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  1. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    I dont know about right or left but he clearly had issues with a 5-10 yard flare. Consistently overthrew open receiver. Mechanics? Correctable? I think so. As to his greatness, I think he is very good and certainly good enough to win a super bowl. Which is what you call a franchise QB.
  2. Zeke Elliot (Update: Suspended 6 Games)

    Ha ha ha ha ha........
  3. A Football Life: Eddie George

    What's with all this revisionist history? Eddie was a great RB for the Titans. Induction into the HOF should not be the standard. Rolle, Bishop, Runyan, etc. are not in the HOF and were great...for us. Hell, EG was as good a RB as McNair was a QB...great, not elite. I'll take it.
  4. Shake up on 104.5...

    Bishop is grating as hell and unlistenable. For someone who played the game, he adds nothing.
  5. sounding like Tannehill is done for the year

    More time at home with the Mrs...
  6. I like it when every other team has injuries, arrests, suspensions and I hate it when it happens to us. So what? One has no bearing on the other and I will continue to gloat when everybody else sucks, particularly Dallas.
  7. Kaep Snubbed by Owners - Ravens

    I think he should sign with the Colts since Luck is injured. Play him twice a year. If he beats us, I'll have a few minutes of regret for not signing him. If he sucks and we win twice, we will say we knew it and maybe this fucking subject will die....
  8. Kaep vs. Cassel

    Are you Berger King?
  9. Back issues will end this guy's career. Maybe some luck along with skill but , shit, how great is JR?
  10. Icing On Cake - Tennessee, SIGN KAEPERNICK

    I'm sick of this bullshit....
  11. Keeping Three QBs?

    Keep 2. If one gets hurt, there's always Marinovich.
  12. Icing On Cake - Tennessee, SIGN KAEPERNICK

    Are you saying this did not happen? Is the story not true? Maybe ESPN should have covered it for their twice daily Kaep update...
  13. Icing On Cake - Tennessee, SIGN KAEPERNICK

    If he signs with someone and gets cut because he sucks, can we then stop talking about this Castro-loving shithead? I hope he does sign somewhere....
  14. The VY story

    Wow. Great read. Still dumber than a rock.
  15. Early 2018 Mock Draft

    Sony Michel in 4th