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  1. This guy is 1 spin move away from the probowl. Don't believe me just watch. At the next level, he will learn some tricks just like he has with his snap anticipation and hands. He will get to the passer and/or runner, and he'll be going hard from whistle to whistle, offseason to offseason.
  2. Bruh bruh bruh, check dis ho out. Does dat look like she refusin?
  3. Lmao my thoughts exactly. 17's on the Wonderlic don't write this way. How smart must he be to stick his man and do what Jamal Adams tells him?
  4. It explains why Lattimore was confident enough to go ham on Twitter.
  5. He needs to put his best foot forward and get back to work. #dbap
  6. The allegations against me concerning the night of April 8/9 that have recently been reported in multiple media outlets are completely false. I did not commit a crime and have not been charged with a crime. I pride myself on doing things the right way on and off the field. The things being said about me and what happened that night are not true and don't fit my character at all. I realize that I put myself in the situation and I could have used better judgement. However, I have worked tirelessly to put myself in position to have the honor of being an NFL draft pick and these untrue allegations are putting a huge cloud over my name and the NFL draft. These allegations appear to be an attempt to ruin this once in a lifetime experience for me and my family. There were several witnesses, including another female, who were present the entire time and have given statements that give an accurate account of what took place. We also have video evidence that further discredit and disprove other versions of these events. I am upset but realize that I am powerless when false accusations are made and people try to convict you in the court of public opinion. It's sad that your name can get dragged through the mud based upon untrue and malicious allegations alone. I am completely confident that as the facts actually come out my name will be cleared. I was excited about participating in Thursday's draft but I have decided that it would be selfish for me to stay and be a distraction to the NFL, the other players, and their families who have worked just as hard as me to enjoy the experience so I will not be in attendance. I hope and look forward to the honor of being an NFL player and working to be the best representative, player, person, and teammate that I can be for the team and the community I will be in.
  7. Since AAS came on, they really have gone out of their way. I personally don't have PSLs, but friends do. Say they've been treated quite well...considering.
  8. Didn't realize' Marlon' had that pedigree. You would think with all that coaching and pedigree that he'd be the obvious #1 corner. Conley with a 17 Wonderlic scares me coupled with the rape charge. I like high IQ high work ethic guys. 12 starts for Lattimore is crazy given his talent. I'd stay away from him too. I can't see taking a corner top 10 now.
  9. Lol exactly. Crazy part is Oman will resurrect his post from 2 years ago when he mentioned it. There should be a space "player picked Kyle never mocked to us"
  10. Have you seen the series, Newsroom? Jeff Daniels. 3 seasons. Kinda melodramatic but touching at times.
  11. We could have 2 Jurell Casey's. 5 might be too high. If we trade to 10-12, I'm gang busters. Wouldn't it be some shit if we got him and Foster?
  12. I will do that for the Masters. I may need one for Friday lol
  13. So...linebacker in the first? Looks like they take a huge dive from 1st to 2nd. Love this data!
  14. It's...Dumas.