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  1. Tequila shots every time they go to a commercial before the Titans pick. If you take a shot everytime they mention Cowboys or Romo, you will be passed out before we pick at 5....
  2. I am a Georgia fan. McKenzie is tiny. He is quick and elusive but I'm not convinced he is an NFL player past his first big hit on a return....
  3. Has Kiper ever said a player will bust in the NFL? On the other hand, I guess we all over value the new guy. I wonder if George Allen could be successful trading draft picks for vets today. I suspect cap issues prevent this kind of strategy.
  4. I just don't understand why a player supposedly as awesome as Howard has such modest numbers in college while playing for allegedly the greatest coach this side of New England. I would not be thrilled with a first round drafting of a TE when there are others in the draft that are quite good and can be had in a later round. However, as opposed to other years, I will be happy with whatever JRob does.....to a point.....
  5. I completely agree. In fact, if one is enamored with this guy, just sign Cook and keep both first rounders for other needs....
  6. I would not give up much for a wr unless we were a wr short of going deep into the playoffs. Keep the picks or trade for more picks.
  7. I'd take him on the Titans if he was available in later rounds. Murray is getting older. Not totally sold on Henry but even if so, he is a complimentary back to Henry. Not a need but great teams think and plan ahead and act when something falls in your lap. may be a tough sell in Nashville, however.
  8. I fell asleep.
  9. Yup...
  10. Jared fucking Cook....I always felt we should have found a way to use him..
  11. Best post of the year
  12. No. But he is talented.
  13. Wish we still had Cook
  14. McKenzie makes McCluster look like a giant...
  15. We control our proverbial destiny. If we can't win this game, the hell with it. I'll just resign myself to more and better mocks.