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  1. This really has been beaten to death. Murray was excellent this past year. Henry was very good as a rookie. I actually think the limited work probably helps him long term as the year before he got the ball damn near every snap at Bama. His body I'm sure benfitted from it. Of course Henry will be the full time back eventually. When that happens depends on them both. If Henry wants it, don't give the coaches an option, be that beast that they flat out cannot keep on the bench. Id imagine it will be closer to 50/50 this year but either way, Henry isn't forcing his way out. He just completed his rookie year.
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    I figured an increase was coming and I just got my invoice for next year, $5 per ticket per game. So my two PSLs total cost an extra $100 per year. I guess that isn't too bad. Posting for those that may be curious.
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    Tretola will be a starter on this team at some point. He will be very good.
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    Maybe the firings were in regards to Kendall and their inability to not get him to fix his shit and/or hold him accountable? No idea, just a thought.
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    Lol Cassel is done and Cleveland already said they would use the franchise tag.
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    Just getting at if you worked somewhere I knew.
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    Like dance battle serve him?
  9. Not sure you can even begin to say this without knowing what he would be getting in return. Initial I want to keep the picks too BUT - if you don't at least listen to offers you're ignorant - what if there is an absurd offer like last year that blows you away? Silly and impossible to say something like this right now.
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    I'd venture to say the colts won't let him leave.
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    Once you take away the ppl that will be resigned and given stupid money, its overall a pretty shitty crop of players.
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    Sims much better then Blake. Blake was destroyed last week.
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    Avery Williamson continues to show he's god awful in coverage but I am sure plenty will defend him and say how good he is. whens the last time we had a LBer that could cover? Keith? Randall Godfrey?
  14. Legit question- how does Allen compare to Leonard Williams as a draft prospect? I truly have no idea as I don't watch much college. Please don't just say one sucks or one is way better. For those who are educated I'd like to know who you think is superior and real reasons as to why. Thanks!
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    Chao is awesome and extremely accurate. If the video doesn't show enough he will notate that as well. Great explanation weekly.