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    Just start following this team? Ha. Your wit is only outmatched by your ignorance. Your thoughts are incorrect and deserve no response. Ignorance is bliss so please enjoy!
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    He was the number 2 (not number 1) out of necessity. JRob, malarkey, no reasonable fan EVER expected him to be a number 1/2. It was bc our receiving group was god awful. So being "demoted" to your ideal/proper spot, seems smart and less of an inclination of an awful year. Man the saying sticks and stones can breaks my bones but words can never hurt me clearly is not true. You calling me a moron just screwed up my Friday, weekend is ruined.
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    Your retorts aren't even assuming anymore. Also you yourself said you thought he could be a number 3 receiver so you clearly didn't think he had a bad year either.
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    Just one, and it sure as hell doesn't say afc south champs 2017
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    And to think the Internet is considered people's "highlight reel."
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    Maybe this guy, the wittiest of them all, can help me find it?
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    Your humor and wit are unmatched. Is there an ignore button on this board?
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    Don't love Sharpe, just hate ignorance which you typically are full of. Tattooface, man you slay me. The board can't take your humor, it is just too funny and we are not worthy. I'd rather read Bongo fantasies than half the shit you post.
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    Yep they signed Decker to that long term 1 year deal. Man o man, he clearly took Sharpes spot long term. Davis has ZERO impact on Sharpe as he clearly is meant to be a No1, something Tajae never could be or was supposed to be. Taylor certainly impacts it and maybe they didn't expect him to last that long and was too much value to pass up. Taylor is an ideal slot receiver but if he only puts up 500 yards this year you guys will be burning him at the stake, he was drafted even higher than Sharpe! Maybe Sharpe's injury is worse then we know. They clearly aren't speaking about It very positively. And I am all for more competition, that pushes everyone to be better. If he gets cut I'd be shocked but I trust JRob to make the right decision. I think IR is much more likely with a chance to be activated later in the season. All it takes is god forbid an injury to a Matthews or Decker and (if he's healthy) Tajae is suddenly getting more time. You NEED good depth again. Clearly he's higher thought of by the GM than McBride or Douglas since he dressed and they were never active (mcbride on PS much of the season). I think Weems is no guarantee anymore. He should stick but he was signed for special teams/return abilities. Now they have Muhammad and Jackson who also are capable/good in that spot. Not sure they keep an older guy just for that when other options are available, especially when special teams as a whole is vastly improved in other areas.
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    I agree we are mostly on the same page. I disagree about Douglas for the simple fact that if he was as good as Sharpe, he wouldn't have been inactive most weeks while Sharpe played and started over him. Yes I probably am making a way bigger deal out of this than necessary but I think he's a very good back end depth guy who may grow bc he's going into only his second year. Depth is how you win, having strong depth that can step in from time to time. The Titans just haven't had shit as far as legit starting receivers in forever, so now to think we have hopefully very good starters PLUS guys that are reliable at the end of the position group excites me.
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    Douglas has produced more than Sharpe in TN? If you think that then there's no point in talking bc you're nuts. Again, we needed to stack the position group. There was no number 1 and zero depth. Sharpe should have never and will never be a number 1 or number 2. Anyone extremely disappointed with him last year had unrealistic expectations or bought into the "fantasy football sleeper" BS. He will never be a red zone target bc we have people like Delanie and Demarco. So he was a 5th round rookie, what were you or anyone else hoping for? Over 500 yards seems about right, not sure why that's a huge disappointment? If you were hoping for him to be the 1 or 2 it is but why would anyone expect that out of a 5th round pick? He didn't struggle with drops or fumbles and was a willing blocker. So for a guy who know will be in the correct spot, 4/5, if there is no IR, how exactly was he a disappointment? What else were you hoping for? He was essentially playing out of position, going up against top CBs, bc our receivers sucked as a whole. Not his fault by any means but that's really being thrown into the fire as a rookie. Now if Corey Davis comes in and replicates Sharpes season then yes of course it's a huge disappointment bc he was a top 5 pick who is supposed to be a number 1. Clearly people's expectations were way off. What other late round pick was so much expected of? That early hype was almost the worst thing for him.
