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  1. Healthcare and housing are included in those inflation numbers.
  2. A smart person actually. Marx was right religion is the opiate of the people.
  3. You are contradicting yourself big time. If immigrants are doing jobs Americans don't want to do that is a positive thing so why the fines?
  4. http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/inflation/historical-inflation-rates/ Inflation rates ARE facts they are the average increase in the cost of things you need to live. Food, fuel, clothes etc. Rather than focusing in on the price of milk or eggs this month it is the cost of everything year to year. Capitalism works because of competition. If McDonalds charges less than burger king where are people more likely to eat? Wages fluctuate based on the economy. They obviously went down during the recession but the current situation now is that employers can't find enough qualified workers. With unemployment under 4% wages will go up faster than inflation as employers try to compete for qualified applicants.
  5. Tux provides an example of the typical pubtard who thinks we can balance the budget by cutting food stamps while increasing military spending. Military spending is 10X that of SNAP. Pubtards also will put social security and Medicare in the same category as food stamps and welfare when talking about the budget.
  6. Making generic comments like "things have gotten too expensive" have no basis in fact. the average inflation rate since 1990 is 2.4% and wage growth has been about the same. Wage growth this year is at 4%.
  7. 40% of households are not making enough money but a lot of research has to be done as to age, legal status, and how many hours they work. If there are kids involved is the father providing for his own kids through court ordered child support or other help? In too many cases the father is doing nothing! This is especially a problem among blacks where men are simply not taking responsibility for their own kids. Working in the nursing profession since 1990 I can tell you that many nurses are like magnets for mooching lazy men. You will have a nurse working overtime to support a family because the man is hardly working at all. My wife worked with an LPN whose husband would get sick and need the hospital every time he started a real job. I'm not joking! These are not 2 income families!
  8. Blaming Reagan for the economy today is retarded. His tax cuts passed 37 years ago. The economic crisis of 2008 has no lingering effects today. We have incredibly cheap interest rates because of that and stock market losses have been gained back X2. Starkiller like most libtards is not good at statistics. 1.There are 126 million households so that means that people living in "poverty" or these extreme ALICE people account for 26% of the households. Is that a shock to anybody really? 2. The status of these people is not discussed. Are they all hard working people? What percentage are illegal immigrants? 10%, 20%? What percentage of the bread winners are under 25 years old? Are these people who had kids while still in high school and are high school drop outs? How many of these households have a single bread winner? Much of this can be easily explained. How many people in the world would love to come here and be one of these ALICE people? 90%?
  9. I'm not blaming him for anything. You tards want to give him credit for the unemployment rate as if he brilliantly planned all this out.
  10. The clincher for me in the 2000 election was when Al Gore was telling us how rotten and unfair America was. His party had the white house for the last 8 years he was the damn VP and here he was running on a theme about how rotten people had it. Remember when he talked about how schools did not have a desk for every kid or how an old lady had tp pick up cans to pay for her medicine? There are 126 million households in this country and 75% of them are doing great. We are doing more to help people with food than ever before and I'm fine with that. If you want to increase minimum wage by a couple of dollars an hour that's fine with me also. The libtard will always focus on the negative.
  11. Being awfully hard on your hero Obama? The economy you are bashing is his remember?
  12. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    Like my views on immigration? Starkiller wants undocumented immigrants to starve to death. He wants to legally punish those who give them jobs. Generic comments about "preconceived notions" is lame and stupid. You just make that shit up. What preconceived notions of who?
  13. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    You have not even read one comment on race. You should you would learn something.
  14. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    I'm not a libtard so I don't have a all that racist baggage. Obama was trying to fulfill every racial stereotype with the sweet potato pie and even a black voice at times.