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  1. Wouldn't be doing him justice
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    I think a lot of this game can be skipped once you actually know what you are doing and don't have to explore as much. Once you know where shrines are and where things spawn would cut hours of time out. I've upgraded most of the main armours. Still a few pieces I need to actually find. Need to find the good Lynals that drop guts so I can upgrade the Barbarian sets
  3. N

    62 shrines 72 seeds 1 beast. I'm just screwing around. Trying to upgrade armours etc. Don't know how to check my hours but really wouldn't want to. Got the Master Sword. I'm not sure when to go and do more of the story. I love a challenge but also love being OP as hell. A second play through where I have no beasts completed is definitely on the cards
  4. N

    I would love Kaaya. I think he is better than where he is projected to go.
  5. The Raiders. They're moving to Vegas. It's almost too perfect.
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    http://www.rosterresource.com/ncaa-historical-depth-charts-2001-miami-hurricanes/ Those Hurricane teams were absolutely stacked.
  7. N

    Come on man. Cox was way worse. He was clapping like he did shit in the bears game when the Wrs were dropping easy catches in the endzone. I want him gone and want improvements in the secondary. Trade down in the 1st get Barnett with the 1st pick then take Peppers or Adams with the next
  8. N

    Lol. I just remember from the draft. Pretty sure there was a thread about it
  9. N

    Lewans mom is way hotter.
  10. N

    Na fuck him. Could have had a pass rusher like jones or mercilus. Should have let the Browns draft him so they got the trio of Richardson wright and Weeden. No one wanted weeden other than the Browns
  11. N

    It's also fucks up the 2nd round pick we gave up for Cleveland. Makes the trade up for Conklin even better
  12. N

    I know the Cardinals haven't been great this year but how good is David Johnson?
  13. Tipping is stupid. Been to the states a few times and ususally just 15% standard or $1 for a beer or bathroom attendant. I've been to places (not even high end) over here and in Aussie that tried to get gratuity in the bill. They got nothing. It's not part of our culutre so they can gtfo
  14. N

    I hope Donald or Quinn tests this theory and Fisher cuts them. That number one waiver wire claim would come in handy. Obviously know it wouldn't happen. As much possibility as trading a 1 and Lewan for Bosa
  15. N

    It would have made for better writing if he actually yelled Leroy Jenkins before charging. I think this video captures what most people think