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  1. Rumor: New Helmets Will Be Navy Blue

    More than Corey Davis? Looking forward to seeing how they look. I still like the look of the navy uniforms because of McNair, George, Kearse etc. It will probably take a bit for everyone to get used to. I hated the Seahawks unis when they were released but now I think they look really good
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Something I wouldn’t be really interested in. Kirby would be a good game for you to play with your kids. I’m up to I think the 5th world and not overly difficult if you’re the main player (I think I’ve died 3 times) up to 4 players and the AI is pretty good. If it comes on sale definitely check it out
  3. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I’m not sure what the hell was going on in that video. I picked up Kirby Star Allies yesterday. It’s fun but waiting until my friend has time off work as well so we can play some multiplayer. Th
  4. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Cheers ordered it today. House sitting for a friend in the middle of nowhere next week so I’ll get stuck in. It took me a few years to realise that the Wii U was actually a new console so I feel I have miss a few gems.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Has anyone played the Bayonetta games? Bayonetta 2 is getting released next week and is getting released with a code to download the 1st one (never played either) looked at a few reviews for them and they look decent
  6. I think we have a good shot at Butler. We were linked to him even at the start of the season. I would love someone like Gio Bernard as a 3rd down back. Pretty sure he’s a FA this off season though I could be wrong. He finished last season strong.

    Should have worked his magic when the Titans played them. Not just for the first drive

    All of the people on stage thanked Jesus. Couldn’t stop laughing
  9. So, Corey Davis... 6 catches for 91 yards

    Nate Washington was the best at that
  10. SPOILER Wars: The Last Jedi

    Agree on all of what you said especially these. I guess going in I thought if they were going to kill off Luke or Leia it would have been Leia because of what happened to Fisher. Would like to have seen Luke play a bigger role in the last of the trilogy. But I expect him to turn up as a ghost in it anyway
  11. SPOILER Wars: The Last Jedi

    The worst part by far was Leia coming back to life and flying through space. Carrie Fisher is dead should have just killed the character there and be done with it
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I picked up Skyrim earlier this week. Need to find some time to actually play it though. Shitty time of the year with Christmas coming up and work being busy and it being summer over here and spending time off going to the beach
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Didn’t expect this to drop so soon. Haven’t touched Zelda in months. Be hard put down Odyssey https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dyBFAX4SDEc
  14. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Ah that makes more sense. To be fair it was a Thursday when I posted and I was rummed up quite heavy. I've found you can advance the story a little too quickly. I'm enjoying the hell out of it though