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  1. Oh I forgot about Paw Paw's high cheekbones. Is Starkiller taking LSD before he posts? There is no defense for this shit!
  2. Who invented the idea that Elizabeth Warren had ancestral ties to both the Cherokee and Delaware tribes? Elizabeth Warren. You do not specifically name not one but 2 tribes of ancestry without claiming Indian heritage. They are Indian tribes! How did her father's family know her mother was an Indian? Her mother told them that she was 1/512th Indian? To have people act prejudicial toward you because you are an Indian you have to be a fucking Indian. It is all a lie. Why did Elizabeth Warren agree to contribute to a tribal Indian cookbook and identify herself as a Cherokee for that cookbook? This is not a minor thing. If i was on Amazon looking for book on Native American cooking I would expect it to contain recipes from Indians! Since cooking is a significant part of CULTURE her contribution absolutely is a claim of heritage. Now Starkiller has 2 choices. Continue to make a complete ass of himself defending this liar or he can claim she is out of her damn mind and has no responsibility for her own words.
  3. Rolltide

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    Note to Justafan. In case you did not notice you were completely and totally owned in that last post. Good day.
  4. Rolltide

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    You contradicted yourself in your own post. Bartolo Fuentes raised funds from whom? Day laborers in Honduras? Coffee pickers in el Salvador? A USA based libtard organization funded the last caravan are you aware of that? Pueblo Sin Fronteras which is based in Chicago. Soros is a major contributor to that organization. These "caravans" are a major thing for them. Check out their website. http://www.pueblosinfronteras.org/viacrucis.html According to this article the following organizations which in combination are called CARA receive grants from Soros' Open society organization. https://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2018/05/01/reports-soros-funding-border-caravan-invasion Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN) The American Immigration Council (AIC) Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) The president of that last group, AILA is believed to be the point man. His name is Victor Nieblas Pradas. Let's remember that Soros operated from the Saul Alinsky playbook. The idea is to foment hate and division to meet your political goals. That's why this is so obvious to me. Just like BLM has Soros' fingerprints on it and the University of Missouri race fraud. It is also possible that Venezuela helped fund this invasion. So take your pick; commies from this country or commies from another country. The timing of this with the election coming up was just coincidence right?
  5. Rolltide

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    Trump said some things about this I really do not like. Even understanding what these countries are like. He said several things to indicate that this should have been stopped locally. One was a comment about these countries "controlling their people" and another about these countries stopping people from leaving the country. That is not the way an american president should talk. We as Americans do not believe in controlling people's movement within a country. That's a soviet concept. In both Guatemala and El Salvador you had civil war that lasted more than a decade. In Guatemala the government oppressed and murdered the highland Maya population and many fled to refugee camps across the Mexican border. That is obviously not what is going on here. Still it is wrong, always wrong in my opinion for an American president to talk about governments controlling people's movement.
  6. Rolltide

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh's podcast from yesterday and he thinks the drug cartels are are secondarily involved in this because mass migration and open borders are what they want. Interesting. I think Tux is on to something about a newer Mexican mob originating closer to Texas that can make it there just before the election. .
  7. Rolltide

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    That was not the plan. Like many best laid plans by the tards it will fail. They also pumped massive amounts of money to defeat Ted Cruz and that will not work. To start it might have helped for some of them to carry American flags not the flags of the country they are coming from. Then they should not act like a violent mob tearing down barricades and fighting with police. Instead of a caravan of poor people looking for asylum they are just looking like an invasion force. Somebody is organizing and financing these people. This cannot possibly be organic and you libs could give a flying fuck about their well being.
  8. You are 2 of the biggest retards on this earth. You should be outraged that a sheet white blue eyed woman is trying to claim some heritage from an oppressed minority group. That very group said as much.
  9. Sure wanting lower taxes and less government is so Hitler like. And Hitler had a son in law and a daughter and grand kids who were Jewish.
  10. Starkiller is really making a complete ass of himself. I tried to help the guy out but he will not listen. If she had not brought the issue up in the first place there would be nothing to prove. I never claimed to be an Indian so I never have to produce some evidence that I am. Starkiller acts as if one day a Republican out of the blue accused her of being fake. Her "paw Paw's high cheek bones". The lie that her father's family discriminated against her mother for being an Indian. How does 1/1024 compute with her mom being noticeably Indian? Participating in a native cookbook and identifying yourself as a Cherokee. For 9 years identifying herself as a minority on a registry. She dug this hole on her own WTF is wrong with you morons?
  11. Don't you dare compare that man to that lying bitch. 1/8 is a lot more than 1/1024. None of her great grandparents were Indian.
  12. Rolltide

    Man Accused Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault

    No they are Americans. That's why you hate them.
  13. Rolltide

    Man Accused Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault

    Rough week for the Dimms. This might cheer you up. 4 hours before the rally officially starts there are already about 10,000 outside of the stadium in Houston. Does that crowd look like 47% job approval?
  14. Rolltide

    Man Accused Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault

    Tough week for Starkiller and now his main boy Cory is in trouble. Let's not forget that he is a self admitted sex offender with a woman. Poor dems are a confused lot. Cory has been hiding his gayness while Elizabeth Warren pretends to be an Indian.
  15. Rolltide

    Next President from Texas?

    These are Beto's scores based on his lifetime voting record in the US house. NARAL-100% Lisa Murkowski a real moderate Republican has a 42% lifetime record with them. That means he is hardcore pro abortion not pro choice. ProgressivePump-92.6% lifetime score. That puts him just to the right of Joaquin Castro and Sheila Jackson Lee. American conservative Union-8% American taxpayers union-17% F grade To me a true moderate even somebody who is a democrat in a democratic district should have the courage to not vote 100% pro abortion and should have a grade in the 20% range or higher from those last 2.