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  1. SleepingTitan

    My biggest fear has come to fruition.

    We won't see this rule really piss anybody off after the preseason. Well... at least until the Pats are in the playoffs 3 and 8 get stopped 1yard of the line to gain and some line official 50 yards from the ball notices an opposing player trip and make helmet contact with a lineman's thigh. Two weeks later, the Pats will when the Superbowl after being down 6 points in the final 30 secs, and a linebacker helmet to helmet knocks out the ball carrier causing a fumble that is ran back for a touchdown. No flag. No replay. Whoops, New York calls for a replay. It's determined that the offensive player lead with helmet and the Pat's player was the victim. Play stands. Pats win. Pats win. Pats win. Brady interviewed after the game is asked if he will retire, "Heck no! I'm gonna keep juicing on these Superbowls until I'm dead."
  2. SleepingTitan

    Is it time to panic?

    The preseason is all about how certain INDIVIDUALS do on CERTAIN plays. The regular season is how well the team performs and evolves with attrition. Nothing we've seen so far is indicative of this latter performance. I've seen a lot of good so far honestly...
  3. SleepingTitan

    Uniforms - Poll

    Those numbers look fucking stupid.
  4. SleepingTitan

    Taywan Taylor receives praise from King James

    I said to my wife after the play, "I really wish they would have saved that one."
  5. SleepingTitan

    Taywan Taylor receives praise from King James

    You are Manning Envy.
  6. SleepingTitan

    Preseason Week 2: Bucs @ Titans Game Thread

    YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS same broadcast crew. The only thing worse than broadcasters with obvious CTE? Broadcasters who are inherently fucking terrible at their jobs...
  7. He's already 10x the player Dodd is. Sweet.
  8. SleepingTitan

    Training Camp Discussion

    Adoree. That is all.
  9. SleepingTitan

    Receiver Situation. Who will make the team?

    Oh for sure. Something ain't right there.
  10. With Jennings & Williams coming on strong, Sharpe seemingly a strong possible #2, Matthews out undisclosed, who will make the team? What's your prediction?
  11. @Jonboy I gave ya my prime sub! We should squad up sometime
  12. SleepingTitan

    Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Packers Game Thread

    NFL bought their servers from Walmart electronics section. Worst stream I've ever seen.
  13. SleepingTitan

    Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Packers Game Thread

    Sims definitely plays well above 3rd string. He's easy money to make the team.