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    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't an overreactor, I lose my shit during games & oftentimes my posts range from passive aggressive to completely irrational. This is why I try to rewatch games, it really takes the emotion out of it & you can focus on the play. Marcus Mariota played WAY better than I thought. I know it's easy to play the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" game, but if Delanie doesn't have that brutal drop Mariota's stats a few mins into the 3rd qtr would've been:15/20 250 2/2, 1 running TD. He had completions at that point of 15, 18, 24, 42, and 75 yards. Walker would've been a 17 yarder. This guy had numerous high level throws, the 42 yarder to Walker was just insane anticipation. He made 4-5 throws that were better than anything Ben did. Of course Ben had 3 straight drives where he simply picked us apart, which brings me to my next point. This offense doesn't have many "easy throws". This is an old school, Bruce Arians type, downfield passing game. Mularkey said it best...they ask a lot of their QB. They ask him to make more big time throws than possibly any other offense, the guy is constantly throwing deep corners, deep posts, comebacks, etc. I said in another thread that if all it took to score 40 points was to get an athletic QB & run a one read offense everybody would do it. Well, the same applies to Big Ben picking us apart short. It's obviously a lot harder than it looks & isn't just a matter of play calling. And I don't want to turn this into a Mularkey bash fest, but I don't think it would hurt to install some more short, rhythm type throws. Anyway, there's a few other things I took out of this game that I'll mention but this post would be way too long. But I think the main theme is that this offense is close. Very close, in my opinion anyway. We've played 3 brutal defenses the last 3 weeks & the last 2 especially have had some brutal drops, mistakes, and luck. But Marcus easily could've put up monster numbers the last 2 weeks, against some top defenses. I really think this offense could be close to doing some very nice things.
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    Posted this in another thread, but Cowboy Dan's reddit write-up echoes a lot of this...
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    My god, this reads like a Trump defense. "Believe the opposite of what he says and it was a great interview. Make the Titans Great Again!"
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    Tajae > corey

    It's amazing. @52O hasn't touched this board or @9 Nines and barely @BergerKing until the team lays an egg. It's pretty funny.
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    The Droppsie Twins are frustrated? I hope so.
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    Hillary has emails, even though we've been assured nothing sensitive was lost and most of the stuff wasn't even considered classified at the time: It's a matter of national security, she needs to go to Jail! Trump gives incredibly sensitive classified information that was so secret it wasn't even shared with congress or our allies. Not only that but he gives it to a competitor state who's national security interests in that specific region are in DIRECT conflict with our own: What's the big deal? Why are all you liberals freaking out? The more they speak, the more you can see right through them.
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    yeah hes pretty dumb. Hes the same guy that said Mett was a poor mans tom brady. Come to find out Mett was a poor mans Marcia Brady
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    Mariota on Rich Eisen Show

    What is Marcus doing on a talk show? I thought he didn't talk and that is why the offense is struggling this week.
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    “Players and coaches”... shots fired pt. 3.
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    I was afraid this thread was going to be misconstrued as a total evisceration of Mularkey's offense, which wasn't the intent in the least. I think a few more runs out of shotgun with Henry would help, per @IsntLifeFunny. I also agree we're a bit too condensed, which doesn't lend itself to short, quick throws. The LB's & safeties are already drawn in, limiting the lanes. Those are my chief wants...more Henry out of the gun, and just in general. And spread things out a bit more so the offense can breath & throw some short stuff. When you condense things with power formations you have to consistently win matchups on the OL. We did last year, and hence we're able to run it & set up the deep stuff. We're not this year. But this thread was about 90% meant for Marcus. I think he's close & if not for a few unfortunate plays he could've had monster games the last 2 weeks against top D's. I see good things happening. There's a few things I think we can do that would help, but that's far from some total indictment of the staff. I also have to say that Mularkey/Robiskie had a few beautiful calls to get receivers open down the field. Unfortunately with boards there's no simple criticisms, it's either a total indictment or you're a Mularkey or whatever homer. But I will admit I'm not as sold as I was that this is the ideal plan for Marcus long term.
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    Welcome aboard my man. The idiocy of the offense is that we have a QB who is tailor made for a WC approach, yet we almost never use him as such. The kid has proven he’s one of the best play action seam throwers in the game, if not the best. If we would allow him to get in rhythm on short throws while allowing Henry some IZ OZ from shotgun this offense would put up 30+ every single game because defenses would have to cover the entire field. Right now defenses are playing a lot of deep zone and only keeping 7 in the box because Murray is done and Henry sucks under center. A lack of drag routes, RB screens, flares, and rub routes is allowing defenses to play back and be able to cover a lot of the longer developing routes. Since the line isn’t holding up as well this year almost all of our explosive plays are coming from PA. If we would open up the shotgun run more often I think we would see our offense start to hum. Henry needs 15-20 shotgun carries a game. Mix in the quick hitters across the middle to draw in the defense while getting some actual usuage from our running game and our play action will kill them over the top with more consistency.
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    If she has crabs it makes a ton of sense.
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    Robiskie will always protect his players. That’s why he throws every OL, TE, and WR under the bus to protect his RB. He just won’t say anything negative about his players!
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    Increase in Mariota's INTs - Theory

