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  1. Driving home after work today...

    Tex and Mrs. Tex are good people. Met them at the Bucs/Titans tailgate a couple years ago.
  2. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    Lol I knew that article was coming. Bravo, you managed to find one thing...1...in 3 years of college from his freshman season, and it happened in practice. Sounds to me like the "always" that titanruss loosely tossed out was infact way overblown. Has it gotten way worse since he's been in the league? Clearly. I never disputed that and already said he needs to grown up. My point was he didn't have this reputation in college and didn't act like this and 1 practice incident doesn't give you a reputation. You can call it making excuses all you want, I was trying to pinpoint what might be going on with the kid now that he's in the league instead of just labeling him a punk bitch or whatever else you guys want to call him. I don't care about the jokes, and it's not like I'm sitting here openly rooting for him to play well against us or anything of the sort. All I said was the obsession with Henry plowing him over is overdone. It's up there with the Jameis shit that goes on here.
  3. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    Oh I'm not making excuses for him, he needs to grow up and I wouldn't want him acting like that if he played for us. I'm just trying to figure what could be causing him to act like that now, because despite what titanruss says, he did not have that reputation at FSU. When you come from a program that didn't lose much in your years there, to suddenly getting humiliated as a team in the NFL, some guys don't handle that as good as others. Cam included. See VY - success all his life, the man everywhere he went, and at the slightest sign of adversity in the NFL he crumbled.
  4. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    ALWAYS? Show me where. Clips...articles on his poor attitude...let's see it. I don't give a damn about mssg board threads and what people think, I want to see hard evidence because I watched every game and I can't recall him acting like that. One or two scouting reports during a draft process is also meaningless so don't waste my time with that either. If his attitude and the way he carried himself was that bad there's no way he would've been taken that high in today's NFL - especially not for a guy that most here claimed was a tweener in terms of what position he can play. I believe his doing it now has a lot to do with that teams performance and losing, he's always hated to lose more than most. And he didn't do a lot of it a FSU. He'll grow out of it.
  5. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    I'm not trying to be biased or unbiased, either way this makes 0 sense to me. He could have ran slap over Abuoye and y'all wouldn't be chirping like this. You're right, it was impressive when Lynch ran over Casey, because one is much much larger than the other and it wasn't the one doing the running over... That isn't the case here.
  6. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    And as soon as we drafted him I backed it 100% and have ever since. Try again. We got our ship in 2013, I'm not bitter about anything.
  7. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    I was speaking more in terms of tit for tat that's who we got in the first round but I get what you're all saying.
  8. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    I will say him getting pissy after plays, contact after the whistle, and loosing his cool is a bit odd. I don't recall him ever doing that at FSU. Like maybe he's trying to build up some sort of tough guy mentality or something idk.
  9. Ramsey Getting Ran Over

    Lol I really don't get the obsession over this and what everyone has against Ramsey. How many passes did he give up? That should be everyone's concern regarding him as long as he's in Jacksonville, run support is secondary. He looked a lot better than Conklin yesterday which is who we got from the whole deal. I get that he plays for the Jags and therefore we should hate him, but it seems like everyone is trying to find their own way of justifying us not ending up with him. Kid wanted to play for us badly. Also, Derrick Henry can steamroll any CB in the league, that's a given.
  10. Let's talk Adoree Jackson

    Ramsey's size is still a huge plus over Adoree imo, but I like Adoree a lot and his return skills pretty much make up for whatever advantage Ramsey may have. I was the biggest supporter of Ramsey, and still think we should've stayed put and taken him. We didn't even look in his direction yesterday, that's pretty telling...
  11. Titans @ Jaguars Game Thread

    Who mostly covered Corey Davis? 1 catch for 4 yards has me scratching my head.
  12. Titans @ Jaguars Game Thread

    Lol yeah I try to only read so far ahead
  13. Titans @ Jaguars Game Thread

    I want to enjoy watching this team but they are so goddamn frustrating