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  1. Didn't have the balls
  2. Don't bother. these guys are idiots
  3. I'd gladly draft McCaffrey at 18. I'll say it again it's all about match ups and McCaffrey can cause alot of mismatches. Everybody is obsessed about labeling what positions these players are. It's not about that.Same reason I like Howard, you can line up McCaffrey in several positions.
  4. When is the last time he spoke negative about a prospect. He's too afraid to stick his neck out
  5. Lattimore doesn't fit JRob's checklist. There's alot of red flags and DB is deep.
  6. Thomas is so weird to examine. you look at his workout numbers and think he's Aaron Donald but he does not play like that at all, he tried to over power people but he don't have the weight and size in run game and a double team blows him off the line of scrimmage. Rushing the passer once the QB escapes the pocket he has a hard time turning and looks like he lacks agility. Just strange.
  7. How is Adams different from Kenny Vaccaro?
  8. Ben Troupe
  9. No we didnt. We still got 2 second round picks a third and a first out of it.
  10. The whole damn passing game didn't exist at Bama the past several years you idiot.
  11. Our whole offense would fail in all aspects
  12. Who else comes close that has his size speed, strength, blocking ability and did you see his 3 cone? it's elite in WR terms.
  13. And OJ may possibly be the best TE prospect ever