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  1. Does Mike Mularkey have CTE?

    "We're gonna go out there and play some tough, exotic football. Sometimes we dance in the end zone. Sometimes we cry on the plane. That's the National Football League." -M. Mularkey
  2. Yall Sound Like St8Bitches

    We just went thru Munchak, Whiz, Malarkey, and hired an up-and-coming Vrabal. He's a champion with 3 rings. He's a leader. He's said flexibility is key. He's been on some of the best defenses known to pro sports. He's connected to the best college coaches and pro coaches known to football. And all this bitching? And you're afraid of this and that? In Jrob We Trust. He followed his dreams, never cosigning to this geriatric crew. He knew all along that the Malarkey would end, but he put his best foot forward. He made us better. Now, he's found his guy. Granted, he will likely get 2 shots, but you gotta like what you see in Vrabel. At the VERY LEAST you gotta be excited that for once the coach will push for front 7 D. Now Titan the FUCK UP
  3. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Let the good times roll motherfuckers. I'm ready for the defense to be feared again. Texans won't be able to pay those guys forever. Vrabel will scoop em up. We will draft for defense and building around the offensive pieces that we already have. Superbowl 2020.
  4. And a defense that believes that THEY are the team. I'm cool with that. We will have Marcus assuring people that HE is the team.
  5. Vrabel will be the hire. Too much points to it. Trevor M. Put out a piece today explaining why he feels it's the perfect fit. Leader of men, Vrabel touting flexibility as key. Vrabel has a shiton of connections and nobody would ever doubt his leadership bc he's a natural. Also, he's a tough SOB w/DLB connection .
  6. Mettenberger back wit whizenhunt

    "He's got a rapist's wit." -Maw
  7. Coordinator Candidates

    The variables and possibilities are higher than a midseason mock for fun by Kyle. Let's update this once we actually get a coach lol OR play the...if this coach = this coordinator. The odds are it's gonna be Big V
  8. How the HC search affects Kyle

    Henry can be that, but I don't think it's smart from a gameplan standpoint. If you don't have 2 skill sets (even though I think Henry is a great pass catcher that's been under utilized), teams can scheme to stop you easier. But I agree the Front 7 BPA will be 1st round, most likely LB. Hell we might get a really good compliment back like Kamara in 2nd or 3rd. I do expect us to grab a guard high too--not Rus Webster high--but high.
  9. Interesting nugget for our old coaches

    Manning used to film himself and practice hiding the ball over and over to get his PA move right.
  10. The Girther movement, Trump's physical

    My favorite: “But here's a woman (Hillary), she's supposed to fight all of these different things, and she can't make it fifteen feet to her car,” Trump said.
  11. How the HC search affects Kyle

    You can bet your ass the 1st round is going to be a linebacker. The second round is going to be a scatback/passcatcher or guard. I'm guessing we take a guard, sign a guard. We probably draft a scatback/passcatcher & sign one too.
  12. Not sure if previously posted: https://247sports.com/nfl/tennessee-titans/Bolt/Odds-released-for-new-Titans-head-coach-113784694
  13. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    The black McCarthy.
  14. The Browns want Mularkey as OC

    Nothing says, "we wanna be considered winners but don't wanna drop out of mid-first round" like hiring Malarkey.
  15. JRob already has his coach, IMO.

    Guys like Jrob have plans A, B, C and Z. Of course he has his man. The fucker probably carries a list if coaches, OC, DC, and every position on the team with a ranking, strengths and weaknesses, etc etc etc.