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  1. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    How do you draft a franchise QB and a stud WR when drafting 15th?
  2. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    Earl is my great uncle.
  3. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    All joking aside anybody who watches that video has to be outraged and want to beat the shit out those cops. That was a crime.
  4. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    FYI the judge who sealed that video from viewing by the jury was Sam Meyer who was appointed by then Governor Janet Napolitano. A conservative group in Arizona recommended a no vote for retaining judge Meyer.
  5. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    One of them is my twin brother. Neither is a racist. Both are conservatives and both are bible Christians. Soxcat is a bible quoting nut.
  6. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    Let me repeat this for those of you who do not get it. The jury did not get to view that video. We did get to view it. Understand?
  7. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    And your idiot point is what? I would have voted him guilty. Most reasonable people would have. Unfortunately the jury did not get to see the video during the trial. They should have been able to. You don't give a fuck about Shaver you just want some cheap way to call somebody a racist.
  8. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    Brown's idiotic actions sparked a political movement based entirely on lies. It was Nator who brought up race. Regarding this particular case, one of the officers should have approached Shaver while he was laying flat on his stomach with hands outstretched. That officer could have cuffed and then searched him for weapons. The officers were cowardly pieces of shit. This is life and death not a game of Simon says. What if he had not stopped talking would that be grounds for killing him?
  9. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    Did Daniel Shaver charge at the officers, punch them with his fists and then try and take their guns from them? That's what Micheal Brown did.
  10. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    I'm not seeing the political angle here. So what is the point? It's obvious this was a murder, there is nothing to debate. You libtards trying to prove that cops don't just kill black people?
  11. Dems ask Franken to resign

    Nothing there. We already know about his violation of laws as a judge. His contempt of court, his disregard of court decisions. He obviously thinks the laws of our nation are inferior to the laws of his sky grandpa and his little black book.
  12. Dems ask Franken to resign

    What policy would you like to discuss? The fact that libtards like you want to make any interaction between a man and a woman illegal. You want to eliminate any speech you don't agree with or democrats tell you is hate speech. We already have attempts to destroy speech at college campuses. Where do you want to stop? Then there are the Roy Moore bible retards who will eliminate all civil liberties in this country in the name of Jesus.
  13. Dems ask Franken to resign

    Justafan wants a law for everything people do. That means we need more lawyers, more police and more prisons. Prison for any man who gropes a woman. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/11/16/timeline-the-accusations-against-roy-moore/?utm_term=.1cf5d675eeac There is a list of accusers in this article. Where did he force himself on anyone? A couple of accusers said he called them for a date and they refused. A crime? 2 others said they consented to date him and dated him for months! One consented to date him but her mom would not let her. All the accusers were within the legal age of consent except one. The age of consent in Alabama then and now is 16. We can call behavior inappropriate, immoral or not up to the standards of a person in that profession(A joke). Why do we need laws for everything?
  14. Dems ask Franken to resign

    Name the crimes Moore is accused of other than the 14 year old. There is an 18 year old who consented to go out with him. Her complaint is that after a couple of dates he wanted to have sex with her. You think that is a crime? The age if consent in Alabama is 16 and at that time they did not have these idiot laws. As for grabbing a woman's ass that is idiotic. That happens every time a man and a woman have sex. So every single time I have sex with my wife I have to have her sign a fucking contract that it is ok to do that? What do you think happens when people date? They touch each other and pet each other.
  15. Dems ask Franken to resign

    I don't consider it a crime when a man reaches down and grabs a women's ass. It is a crime in my opinion when she tells you to stop and you persist. You can argue that it is disrespectful of a woman and certainly not appropriate in the work place. We were going down this slippery slope of calling almost anything assault or rape in the 90s and then Bill came along and the idiot feminazis had to cease and desist for a while. With the exception of the 14 year old none of the accusations against Moore were crimes. The age of consent in Alabama is still 16 and it was not illegal at that time to touch.