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  1. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Let's remember that the first thing Barack Obama did as president was to sign an executive order to restore funding for organizations that provide abortions in the developing world. That was his first priority! Killing babies in Africa, not feeding them killing them. Maria Stopes international was the primary beneficiary and much of their "work" is in Africa.
  2. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    It is a responsibility issue. Abortion should not be a form of birth control. People can't just fuck, create life and then go to the government subsidized clinic and at tax payer expense end that life. That's what the libtards want. I think it breeds irresponsibility and cheapens life. For whatever reason blacks have been sold this bill of goods(And bought it) that abortion reduces poverty through population control. After 15 million black abortions who can honestly think that is true?
  3. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Starkiller like most democrats does not agree with part of Roe vs Wade. That's how fucked up the demotard party is. Roe determined in the majority decision per Justice Blackmun that the state has a compelling right to protect the life of the fetus in the third trimester. http://landmarkcases.org/en/Page/659/Key_excerpts_from_the_majority_opinion Based on what Starkiller just said an 8th month old fetus has no more rights than fecal matter in your colon. If his mother wants to destroy that life than fuck the baby.
  4. Will Trump finish his first term?

    Oilerman's wife reacting to Trumps victory. That alone makes it all worth it.
  5. Will Trump finish his first term?

    Is Trump having seizures on camera? Please pretty fucking please run that socialist lying whore Elizabeth Warren in 2020. Plueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!
  6. Will Trump finish his first term?

    Oilerman would never ask such a question about Hillary. She can't even stand up here but she would have been the greatest president of alltime because she has a vagina. The odds of Trump not lasting his term are 1%. He will be reelected and last 8 years
  7. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    By the 6th month of pregnancy the baby has easily identifiable sex organs, neurological development to feel pain, a heart beat and the ability to grasp with the hands. Babies beyond the 6th month can live outside of the womb and there are millions of people walking this earth today who were born premature. Most twins were born premature. I believe that is a human being in the third trimester. Killing a a baby in the third trimester is murder. Note that one of the reasons for late term abortions is downs syndrome. Amniocentesis can be done in the 18th week and if it is found there is a high probability it is a downs baby the abortion can be done before the 24th week.
  8. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Your party goes way beyond simply wanting abortions to be legal in the first 2 trimesters. Hillary argued for abortion in the third trimester. Who can argue that an unborn baby beyond the 6th month is not a human being?
  9. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Read the post. I said democrats are PRO ABORTION. Not pro choice, PRO ABORTION. I will gladly vote for a pro choice candidate but not a pro abortion candidate. This is a party that has gone off the deep end on this issue. Obama supporting killing babies OUTSIDE the womb in Illinois. Also you might read the Roe vs Wade decision. That decision determined that the state has no compelling interest in the life of an unborn child in the first 2 trimesters. Democrats are not satisfied with that they want women to be able to kill the baby in the 3rd trimester. Libtards have advocated for 12 and 13 year olds having abortions without a parent's consent. In Mather vs Roe they advocated public funding for abortion based on the idea of fairness and equal protection because medicaid funded pregnancy care. Huh?
  10. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Tell us what is so damn great about the democrats. I think they suck ass. They are anti business, anti capitalism, the wall street movement. Almost every prominent democrat has an F grade from the national tax payers union so they are not fiscally responsible. Race baiting, kissing up to minorities. Wanting non citizen immigrants to vote! Dems should have an edge over the pubs in civil liberties but no president since Nixon used the power of government more to attack his political rivals than Obama. How about abortion? Dems are pro abortion! Hillary in the debate defended partial birth abortion! Dems want government to pay for abortions and to fund the clinics that perform them. They want more inner city abortion clinics and they want to fund abortions abroad. Then there is climate change-global warming-global cooling defending on what decade we are in. A lie, a fraud to have more government control of our economy. You can argue with me on any of these issues but you will be destroyed.
  11. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Recent elections may have helped loosen the control of the 2 major parties a little. Bernie Sanders who has never been a democrat got a lot of votes running against the ultimate insider democrat and Trump ran successfully as an outsider against establishment republicans. Perhaps just perhaps people in both parties are willing to soften a bit ideologically. Certainly they have proven open to voting for outsiders.
  12. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Are you democrats a little worried about losing the white vote? In 2008 43% of whites voted for the democrat(Obama). In 2012 39% voted for the democrat(Obama). In 2016 38% voted for the democrat(Clinton). All these geniuses predicting the down fall of the republican party based on demographics did not see this happening. I think it is significant that Obama lost that many white voters in just 4 years and Hillary the seemingly more moderate more pro business democrat lost ground as well. Fair warning to those committed to identity politics and race baiting. Whites might be tiring of that shit.
  13. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    I did not read every post so somebody might have mentioned it but no 3rd party has been able to get on the Tennessee ballot in that party's name for a long time. The number of signatures needed makes it very difficult for small parties with little resources to get on. Third party candidates can get on the ballot but not under their party's name which is a huge disadvantage. I have been a Libertarian since the early 90s and voted that way in 5 of the last 7 presidential elections(Voted for Bush in 2000 and Romney on 2012). For me it is a matter of eliminating candidates based on certain criteria. I will not vote for anyone with an anti civil liberties agenda. A war agenda and will never vote for an anti business candidate. After those 3 who is left?
  14. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    "Like the Flintstones?" In season 6 of the Sopranos Tony gets shot in the gut and is recovering in the hospital. Some fundamentalist moron comes to pray with him. Listen to what an idiot this guy is. Anybody who thinks the earth is only 6000 years old should never hold any public office. Sarah Palin thinks that. Dubya thinks that. At least half the morons who run for public office in the state of Tennessee think that. These retards really believe that shit. They think dinosaurs were on this earth with people. They think god drowned the entire population of the earth. They think the tower of Babel story is the reason why we have different languages and that women experience pain in child birth because Eve ate the apple. They believe this infantile shit literally!!!
  15. AJ McCarron

    AJ McCarron is the best QB Bama has had in the Nick Saban era. Well until Tua gets a season under his belt. His career passing rating is 93 in limited play but his preseason passing rating is about the same. He's very efficient and accurate. This is a guy who averaged 26 Tds and just 5 ints a season at Bama. He's really built up his body since coming to Bama in 2009. He was a string then at 175 and was around 215 when he left Bama and is now 225-230 at 6'4. At age 27 he is ready to become an NFL starting QB but I hope for his sake it is not with the Browns.