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  1. If Lorenzo Carter and/or Arden Key are truly there in round 3, I take a flyer on either one...
  2. Draft -Meh

    I feel the same. I think the main reason is that we pick so late in the first, the result of having a decent team. We are solid but lacking in explosiveness/ star power and I suspect we will draft solidly but unlikely to find a star like Kearse at our position. On the other hand, being able to draft the best available player is nice instead of a pressing need. We seem to have touched most of our needs through free agency.
  3. My darkhorse/sleeper 1st round pick

    He is a guy with unreal talent and ability whos numbers did not show that in college. I do not know if it was scheme or anything else. He is bigger and faster than Floyd and more durable. Key is also a guy who did not live up to talent but I still think Key has off the field issues. Prefer Carter. I had hoped he would last until our pick in the second but that will not be the case.
  4. I want a backup Starter QB.

    I agree with the concept but there are fewer good QB's than maybe a few years ago. I honestly cannot come up with one in this category. The Beard was one. I'm not sure of any others willing to take less money and know they were coming here to back up MM. Henne or someone similar may be as good as it gets.
  5. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    Cosell just said on the radio that he feels Lewis was not signed as a third down back. He thinks Lewis may be the starter and Henry the "complement". Said first down throws to the RB are safest in the NFL rather than 3rd down. We shall see. May the best back win and hopefully the staff has no grudges or preconceived ideas...
  6. Sony Michel

    I figured you were a douche a long time ago.
  7. Sony Michel

    I do not want to draft a RB in the first 2 rounds or maybe not even at all if we get FA help. I'm willing to see if Henry is the real deal. I'm just not convinced he is. I don't feel like repeating my issues with this guy or argue with a Bama fan. As for the UGA backs, I agree with Soxcat. Chubb will be productive but his injury has affected him to some degree. The reason I like Michel is that although he has speed and can catch, he runs it between the tackles as much as Chubb. Both are luxury picks that do not make sense when we need other areas. I hope Henry turns out to be the stud we hoped for. I just did not see it in the last 2 years. And please stop with that we need to hand him the ball 25 times bullshit. Mularkey is gone.
  8. Why is Floyd Reese on the radio

    Floyd never commits to anything. He appears to resist expressing any opinion whatsoever. In fact, one can have a drinking game based on that show. Every time Floyd says "I don't think there is any doubt", "I don't know", or laughs, one has to drink. Drunkenness should ensue by the second break.
  9. Combine Draft Prospect News

    He actually played left tackle all this year and most of last year, even though he was about 6'2. Very athletic and good technique but not a road grader/mauler. Honestly, would be a better fit for what I think the O will look like than under the prior regime.
  10. Combine Draft Prospect News

    So as a UGA fan, I honestly feel that Carter never quite lived up to potential. Having said that, he is 6'6 , 250, and ran sub 4.5. I always thought he was a Kearse clone. I would take him on potential. Better than Arden Key, IMHO.
  11. Move up for SB

    Didnt Ditka trade all of his picks to move up and take Ricky Williams? Who was productive but not worth that trade. I have been critical of Henry and not yet convinced he is the answer at RB but I would be pissed if we trade up for a RB or even take one in the first round.
  12. Combine Draft Prospect News

    I get so worn out with these numbers. The reality is that they do not mean much unless they they are way off the norm. Every year we have cant miss prospects who fucking miss. Every year we have unknowns who "improve their stock" and then still suck a la Chris Henry, Andray Bruce, etc. How about actually watching these guys play? Who laid out for their team? Who made plays? Who played their best against good players? Personally, I believe Sony Michel will be a stud RB in the NFL.
  13. Henry is perfect... for 1990's NFL. I keep hearing he needs 20-30 rushes per game to reach his potential. Thats just not the type of offense seen much today. I think he is useful but I just do not think his skill set will match what the Titans (hopefully) will be trying to do. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe spreading the field will open running lanes. Maybe he can catch. Maybe he will learn to block. If so, awesome. By the way, is there any chance Khalifa steps up as a change of pace?
  14. Kyle should be featured along with Kiper. Maybe a new feature, a local prognosticator as part of the program.
  15. Kyle, I admire your energy. Are you going to mock any other teams?