leave.
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    Once you take away the ppl that will be resigned and given stupid money, its overall a pretty shitty crop of players.
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    Sims much better then Blake. Blake was destroyed last week.
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    Avery Williamson continues to show he's god awful in coverage but I am sure plenty will defend him and say how good he is. whens the last time we had a LBer that could cover? Keith? Randall Godfrey?
  11. Legit question- how does Allen compare to Leonard Williams as a draft prospect? I truly have no idea as I don't watch much college. Please don't just say one sucks or one is way better. For those who are educated I'd like to know who you think is superior and real reasons as to why. Thanks!
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    Chao is awesome and extremely accurate. If the video doesn't show enough he will notate that as well. Great explanation weekly.
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    And I'm the idiot. You're right. Anger brain.
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    You're an idiot. The raiders win their division and have a bye. The Texans will not host them in any scenario.
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    Just like the titans to fuck you over right before the biggest playoff push in 8 years. The Jags- - hadn't won a home game all year - only 1 first drive TD all year - tied most 1st quarter points all year - had lost 9 in a row. All this and they beat the shit out of us, even before Marcus injury. We absolutely should've won out but nope. And I'm not saying we overlooked the jags but they sure as shit were not prepared to play today, PERIOD. Not only do they lose Marcus gets fucked up. I worry about him not being able to practice in OTAs and camp etc. one thing to ruining this damn season but to fuck up next year too? That's terrifying. I was excited to finally have one QB start all 16 games. They kept Marcus clean almost all year but the O LINE played like absolute dog shit all day long, all 5 of them. The irony of today- I went to get the mail after the game and on my porch was my Christmas gift from the Titans for being a season ticket holder. Such bullshit. Guarantee they raise ticket prices but they shouldn't until they make the playoffs once.