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  1. I feel like Trumaine J is a real possibility.
  2. Still more of an Adams guy. Don't see Hooker as top 10.
  3. I feel like 18 is a sweet spot for value this year
  4. And I think he will, once that value is there and we've demonstrated an ability to win and be a "team." We're moving towards that. You don't wanna buy a Porche for a teenager, no matter how good the deal is.
  5. Yeah kinda like he did with Murray? I disagree with you. He's more-so going to yard sales & flea markets looking for Picasso's.
  6. I don't like Devos or Sessions, but I am happy that people are actually paying more attention. Most people only vote during Presidential elections and can't name cabinet members OR their own damn district reps/Senators.
  7. hire this guy who wasn't worth asking price to last team.
  8. He might need to be moved to ILB. He doesn't have the quickness for OLB 3-4 NFL
  9. Honestly, I'd rather take him late in the 1st than Foster early in the 1st. He might be there top of the 2nd.
  10. Hope so. Jrob seems to take the 2 prong approach in fixing problems. Hire a vet, draft a stud. Draft a cheap playmaker. Make them all compete. I'm glad we have DLB on the practice field to help coach these youngsters up.
  11. LMAO at Calvin/Cooper. Williams & Davis are not Calvin & Cooper. They're pretty solid guys, but not elite. I'd rather focus on Best Defensive Player Available. Get me a couple more Sharpe guys.
  12. I don't see a difference between 5 & 8 in this draft. I'd love to grab a couple picks and move back. Probably get Hooker or Adams there. I'd bet my balls that they don't BOTH go in top 10.
  13. Well, you gotta ask yourself if this is a passing league or run up the gut league. It's obviously the former. On defense we make our money with pass rush by line & OLB. We are near the bottom for turnovers forced. That's gotta change. It ain't gonna change w/ILB.
  14. I'd rather that than 2 qbs with #1 & #2. What's the world gonna do when the Jags shock everyone and take Deshaun Watson or some Wentz?