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  1. Davante Adams

    Gross. Haha. My brother and friends live up in Townsville so I've adopted the Cowboys. I hate the Warriors fans with a passion so love seeing what's happened to that franchise
  2. Davante Adams

    And those concussed players end up in the bunker and butcher calls every week. What team do you support?
  3. SNES Classic, who's grabbing one?

    Haha not worth it now. And i would have to dig through years of living to find it. If I remember correctly there was no difference in the connections that you could use with my N64 that I got over her and my American Snes. I know the cartridges are a complete different shape and if you pull them apart and just chuck em in the console hates it. RIP LttP
  4. SNES Classic, who's grabbing one?

    Actually same. Unfortunately for me I brought an American version off my mate in high school in about 01 and games I picked up here didn't work. Played most of the games on emulator but that's not the same as playing on a console
  5. SNES Classic, who's grabbing one?

    Pre-ordered mine about 5 minutes ago. Never really have a problem of missing the first wave of releases over here. Was able to walk in to a shop and pick up a Switch about 4-5 days after release and they still had about 6 or 7 left in that store
  6. Week 3: Seahawks @ Titans Game Thread

    He's still talking and in the field with his helmet off. Throw him out
  7. Around the NFL- other games

    Watson in for Savage already. Titans really have no excuse to not win the division this year
  8. Was it really the staring offence? Understand Mariota and the Oline need to play better. But did Davis and Decker dress? How many snaps did Walker and Murray play combined. How many others were out or limited? Stop overreacting jfc
  9. The Game of Thrones

    Does this season have a break in the middle like previous seasons? I know it's shorter episode-wise but has a lot longer run times
  10. The Game of Thrones

    Well you're not wrong. I do find her annoying as fuck though. And to be fair I rarely post but it is a Monday here and I've been drinking.
  11. The Game of Thrones

    Fuck Sansa. She needs to go. She has been the worst since season one
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Heroes Path has been absolutely worth it for me. I've found about 15 shrines and has been amazing to see complete areas that I just didn't go near. Havent found any of the new masks or armour but to find that they can't be upgraded is a huge disappointment. $20 isn't a huge amount (was $30 for me) but can understand waiting for actual story. Have paid way more for way worse dlc. Thanks Batman: Arkham Knight ($70 over here)
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone get the DLC for Zelda. I haven't had the chance to try the Trial of the Sword which seems to me the only thing worth while. Master Mode looks like something I don't have the time for anymore