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    Yes I'm sure you're able to gather all that from one rookie season that was played out of position! If there's 50 of them why haven't we had one in years? Why'd we sign Harry Douglas who has never made a tough catch? Why not sign one of the 50 before?
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    That's when he was the number 2 receiver on the team. He will play extremely limited snaps now. No way teams will be able to focus on him or put people like vontae Davis on him.
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    You never know what the hell youre talking about, so this isn't surprising. Again he showed more promise as a rookie than anything WR we have drafted in years. He's not supposed to be a 1 or 2, so when you consider he will be a 3/4, what did he do to make him not solid? He didn't struggle with drops? He didn't stuggle with fumbles? He had a tough time creating separation at times but overcame it some with tough contested catches. The longboard TD catch against Indy, beautiful route. Other than Delanie and Rashard this year, when's the last time we had a WR do something that simple yet effective? He also was a willing blocker. Roydell Williams, Paul Williams, Brandon jones, etc. for years we drafted scrubs at the receiver position. Jones was average at best but Sharpe showed more in year 1 than any of them. Yes you have to consider draft position as well bc if you had spent a 1 on him you'd be expecting him to be a 1/2 and those stats wouldn't jusitify it but a 5th round pick? In addition to that name a rookie receiver in the whole damn draft class that was better than him? I've listed them below. Tyreek Hill overall obviously, Michael Thomas, Sterling Shepard maybe, anyone else? None of the first round picks were shit. Fuller was fast but had constant drop issues. Wide receivers Browns: Corey Coleman, Baylor (Round 1, pick 15) Texans: Will Fuller, Notre Dame (Round 1, pick 21) Washington: Josh Doctson, TCU (Round 1, pick 22) Vikings: Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss (Round 1, pick 23) Giants: Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma (Round 2, pick 40) Saints: Michael Thomas, Ohio State (Round 2, pick 47) Bengals: Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh (Round 2, pick 55) Texans: Braxton Miller, Ohio State (Round 3, pick 85) Dolphins: Leonte Carroo, Rutgers (Round 3, pick 86) Ravens: Chris Moore, Cincinnati (Round 4, pick 107) Patriots: Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia (Round 4, pick 112) Browns: Ricardo Louis, Auburn (Round 4, pick 114) Rams: Pharoh Cooper, South Carolina (Round 4, pick 117) Chiefs: Demarcus Robinson, Florida (Round 4, pick 126) Titans: Tajae Sharpe, Massachusetts (Round 5, pick 140) Browns: Jordan Payton, UCLA (Round 5, pick 154) Packers: Trevor Davis, California (Round 5, pick 163) Chiefs: Tyreek Hill, West Alabama (Round 5, pick 165) Browns: Richard Higgins, Colorado State (Round 5, pick 172) Vikings: Moritz Boehringer (Round 6, pick 180) Ravens: Keenan Reynolds, Navy (Round 6, pick 182) Dolphins: Jakeem Grant, Texas Tech (Round 6, pick 186) Bills: Kolby Listenbee, TCU (Round 6, pick 192) Bengals: Cody Core, Ole Miss (Round 6, pick 199) Rams: Michael Thomas, Southern Miss (Round 6, pick 206) 49ers: Aaron Burbridge, Michigan State (Round 6, pick 213) Patriots: Devin Lucien, Arizona State (Round 7, pick 225) Steelers: DeMarcus Ayers, Houston (Round 7, pick 229) Bears: Daniel Braverman, Western Michigan (Round 7, pick 230) Falcons: Devin Fuller, UCLA (Round 7, pick 238) Jets: Cherone Peake, Clemson (Round 7, pick 241) Seahawks: Kenny Lawler, California (Round 7, pick 243)
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    Call and set a cancellation date for your service, a week or two out. They will make small offers, just decline saying you don't want to cancel but it's just too expensive. Turn down all cheap offers and be polite. Hang up after all bs. You should get a call from a special department shortly after with huge deals. Last week both my dad and I did this and we each got $60 off a month for 12 months, no contract extension, HBO/stars/showtime free for 3 months, Sunday ticket max free, and a $200 visa prepaid gift card. I've read some people actually had to wait until after their cancellation date to get this call (some got a letter with a special number to call) but my dad and I both got calls within 2 hours of placing the cancellation call. Several do this every year and I plan to do it again in September when last years ends. Youre welcome.