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  1. Who are you pulling for Jags vs Pats?

    Personally, I could care less who wins. In college, you do not want your rivals to have a leg up on recruiting or prestige. In the pros, not nearly the same venom or interest. I dont care for any team outside the Titans and I wont watch so dont really give a shit. Rather read mocks from Kyle.
  2. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    I think we should hire Saban. Already has a former Patriot as OC. Has ties to Belichek. Ready to redeem himself in the NFL. Can keep an eye on his dealership. Has his former rb in place. And personally, would hose over Alabama and piss off RollTide.
  3. How the HC search affects Kyle

    I like mocks. Not because they are predictions but for me, I get more familiar with potential future players. Mocks are no different than game predictions, Oilerman analysis, coach search, etc. Just opinions that allow me to pass the time. So Kyle, bring it...I just hope we get SEC players, preferably UGA, and none from Texas..
  4. Offensive or Defensive HC?

    Well, Bellichek was a defensive guy so I dont think that is always the case.
  5. Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    Reminds me of Fisher refusing to fire Cecil... Now lets see if JRob comes through. Find the right guy...
  6. MM does seem to panic early..
  7. DB cant touch a wr 5 yds past los, how the hell cannot somebody get open?
  8. Henry, mularkey, robiskie, refs, timekeeper... fuck you all