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    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    It's not even worth discussing. She's not a trustworthy person. On the whole, liberals and left leaning people are simply more objective. Meanwhile right wing shitheads post straight up crazed conspiracy theories on here weekly. One group by and large thinks things through before posting, and won't post untrustworthy claims, and the other thinks their opponents are gay devil worshipers who smell like sulfur, run terrorist groups secretly and molest kids in the basement of a pizza restaurant.
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    "Who are the quarterbacks, in your opinion, who don't suck?**** Aaron Rodgers** does not. Tom Brady** doesn't. I gotta think now, about all the teams... I think Marcus Mariota** is a great quarterback for their team. I think Tyrod Taylor is actually a better quarterback than he gets credit for, because he does not make mistakes. He's honestly a Marcus Mariota type player, where he manages a game really well, always has them at least in position to be in the game late in the game. He just doesn't have turnovers that often. That's really all you need, especially if you get a good defense." Here we go again. Ramsey was asked "who.....suck?" Our QB was the third name he mentioned behind ARod and Brady, but we get upset because he said another QB is the same type player. Those are compliments. Tyrod Taylor got the Bills to their first playoff game since the MCM. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that JW would be smart to befriend TT. TT is really smart and he knows how to be a NFL QB.
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    I got the same from a guy on reddit for free
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    Can confirm the validity USPS' finest mail carrier.....Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night would stop me from "handling my package" to sweaty OMan workout videos!
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    I wonder what he thinks about Henry
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    Well... it was about Putin adopting an American presidential candidate...
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    This had a lot of potential and quite frankly was a disappointment.
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    You'll also notice that when a Democrat gets busted for doing something unethical or illegal, the members of the party don't try to justify the actions in some way. It's more like "Hey, glad they caught him/her. Clean it up."
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    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    Butler is a good CB. He's a vast improvement over what we've had over the last few years. That said, he's going to get beat sometimes but unless you're one of the top 3 CBs in the league that kind of comes with the territory. The reason Butler gets beat deep at times is because he refuses to concede any route to the receiver. Most CBs are so afraid to get beat deep that they barely even contest shorter routes In short he's gonna lose some but he's also going make a lot of plays (possibly on 3rd and short) that other CBs won't make. Also when you read reports of him or any other CB getting beat in 1 on 1's and 7 on 7's take that with a giant grain of salt. Those drills are made for the offense to dominate and half of the "wins" that receivers get would've never happened in a game because they either took too long to get open or the CB was in tight enough coverage that the QB wouldn't have thrown it in a game. I would wait until Butler starts getting dominated during the season to really worry.
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    I made the unfortunate mistake of unignoring a Jake post which I haven't done for quite some time. Anyone have any idea what he is trying to say?
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    Mariota has managed the titans to a 3-1 record against the jags with Ramsey. I’m fine with that.
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    It's a carefully crafted message. He can't praise the Titans too much since he plays for a division rival, but he also plans to sign with the Titans when his current contract is up, plus he doesn't want Henry to punish him too harshly for talking shit.
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    Oman is a simple man, he sees ball, he sees ball hit ground, he blames QB. Too bad it was a Punt.
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    Listen up, lefties. Our president is a man of virtue, compassion, tremendous character, and strong moral fiber. Everything else we've seen and learned about the man and his actions over the past 40+ years was a deep state mirage fabricated by MSM. It never happened.
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    Training Camp Discussion

    " The offense had a solid day, going up against an athletic Buccaneers defense. In one on one matchups, Taywan Taylor was able to outleap M.J. Stewart of the Bucs and take the ball right out of his hands for a phenomenal catch, drawing a lot of applause from the fans. Taylor continued to make plays throughout the day, another highlight being a sideline catch on a quick out route during 11 vs 11s. In the first play of 11 vs 11 situation drills, Mariota hit Delanie Walker coming across the middle for a big chunk. A few plays later, he hit Corey Davis coming the opposite way across the middle, and though it was a bit behind him, Davis was able to juggle it a few times and reel it in for a great catch. Corey Davis continues to impress and has strung together a number of good days. The timing between him and Marcus is getting better with each day, and Davis is becoming less of a flash play type of guy, and more into a consistent go-to guy. He had six catches on six targets today, aside from any 1 on 1 drills. The receivers as a unit looked great, with plays being made by almost everyone in the group. Devin Ross took an end around for 10+ yards, and look for him to be utilized in similar fashion throughout training camp. Anything that allows Ross to show his speed is going to be where he excels. Darius Jennings continues to make plays. On an out route to the sideline, the cornerback tipped the ball but Jennings was still able to snag it out of the air and get both feet down for a highlight catch. As good as that might’ve been, it was nowhere near the catch of the day made by Tajae Sharpe. The throw from Mariota looked to be just too far out of bounds for him to go and get it while still getting his feet down, but somehow he seemed to stretch his arms a few extra inches and make the grab without his toes ever leaving the ground, making it as good a toe-touch grab as I’ve seen. He had absolutely no right to be able to stay in bounds, yet his body control was put on display for the catch of the day."
