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  1. headhunter


    9's judges everything by sound quality
  2. headhunter

    Murray to retire

    He looked so awful last year. No burst, speed, or agility. I saw him run into our lineman instead of just cutting and bursting through the hole.
  3. How about just using common sense
  4. Thats a poor trade for them. Itll take a second rounder at least.
  5. I saw him look uncomfortable during all season and miss some open passes. The worst thing was his pocket awareness and footwork, it was pretty bad.
  6. Mariota looked awful last year. No stat is gonna make me change my mind.
  7. Wentz is way better guys come on its not even close.
  8. headhunter

    If we at some point win the SB...

    Thats a nice bass
  9. headhunter

    If we at some point win the SB...

    Ascend to a higher plane I guess
  10. headhunter

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    Theres just not enough talent overall in the nba to make it a fun and competitive league. All these rookies cant shoot and defend and take years to develop.
  11. headhunter

    Public schools have no legal requirement to educate students

    No but they teach it
  12. headhunter

    The Jaguars Stand in Our Way

    They beaten our ass pretty bad the last several years
  13. headhunter

    The Jaguars Stand in Our Way

    I disagree big time. We,ve always had their number, its the Texans.