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  1. I hope this is true. God, let it be TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah, he's like a comet. But, unfortunately, that's probably how his production will be too. Comes around fast and furious once and a while. Fantasy superstar for 4 weeks before going down. I can't risk a 1st rounder on a guy like that.
  3. Funny how I said that this week, and you guys acted like I'm a fucking retard.
  4. Given past decisions, I'd be hesitant to speculate on what the Jets & Browns might do.
  5. He probably has every scenario possible mapped out. He knows who every guy is for the first 4 rounds. Last few rounds are probably ranked, and he will pull from the top of the list too.
  6. Model citizen? Lol writer missed some recent updates. Big Al is still the man. He stuffed his pillows with all that cash.
  7. Just looking at YouTube highlights, he looks like a college player against high school players. Never heard of him. But he looks RAW. It will be a huge adjustment when he goes against the biggest, fastest technicians in the game.
  8. I like what I see when the play isn't going to him. He didn't seem to take plays off, always looking to help even when it ain't going his way.
  9. I'm less concerned about him being able to play. More concerned about if the injury nags...
  10. Me and Jrob were throwing back some beers last weekend, and he's got his eyes on Fournette. Thinking about trading Murray for a 2nd rounder. Using a 2 back system. Mularkey was smoking some good dope while we were waiting on the brats. He thinks he can bring back the wishbone.
  11. Sharpe was really good as long nobody touched him. He don't like the touchy. I liked him too, aside from all the whiny ass body language. He acts like an NBA player.
  12. "This note is for every bump on yo face" lol Loving the BF mullet.
  13. Jrob will take the best deal available. If that deal turns out picking the BPA, he will do it. In the back of his mind will be needs, but in the front of his mind will be value.
  14. I think they forgot we don't have Webster anymore.