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    I'm pen pals with a few dozen, so I probably could have hooked this up! But, my feels are HURT. How in the fuck was I not allowed to head the "talk to sluts on Tinder about the Titans" project? WTF? I've been a creepy pervert for years and you let some TR noob from Reddit step in and fuck up a decent idea that's directly in my field of expertise? You just let Brian Scalabrine take the last shot when you had Michael Jordan available. This shit is irresponsible @Jamalisms ! You're running the Podcast like Ruston Webster.
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    @MIKE75---You should have titled this thread "You won't believe where Leshaun Sims is on the Titans depth chart--the person in front of him will blow your mind!"
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    Big is just mad the Titans threw the ball a few times last week. Wishbone or bust is his mantra.
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    I can't speak to the Packers or Colts...but we all saw what happened with the Titans. I didn't have a problem with the playbook or the system; my problem was with the manner in which it was implemented....i.e. playcalling and play selection. For the entirety of the 2017 season, the offense consistently struggled whenever Robiskie called plays. Likewise, offense consistently (and often dramatically) improved in situations where Mariota handled the playcalling. The difference wasn't due to the playbook or the talent. All the plays came from the same playbook, with all the same players on the field. The biggest difference was with the play selection. IMO, Robiskie's playcalling was based on concepts and the team's overall offensive philosophy. He had a specific team identity in mind...and he was determined to establish that identity come hell or high water. He'd call the same play multiple times in a game, even if it failed miserably; plays that didn't support his idea of what the offense should look like simply weren't called. Marcus wasn't worried about supporting a philosophy or establishing an identity; he just wanted to win. When allowed to do so, Marcus called plays that played to the team's strengths ....plays that he had confidence in and that he felt would work based on what he was seeing on the field. In many cases, this included plays and/or concepts that Robiskie largely ignored....not because they didn't work, but because they didn't fit his agenda. I hesitate to put much stock in preseason games....but at this point, that's all we have. And in only one preseason game, we've already seen what appears to be a pretty dramatic shift in offensive philosophy and identity. Rather than making the players conform to a pre-conceived notion of what the offense should look like, it appears this coaching staff has geared the offense and playcalling toward players' individual strengths. If nothing else, at least it gives fans reason to be optimistic.
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    This is why I think the Titans might use a lot of the Skins offensive concepts from RGIII's rookie season. If the Titans use a lot of RPO's, options, zone reads and rollouts and Mariota is actually used a real running threat the Titans rushing attack could be lethal. Throw in some passing from these formations and the defense is going have a hard time defending it. LaFleuer has already talked about using the same formations to do all this stuff from to make it hard on the defense. RG's rookie season the Skins averaged 170yds per game rushing, #1 in the NFL. Alfred Morris had over 1600 yards..... Griffin had 800 yards rushing and averaged 6.7 yards per rush. Henry's weakness is getting going. These concepts often get the RB into the clear with the defense guarding the QB and Henry could get outside often and use his speed. Then they can use Lewis from more basic formations between the tackles. I believe Mariota is a better passer than RGIII. RG and Snyder were stupid in that they wanted RG playing more from the pocket and that's when the wheels fell off. Obv the big risk is running too much of this could result in injury but Mariota won't be taking on defenders head first like RGIII did. Throw in Walker and Davis with the playaction possibilities and this offense could really explode.
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    Double. That's how much more we pay over other developed countries for essentially the same health care in today's market. The idea that American health care is such superior quality to those other places is also a complete myth. An ER trip in Germany took me about 30-45 minutes. Total time in the door to out the door. My mother in law fell getting off the train and got a nasty infection. They treated her there, sent her to a local doctor for a follow up (everyone spoke English by the way), and gave her a prescription to get the thing to go away. Total out of pocket cost: Roughly 30 euros. Now, Germans do pay a higher base tax but Americans are fooling themselves if they think they aren't being taxed just as much or more. We are a wealthier country but our average cost of living is higher and quality of life is lower in comparison. That should tell you a lot. I'm usually pretty pro getting the government out of stuff but in the case of health care, it just makes more sense, especially if it's cheaper and can drive down costs and be more easily regulated, to put it in the hands of the government. Yes, they'll screw it up. But really, can they do any worse than what we have now?