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  1. I fell asleep.
  2. Jared fucking Cook....I always felt we should have found a way to use him..
  3. Best post of the year
  4. No. But he is talented.
  5. Wish we still had Cook
  6. McKenzie makes McCluster look like a giant...
  7. We control our proverbial destiny. If we can't win this game, the hell with it. I'll just resign myself to more and better mocks.
  8. so lets see here, we need 2 corners, a safety, a number 1 receiver, a 4-down MLB, TE depth, another outside pass rusher, and now a punt and kickoff returner? LOL... Mariani is maybe below average in yards but he never fumbles. Just imagine 1 fumble on a punt yesterday... Mariani is the least of our needs...
  9. Worse uniforms since any given sunday
  10. Interference my ass.
  11. I think all factors are in play and no question some people are tuning out because of the protests. Personally, I only really watch the Titans. I can catch moments of other teams but not the whole game. Stars are lacking- defense has been hammered with rule changes. In the process of increasing scoring to attract the casual fan and fantasy geeks, they changed the game for the worse.
  12. I can never tell if MM sucks or our offense plays suck.
  13. I watch to learn our needs so I can critique mock drafts
  14. So painful to watch this