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    Odd... it’s almost as if teams don’t want a quitter...
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    Just watched the ALL22 analysis of the 11 sack performance. Guard play was abysmal. WRs never got separation. Yes, MM missed on the downfield throw to Taylor. The rest of this mess however was just a Spain/Levine/Klein shit show. I've got plenty of doubt about our current QB. But after watching the ALL22, clearly he was a very small part of a much bigger problem. Matt LaFleur. Yep. I'm looking at you.
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    Jets release Pryor

    Get his ass to London right now.......... to play quarterback.
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    Marcus is a one read QB

    It’s your thread. The onus is on you to prove it.
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    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    It was absolutely the right move. In my mind getting a TD from 2 yards out is better than 50/50. When it goes to OT it's a 50/50 proposition.
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    It looks like you are trying to defraud your company. Would you like some help?
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    It seems to me the whole idea behind this thread is that Mariota is getting 95% of the blame for the loss due to his poor performance.......and he wasn't even close to the worst player out there or the biggest reason for the loss. Everyone acknowledges that Mariota played poorly. Nobody is questioning that. But Mariota can only run the plays that are called. From fairly early in the game, it was obvious that the gameplan was a recipe for disaster....the plays LaFleur was calling were playing right into what the Ravens' hands and giving them exactly what they wanted. But rather than making adjustments and changing up his playcalling and approach.....LaFleur stuck with the exact same gameplan and approach that failed so spectacularly in the first half. Mariota was bad....absolutely. But a lot of his struggles were caused by the Ravens' dominant defensive performance. It didn't matter whether he was looking for an open receiver or trying to escape and make plays with his legs....they were prepared for him and had a perfectly timed answer for everything he tried. The coaching performance from Vrabel and LaFleur was as bad or worse than Mariota's play on the field. But for Vrabel and LaFleur.....nobody was forcing them to stick with a failed gameplan and spend the entire game calling plays that the defense was completely dialed into and that had little or no chance of success. The responsibility for that failure is 100% on them.
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    4th Quarter Mariota

    Go away. Jesus Christ. There's nothing that this guy can do to please you. Maybe if his goddamn receivers didn't drop perfectly thrown balls it wouldn't have come down to that. He was on point all day.
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    Maybe not in so many words....but 95% of the criticism and finger-pointing in the past few days has been focused almost entirely on Mariota. “Y’know, the O-line pretty much sucked...the WRs are garbage and the defense was terrible..and the coaches did a crap job.... ”BUT JESUS F’ING CHRIST MARIOTA WAS F’ING TERRIBLE! HE WAS NEVER ANY GOOD AND NEVER WILL BE! HE’S KILLING THE FRANCHISE!!!! GAAAAHHHHH!!!!”
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    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    I have no issue with going for it. Momentum was on our side. I hated the play calls though.
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    Jesus... listen to all the professional coaches in here having conniption fits over boxing gloves.
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    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    I don’t hate going for it but I didn’t like the play calls on 4th and the 2 point conversion.
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    And regarding the interior OL shitshow. Yes it was mostly them. But it was also Lewan, who is playing injured and not himself yet. And then you add the tight ends who are garbage blockers and Dion Lewis who missed 3 protections. And then you add in a shell-shocked Mariota who is apparently being coached to extend plays outside the pocket (which gets you sacked when you're playing against a disciplined, contained rush team) and receivers that cannot get open. And a downfield passing game that should have been adjusted based on what was going on. I mean hell, we were max protecting at times with 7 blockers against 3 and 4 man rushes and guys were still getting through because of protection breakdowns. That's a coaching issue.
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    I actually think this is one thing that Mariota cannot be blamed for at all because the back judge threw Taylor totally off his route.
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    Josh Allen is killing the Bills franchise.
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    This post perfectly displays the selfish Baby Boomer mentality. "Look, you should all just figure out a way to make this work for us while we vote to screw over our children and grandchildren to make a buck." Baby Boomers make Millennials look down-right selfless. Also, open a book and realize Social Security was NEVER intended or designed to be enough money to "retire" as we know it today. Comparing SS and Personal Investments is really missing the point. Back in the 30s old folks were homeless because they usually saved nothing and had little ability to get a job. SS was inspired by a carry over from the Federal Civil War Pensions and intended to insure the elderly don't become homeless and unable to feed themselves.
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    No adjustment at all which is deeply disappointing.
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    Blaming MM for Baltimore loss is SAD

    The plays they were running were stupid considering what was going on. There was not enough short/underneath stuff. Too much focus on trying to create a big play. Not enough balance, not enough underneath stuff. It was a garbage gameplan and a garbage performance by LaFleur and Keith Carter. That happens though. Hopefully LaFleur learns some lessons and hasn't been totally imposed upon by Vrabel (although Vrabel forcing him to run the ball more is the right move).
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    It really is staggering how bad the WR's Mariota's played with since drafted. 2015- his top 3 were Wright, DGB, and Douglas. All out of the league. 2016-Rishard, Tajae, Wright. Rishard good, the other 2 you know. Plus Andre Johnson played over Rishard the first 6 weeks or so 2017-Rishard, Decker, Davis. Decker immediately cut by Pats, nobody else wants. Davis was basically worthless because of the injury & hurt the team until the last few weeks, where he or healthy & Marcus improved greately.
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    If you can’t score from 1 yard out you don’t deserve to win
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    I’m not mad about Vrabel going for it.
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    Imagine if Henry ran with the fury of MM...
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    Offenses with a Worse Supporting Cast

    Just what we need, another Mariota is terrible thread. I know, or at least I think that wasn't your intention but that's what it's going to turn into.
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    Mariota deserves a ton of blame for not going off on the sidelines and forcing a change in the offense. He looked like he just gave up by the end. That of course falls on LaFleur. The one play that stands out in particular was the one where Conklin was fooled and Lewis missed his protection. Taylor is wide open on a hot route and never looks back for the ball. Most of our route stems were vertical, and the rest were curls. There were no crossing routes or drags the entire game, or at least it wasn’t a staple. Those are easy man beaters mixed with slants and rub routes. Eventually you set them up for the double move. It was an atrocious game plan on both sides of the ball.