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  1. Oh. Well you sound like shit - fix it.
  2. Oman is back, I can finally listen again. Sorry Jamal. On a more serious note, is there a reason the audio seemed more muffled than it has in previous years? I didn't listen to the 1st episode you guys did so I'm not sure if it was that way there or not.
  3. TampaTitan

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    He's trying to get guys to throw at him. Ramsey is clearly an emotional guy, if you can upstage him once or twice in a game you easily put a guy like that on tilt and get him to do stupid shit. Like the "hit" on Walker last year.
  4. TampaTitan

    Who were your top 5 players in the 1st pre-season game?

    Did Evans play last night? Didn't get to watch and I didn't see him in the box score.
  5. The little arrow going across the screen of my phone sure looked good from here in Tampa
  6. TampaTitan

    Training Camp Discussion

    Haven't been keeping up with the training camp fluff much, but has there been any mention of how Adoree has look so far?
  7. TampaTitan

    Byard on Cyprien injury (Update Cyprien done for the year)

    Hopefully this doesn't become a trend, we were insanely healthy last season and that almost never happens in this league.
  8. TampaTitan

    Group deal on new jerseys

    Due to high demand or something else?
  9. TampaTitan

    Group deal on new jerseys

    I see the elites have finally made their way into the Titansonline shop...for $325-350. Insane. Still nothing on nfl shop or Fanatics though.
  10. Oh, so "several" now means 2. Got it. Why then hasn't he been investigated now that he's gone from FSU regarding this 2nd individual? Seems odd. Also, he said "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY". You know, like the internet meme. Trump came after. I wish you the best in your continued investigation though, you've put together a pretty solid life's work so far it looks like.
  11. Agreed. I'm happy we got Marcus. All I'm saying is if it were a known thing that several others were paid hush money it would have been looked into immediately and he'd be on trial like Cosby was. He was the man at FSU and maybe he was protected, maybe he wasn't. Nobody definitively knows that. Now he's just a man and nobody in law enforcement or anywhere else is protecting the guy.
  12. Lol clearly you feel very strongly towards the guy, but stop making shit up please. There were not "several more". I know others don't care enough to fact check you, but I will.
  13. TampaTitan

    Titans cancel the final Mini camp practice.

    Lol a total slap in the face to the players on the team that, whether openly or descretely, protest police brutality. Hilarious and seems like such a Vrabel thing to do.
  14. TampaTitan

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    He better stay healthy this season...
  15. TampaTitan

    Who is the Best Player in the AFC South?

    Has to be either Hopkins or Ramsey