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  1. Zach Mettenberger finally got a job!

    But "Former NFL quarterback" seems spot on!
  2. Our secondary is going to be a top 5-7 unit

    If they can add a pass rusher....
  3. Titans Agree to Terms With Dion Lewis

  4. Ed Hochuli retiring

    I heard the Patriots are retiring his number.
  5. Bortles getting extended

  6. Point, but could the same be said about Earl?
  7. The comparison to Lynch and Fournette is understandable, but I am not sure they are fair. When us old timers say that Earl was dominant, we mean it. There are backs that are good at the NFL level and have success, then there are those that simply dominate. Earl was one of the latter. In the same way Barry Sanders would be awesome today, so would Earl. I wonder if Earl's back issues would have been seen in today's NFL early on and prevented his career.
  8. He would still be a dominant back. No question about it.
  9. Le’Veon Bell

    Agreed, way too much money. Let someone else over pay him. But, I do wonder what Bell's hesitation style of running would look like in a RPO offense.
  10. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    April 1st? Imagine the April Fools Joke the organization could play.
  11. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    Those were good days. It was so amazing to watch Gary Brown the second half of the 1993 season. It was every bit as entertaining to me as CJ's 2000. Like so many other years, that should have been the year they won a Championship.
  12. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    I understand that TN doesn't care much for the Oilers history and wants their own identity. TN has had the Titans for 20 years, they are their own thing now. The Oilers are a fading footnote in the history of the NFL. The only people that even relate to the Oilers are us old timer fans and old NFL fans. You have to be at least 30 to even remember the good Oilers years. But nothing changes the fact that there would be NO Tennessee Titans without the Oilers. That should be appreciated... At least until I'm dead, cause I won't give a shit then.
  13. Robert Brazile up for HOF vote Saturday

    Robert was a bad man.