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  1. H

    No kids? sign me up
  2. H

    As long as the stock market keeps rising I don't give a damn what he does
  3. H

    I guess you haven't heard about his shoulder problems.
  4. H

    Thomas is a poor finisher.
  5. H

    Are these really elite defenders? no pass rusher at 5, one cover guy with one year starting experience . A couple of good safeties. DTs with alot of question marks. I'm dissapointed with the defense at the top this year
  6. H

    We wouldn't do that
  7. H

    Deion Jones was a way better prospect than Davis
  8. So glad I wrote the other picks down
  9. I've never witnessed so many top 10 prospects to have this much surgery/injuries
  10. H

    Sign him when he's released
  11. I've made 3.5% already since January 1st