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  1. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Just landed in Dallas, had the game on during the flight. Where has our deep passing game gone? Jesus. Why even draft Davis.
  2. Steelers Predictions and Poll

    I think we lose solely based on the road factor. That's not an easy place to play. And I don't think we'll play bad, I think Mariota will look really good and we'll hang with them for a while.
  3. Adoree being considered a bust so far?

    Without him, we lose this past Sunday. Such a bust.
  4. Not only do the Titans play the Steelers close, they generally play pretty well in primetime games. Going back for some time now. I think it's very winnable especially if we get the sorry side of Big Ben.
  5. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Lol Mularkey throwing stuff.
  6. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Didn't take Schlereth very long to figure out this phony ass offense
  7. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    We need to draft a RB
  8. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Adoree has been our best player today
  9. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    That hit on Mariota could have been bad. I'm pretty sure I could tackle Derrick Henry
  10. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Orakpo got held there
  11. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Easily our best drive of the season. And our first of the game which is another thing we've not seen.
  12. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Dude really doesn't know how to pronounce Adoree? Bruh...
  13. Agreed. It'll be completely watered down by then IMO.
  14. I'd take the occasional personal foul and trash talk, etc. to have that on this defense in a heartbeat. What he's doing starts before the game even begins. Guys are going out there now trying to get the best of him and it's causing them to try too hard. People are lying if they say they wouldn't want him in a Titans uni.
  15. As big of a Winston supporter as I've been, I'm kind of enjoying it.