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  1. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    We look flat out TERRIBLE. I have no idea what I'm watching but we're not playing anywhere near the way we did against Boston. Not chasing pucks at all...hell we aren't even shooting when we have looks. I'd be shocked if we don't get swept at this point.
  2. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    Couldn't believe how little home ice mattered in that series. Sorry you guys had to go out early, but you'll be back. Hoping Tampa keeps it rolling but I can't help but be nervous.
  3. Two Tone Crew Podcast Update

    @Jonboy are you looking to get out altogether, or will you still jump in here and there? Gonna be weird without you for sure. .
  4. Two Tone Crew Podcast Update

    Case of the Mondays there @Jonboy? Sheesh. Do it for da people!
  5. Why did I just vote on this thinking it was a new thread lol
  6. 2018 Draft (Round 2)

    Holy shit!! VY though...bruh.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    God we love Bama players and hate Noles lol
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    There's no way we're coming up. Robinson is too pick hungry.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Can we just trade up for Derwin James and let me die a happy man
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Derwin to the Bucs?
  11. Why did Kyle get fired

    Missed it. This is what I get for not frequenting the off-topic forum.
  12. Jaguars new uniforms are really plain and boring.

    Some aspects of ours could benefit from the simplicity of theirs. Let's not go total homer on this. They caught a lot of flack for trying to do too much on the last unis, so I can see why they'd play it safe here.
  13. Someone call the Oak Island brothers, they clearly aren't finding anything up there.
  14. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    Home ice has proven to be such a big deal in most of these series so far, more so than I remember in recent past.