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  1. H

    Same here. If Tyrod doesn't go back to Buffalo they could trade up to our spot for a QB. But none QB needy teams likely won't trade up into the top 5.
  2. Daivs will run faster than Williams
  3. The biggest negative to me about Williams is his YAC. Once he catches it that's where he gets tackled Davis on the other hand is elite in that area.
  4. H

    Sites include juniors throughout the year. Scott's site is the only one that doesnt.
  5. H

    No excuse not to update a draft website on a weekly basis. And who doesn't include juniors, just dumb.
  6. H

    I mentioned in another thread how terrible draftcountdown is right now. he also has Peppers going super high and rated above Adams. It used to be a good site, it's trash now
  7. You're an idiot if you don't like the draft
  8. H

    Plus Berry has a good chance to go to New England. They have as much cap space as we do I wouldn't rule that out.
  9. H

    Right now the Chiefs are 4million under but can cut Nick Files that saves 10 million and cut Jamaal Charles that saves 6 million. So they'll have around 20 million under the cap.
  10. H

    Atlanta is 25 million under the cap
  11. There's no reason to go CB in the first if we you sign those guys. we can get one in the third for crying outloud
  12. And both Williamsons and Woodyard deals end after next season.
  13. Obviously not or he would have started over Sims.
  14. We will find a replacement for McCourtey in free agency like in Stephon Gilmore. This will make some people made but I fully expect Sims to be our #2 CB next year. I thought he played well when he had to start. Edite: I forgot to quote what Jonboy posted there
  15. He's the ideal Colts WR in the Harrison and Reggie Wayne mold but is bigger.