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  1. H

    No because its rigged in the NBA
  2. H

    Would Chicago be worse than STL?
  3. H

    The whole entire government or Rogue cops that went overbored?
  4. H

    What city do you live in? Honest question
  5. H

    You cant call out every cop in America and expect a peaceful resolution.
  6. H

    Did any one see that Colin compared cops to fugitive slave patrols? Is this the hero you all look up to? No wonder hes not signed
  7. H

    Good morning everyone
  8. H

    Who gives a damn
  9. H

    I guess we're not signing Kap are we guys?
  10. H

    So we're gonna get shot because we dont want to sign Kapernick? Seems drastic
  11. H

    Well id definitely get out of Chicago where all the violence is.
  12. H

    Thats what racists do.
  13. H

    I guess Kap will have all the free time to go out and change the world
  14. H

    Hope this thread never dies
  15. Her voice was like nails on a chalk bored in the Force Awakens. Heavy smoker