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  1. Is kneeling really doing anything? Its doing nothing for rough neighborhoods in Chicago
  2. Beast Mode Sits During National Anthem

    low scores less funding.
  3. Get the hell out of Chicago or St Louis or wherever the hell you are.
  4. Tanney's Performance. Backup QB Spot

    Backup qbs truly dont matter anymore
  5. Beast Mode Sits During National Anthem

    Who cares
  6. Lol wow. Dumb play call
  7. You gotta expect this performance in preseason
  8. Even though the guide on tv says Titans vs Jets, its still showing golf
  9. Zeke Elliott Could Face Lifetime Ban From The NFL

    Because nobody wants to be a distraction to the team
  10. But you have nothing in savings, no offense but thay blows my mind.
  11. Titans won't win a SB with MM

    Youre about to get dicked
  12. Zeke Elliot (Update: Suspended 6 Games)