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  1. psshh
  2. Bennett is actually a highly intelligent guy. So is his brother Michael.
  3. 2 more weeks fellas...
  4. Gimme Claiborne or Trumaine
  5. YT Walmart fights. Shit is cray
  6. Interesting.
  7. I expect something like that to happen actually. If Jags take our pick & Browns take MG, one of those QB's will still be on the board for the Bills. Shit we might even have the Jets on the phone willing to give us a 2nd just to swap & block said Bills. Jets cockblock would be the ideal scenario of course.
  8. Hope ya got ya green caaaard
  9. Maybe cosmetology school would be a better fit.
  10. Really don't think it's about a corp doing something. The manager found me useful and it was worth a few more bucks.
  11. They also tried to get me to clock out to take a shit. That didn't work either.
  12. The Preds practice there. Have Ford Arena which hosts a slew of hockey events.
  13. I basically told the manager she could either not deduct it, deduct it and increase my pay to compensate, or find a new employee. I didn't have it deducted. It's a shit move for an employer to ask a person to pay for the job. Everything is negotiable, of course.
  14. Back in the day, McDonald's tried to tell me my uniform had to be paid for. I told em to shove it up their asses, so they didn't deduct it.