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  1. headhunter

    Captain Marvel

    It looks bad
  2. I cant vote for Kerry Collins because i hate his throwing motion with a passion
  3. headhunter

    Captain Marvel

    Have you seen the trailer for Shazaam? it looks worse than Green Lantern.
  4. headhunter

    Captain Marvel

    Looks a lot better than Shazaam.
  5. headhunter

    Unconventional workouts

    Yeah hes done that
  6. headhunter

    Mnf thread

    But hes on the field
  7. headhunter

    Mnf thread

    All these young QBs look so much better than Mariota, there I said it
  8. headhunter

    Current odds for the next POTUS

    I would put Elizabeth Warren at 1,000,000 to 1 odds of becoming the next president
  9. headhunter


    Smithing and Enchanting will turn you into a God
  10. headhunter


    yeah the whole point is just to explore and figure it out.
  11. headhunter


    Do everything
  12. headhunter

    Texans Week

    I agree with Jake..Mariota is on a short leash.
  13. headhunter

    Mariota, Landry, Evans

    The texans will roll us