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  1. Wow. Great read. Still dumber than a rock.
  2. Sony Michel in 4th
  3. Man, I was looking forward to this,,,,
  4. Are you fuckers married? 'Cause that's what this sounds like. Look, there are deep differences in America. Guess what? No one has ever convinced the other side they are wrong. You all may think you're right but no one gives a shit.....
  5. Fuck.....I rather read 2018 mock drafts than another statement about this dumbfuck...
  6. Random Thoughts. Great run by the Preds. Good pub for Nashville. Luke Bryan does suck. Don't know what Mark Howard will pontificate about now. Now it's time for Football!!!
  7. I was not going to comment on this topic but cannot let this go without a response. Liberate nations my ass. His agenda is not freedom- there is little of that in Cuba. And if CK knelt down in protest of brutality in Cuba, he would disappear. And I know from firsthand experience- that motherfucker and Che had my Uncle executed. So , though I really do not care if we sign or don't sign CK, fuck him and fuck Castro ..... Now, back to football....
  8. Sucks. If this had been known, would it have changed either free agency or the draft?
  9. Complete some of those flare passes in the flat....
  10. Titans Report..... where political correctness goes to die...
  11. I like how every draftee is compared to a current ( and usually good player). You never hear "reminds me of Lamont Thompson".
  12. Drew Pearson was awesome.
  13. I was living in NY in Mid 80's and I distinctly remember a reporter asking a NY fan in the crowd if a certain pick was a "sleeper" and the response was "Sleeper? That guy is in a ....... coma!".
  14. MIke or Ruston....what's the difference?
  15. 5th - Cam Robinson 18th- Josh Dobbs