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  1. Guess that means Howard at 5
  2. Michale Lombardi twitted out the Browns are calling teams about moving up TO 12. They might take Tribusky at 1 Unreal
  3. Yeah Conley is falling like a rock
  4. H

    I hate this mock more than any mock I've seen. Absolutely terrible. I think Adoree is too small for a Lebeau defense and I like Ross at 18 or later.
  5. H

    At this point I'd be surprised if we stayed at 5. but it feels like we aren't getting a defender high.
  6. H

    Thanks Jonboy
  7. H

    Let this happen.
  8. H

    I bet it has everything to do with meeting Davis last week
  9. H

    Im fine with whatever Jrob decides to do.
  10. H

    I do think Robinson likes Williams. He is a tough SOB at WR and a red zone nightmare. He's more of a chain mover to me but he matches up well against CBs in our divison.
  11. H

    It's probably route running
  12. H

    Reason why I don't really take anything Miller has to say to heart.
  13. H

    GMF is the best sports show on tv. ESPN has been a joke for years. and they don't dive in any sport. just talk about a handful of guys and teaMs with each sport .