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  1. Oilertattoo

    Tajae Sharpe Is The Best WR On This Team

    You can tell it is Halloween time because the title of this thread is a horror to consider.
  2. Oilertattoo

    The good news is...

    Good news is that there is a week off and they have an opportunity to possibly make a move and help the roster.
  3. Oilertattoo

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    This. He got a second chance to reconsider. I supported the Eagles decisions because the team was at home and trying to create an identity. This was just dumb.
  4. Oilertattoo

    Opinions on Vrabel's style, what to expect?

    Just bumping this because, WTF?!?! You kick there. Team was dominating. You play for OT.
  5. Oilertattoo

    What is your favorite excuse for Mariota?

    That he's Samoan and German
  6. Oilertattoo

    Rhianna turns down halftime show

    Finally, something that wasn't disappointing about this season.
  7. Oilertattoo

    Taylor Lewan

    He said, "I love you" and blew you a kiss.
  8. Oilertattoo

    Taylor Lewan

    Deserved its own thread... https://i.imgur.com/9ygySJt.gifv
  9. Oilertattoo

    Decker calls Mariota "passive"

    "According to ESPN.com's Brent McMurphy, an NFL coach and general manager told Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich that "Mariota not having any red flags was a red flag."" Everyone knew this about Marcus. Marcus is obviously a competitor that wants to win. He will do what ever he can for the team to accomplish such. He always takes responsibility for losses, never takes credit for a win. Being quiet\passive isn't Marcus's problem. Staying healthy and being consistent is. Not to mention a lack of quality receivers to throw to. Isn't that right Mr Decker?
  10. Oilertattoo

    2-0 in the AFC South!

    Sorry Tez, I'm no spelling Nazi, but that cracked me up.
  11. Zero F's given. Texans are 0-3. Sorry if my sarcasm was lost.
  12. Who is Deshaun Watson?
  13. Back to back weeks of a nice game plan and well coached football. Lafleur, Peas, Aukerman and Vrable getting it done.