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  1. regular season win over/under lines

    10.5 for GB and Pitt is absolutely insane.
  2. Record low draft ratings this year?

    The hottest prospect is only getting air time for his attitude. He's the best QB since Aaron Rodgers: Baker Mayfield.
  3. I don't think we need anything. I would love to have an overpowered secondary after getting torched for so many years. I feel like S & CB is the new front 7. It's so tough to find a Von Miller or Watt, and even they can be schemed into obscurity. It's tough as hell to scheme against 4 great secondary players.
  4. Wyatt basically told us we wouldn't draft defense with 1st pick and that we would in fact draft a receiver that MAY NOT produce as much year 1. He mentioned Davis A LOT
  5. Tre'Jean Watkins from Mt Juliet, Tennessee Question: Hi Jim, love these mailbags and your generosity to answer these questions. Keeps all Titans fans updated. My question, Titans have a need for a WR1 and yes Corey Davis and Mike Williams are in the draft, personally I prefer Corey Davis. But, would you think the Titans would take a look at Josh Gordon? He has such talent but maybe in the right situation, he would clean the off the field stuff up. What do you think? Jim: I’m a big fan of Corey Davis as well. Big and physical, and he can run. As for Gordon, I can’t see that one happening. From the sound of things, the Browns haven’t closed the door on him yet either. (http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Ask-Jim-Pre-Draft-Visits-up-Next-for-Titans/4d55e36a-be25-481f-bff8-123cf79ce149) Jim: Hey Kari. I like Davis. Impressed with his tape, and I liked what I heard from him at the combine. Unfortunately an ankle injury has kept him from working out. But if the GM loves him, he could be in play at 5, although a lot of the so-called “draft experts” aren’t sure there’s a receiver worthy of the fifth overall pick. If he doesn’t go 5, then he could go before the Titans are back in the clock at 18. Draft analyst Mike Mayock said he expects the top three receivers – Mike Williams, Corey Davis and John Ross – will all go between picks 10 and 23. Of course there’s a lot that can happen between now and then and on draft night, with trades, surprising picks, etc. Davis would be a great pick. But when? (http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Ask-Jim-NFL-Draft-Less-Than-a-Week-Away/5cf38f84-1797-4f80-9714-1bec144e29a1) REGARDING Hooker/Lattimore: Jim: Hey John. Both are certainly good players, and both rated very high. But I think it would have to be an either/or situation. From everything I’ve seen, both of those guys are top 10 picks, so with 5 and 18, it would be tough to hit the daily double. Plus, some good offensive weapons in this draft that will be tough to ignore early. That’s just my take. (http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Ask-Jim-NFL-Draft-Getting-Closer-and-Closer/b481435a-a324-4314-aab5-ab9d4d020425) Jim: Hey Luis. I’ll answer it this way: I think the team needs additional help at receiver. I always hesitate to say this guy or that guy is the “1”. Rishard Matthews played like a 1 last year. Tajae Sharpe will continue to develop and be a reliable pro. I anticipate the team snagging one, possibly more, receivers in the draft. But counting on a rookie to emerge as the top target is sometimes risky. I think the drafted receiver will contribute to the group in 2017, with the expectation being he’ll blossom into a big-time playmaker for years to come.
  6. Will Compton Posted This

    Annnnnnnddd....just like that he's posted more on social media about the Titans than Derrick Henry.
  7. We are getting to a point in the NFL where the coverage sack is more common than blitz sack. Seems like the blitz 50% of the time results in a big play for the offense. Coverage sacks lead to forced throws, frustration, and mistakes.... It's also worth noting the strain on an offensive line when coverage is tight. All that strain might lead to 4 man sacks later instead of needing to blitz. Seahawks were masters at that.
  8. I could see Evans going in the 1st but I don't think he'll be there. I believe more LB's/Edge will be gone than we think.
  9. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    "I can't see" Congrats to Jake for churching it up. But 55% passers don't make it in the league, especially when they have a glass jaw. He maxed his potential in football. That's why he left. No other reason.
  10. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    I'm not suggesting Von Miller late 1st. I'm just saying, if we can't find the #1 guy at that position, we need to look at other positions. We don't have a huge "need." So BPA. If BPA, we sure as fuck don't need to grab a guy who will need help. I'd rather have Janikowski lol
  11. PFF Top 100 Prospects

    HAHAHAHAHAH 68. SAM HUBBARD, OHIO STATE – EDGE DEFENDER Hubbard already looks like an NFL vet with his hand usage as a pass-rusher. Unfortunately, he’s limited athletically and was often the weak link on a loaded Ohio State defensive line. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)
  12. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    How long did it take for that investment to pay off? Hell if we are just gonna teach tough people to play positions, give me Motherfucking Supernaw at linebacker. Save the pick for somebody who's ready after camp. This 4 years to polish a starter shit needs to go.
  13. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    EXACTLY. All the guys rounds 1-4 not name Jake Locker or Kevin Dodd are good football players.
  14. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    Like I said, heck of a football player. He reminds me of Derrick Morgan--also drafted too high--also not fast enough to really excel at OLB. He ended up losing some weight and working on that. I'm sure he would prefer to cut some weight too, considering he was a safety before. When I look at him, I do see a tough SOB that fits Jrob & Titans--but please god no at 25. We have a enough football players who can't get to the QB without help. Sam Hubbard is a square peg who keeps shaving his corners to fit in football. Next shave will be to ILB.
  15. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    What was his 40 time?