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  1. headhunter

    Dare To Compare

    I could honestly care less about this stuff. As a fan base we sure do obsess over the past and we never even won a superbowl, move on.
  2. headhunter

    Colts Week

    Looking at some Colts highlights it appears they run a bunch of cover 2 primarily And the Jags game, the jags are just not diciplined, blown coverages, and receivers running wide open.
  3. headhunter

    Colts Week

    Super quick.
  4. headhunter

    AFC Playoff Standings

    One game at a time
  5. headhunter

    Josh Allen LB KY

    Rbs can be had in any round and Id be surprised if he went WR knowing they take awhile to develop.
  6. headhunter

    Former Falcon Tim Green diagnosed with ALS

    I have not looked at CTE or ALS at all so I apologize if this is stupid but what if its because theres more trauma on the spinal cord than the brain? Just a spitball idea that took 5 seconds to think about.
  7. headhunter

    Josh Allen LB KY

    Im gonna pat myself on the back a little bit so i apologise but I do think im one of the best to understand what Robinson looks for in players at certain positions. I predicted Jack Conklin and Corey Davis and I know a few players that he coveted but wasnt able to draft ( just my honest opinion) I knew Darius Leonard wouldve been a great first round pick if he was selected there. With that said Josh Allen fits this defense so damn well Robinson may trade a future second or first to trade up to get him. Hes a perfect fit to a T.
  8. headhunter

    Our Logo

    I think its awesome
  9. headhunter

    Bell doesn't show, locker cleaned out

    Depends on the system and what it requires from the RB position. I think we'll have a by committee approach for the forseeable future.
  10. headhunter

    Has Vrabel Changed the Game?

    Im so impressed by this video by Baldy. It really highlights what we're doing on defense. No doubt the multiple front looks has Vrabels fingerprints all over it. I think it really highlights the type of players that we will look for that fits this system as well, Evans and Landry are perfect fits.
  11. i guess it really should be considered ignorant to judge a GM from a pick to pick basis, being a GM goes far beyond that.
  12. I think it would potentially harm what we already have.
  13. What makes a good gm is building the team inside and out with players and staff and yes thats a simple answer but most gms cant do that.
  14. Seems silly and wishful thinking. What would he do? we have a GM and coach in place?
  15. headhunter

    The Titans' 2018 season starts *now*...

    It definitely matters as far as motivation for our guys. It is an emotional game after all.