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  1. 12-4, not a pipe dream. Superbowl a real possibility folks.
  2. For the first time in my life, I just realized that Eric Decker is a fucking superstar. After reading all these comments, I've totally forgotten that he's been injured and shit the bed for 2 years. Hopefully he will have a Murray like resurgence.
  3. Garbage draft pick. Garbage player. He dropped the ball on this interview. AMIRITE AMIRITE??
  4. Yeah I'm usually fairly brutal, but this is a heartbreaker. He probably won't live much longer.
  5. She likes it on her face and lips and on the belly. But never IN the belly.
  6. He doesn't sleep with girls.
  7. Yaasssssssssssssssss
  8. It's basically a low key fluff piece that smooths over the fact that he didn't tell anybody he was taking classes and has more Twitter posts about the type of mattress he owns than the employer who pays him $1.3 mil/year to workout and play a game. Not 1 Tweet about Nashville, a teammate, etc. But mattresses, yeah.
  9. Herniated disks are a bitch. It's worse than a nagging hammy or even plantar fasciitis.
  10. I don't understand why people think players or teams will interchange positions as if it's that easy. These guys aren't rocket surgeons, and there's a muscle memory learning curve for each technique no matter how smart they are. It ain't college where you can specialize in not specializing, banking on athleticism.
  11. People keep saying that. They bring up the ratings, but I don't personally know many people who watch NBA or the Finals. The fans I do know are either die hard sports nerds or black. I'd say in my circle more people are college basketball fans than NBA. Most I know, including myself, will eventually tune in game 6 or 7. In Jordan's day, I didn't miss that many games even during the regular season.
  12. Doesn't mean anything. NE has turnover because they prefer to develop and retain team first guys who are more success vs money motivated. You could have a team retaining people because they overspend, keeping players past prime. I don't see correlation or causation.
  13. They still televise NBA?
  14. Certain ones
  15. Went to that area, Jerseyville, for a wedding recently. We went through a little known place: Cairo. It was kinda like sailing. 90% bored out of my fucking mind and 10% scared for my life.