    Here's what I've noticed. Rishard Matthews comes to us from Miami, is known as a good route-runner. Comes to the Titans, all of a sudden he can't run routes properly and is criticized for it. Erick Decker comes to us from the Jets, is known as a good route-runner. Comes to the Titans, all of a sudden he can't run routes properly and is criticized for it.Corey Davis is known as a good route-runner (best on the draft). Comes to the Titans all of a sudden, he can't run routes properly and is criticized for it. Taywan was also praised for his route-running by many and now it appears he forgot how. Am I the only one seeing this pattern? It can't be that all of these guys all of a sudden forgot how to run routes and play football. What gives?
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    Tajae > corey

    This topic is absurd but I will say I enjoy the nickname Hammy Davis Jr
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    Terry Glenn dead

    @ChesterCopperpot1 the gift that keeps on giving.
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    You overreact? Come on Face. The pass to Walker seemed effortless. What did it travel, 35 yards in the air? He had a similar throw to Matthews in the Houston game right before the second TD that he got hurt on. I've been saying all along he's better than last year. They're asking more of him and thus there's been more mistakes. But as a thrower he's better.
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    around the NFL today

    it was a total fuck you to his entire team. Its one thing if you have a viable backup or a high draft pick you want to evaluate. It's another to bring in a bum when you currently hold the 2nd wildcard spot and the the other teams chasing you are worse than you. It's one of the dumbest moves I can remember.
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    What is Derrick Henry?

    OMAN's been saying Murray is done for this whole season and giving Mularkey a pass for playing him so much because he can't criticize the coaches. Well, he won't criticize the offensive coaches at least.
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    I feel like every game the Vikings have 250 yards & the games over by half. He has Case Keenum playing incredible & a very good running game. Bradford & Dalvin Cook have been out almost the entire year. Everybody raves about Thielen & Diggs but they've always been slot WR's. This isn't about Mularkey at all but for the people who want a different system Shurmer would be my guy. He's a West Coast guy who was Chip Kelly's 1st OC, so he would incorporate some QB movement stuff. It doesn't happen often in this league but he's clearly a guy whose flat outscheming people right now. For all the talk about McVay there isn't a better coordinated offense.
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    Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Robiskie is not well spoken in these interviews but he actually did well in this one..... The thing with these coaches is they always protect the player or players at all cost when they do something very bad or can't get it done any more. That was so obvious when he was talking about the holes being open and the fact they were only getting 2 yards on plays when they should have been 8 yards plus. He said the OL, TEs and WRs need to hold their blocks longer. The one person he didn't say one bad thing about was Murray who was def to blame on those runs. These guys will actually tell you some things sometimes if you listen, by not saying things.
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    This is fucking amazing. With this line of thinking, if he ran for President as a Republican, he'd win.....
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    So called Christians defending and voting for a pedophile is now the republican version of draining the swamp.
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    Mariota on Rich Eisen Show

    Why can’t Mariota produce sound bites like ‘no one can’t teach me nothin?’
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    _Cowboy_Dan from the Titans sub-reddit reviewed the All-22 as well. Seemed to come away with similar thoughts, @Face. Also seems to echo many of your thoughts as well, @cenj
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    Dick LeBeau gotta go

    @cenj made a post in another thread but I wanted to start a post on DL so I'll respond in a new thread of it's own: Are you really gonna praise the defense for playing "lights out" against the worst offenses in the league? They've played Carr, Wilson, Watson and Big Ben. All those guys carved their pass defense up. 14 TDs and 1 INT against those QBs. 110 to 135 passer ratings. The offense also doesn't have more talent than the defense. It hasn't even been close. Defense wins that by a long way. Orapko, Casey, Morgan, Woodyard, Brown, Byard, Ryan, Jackson have all been healthy all year. The offense has Lewan Roos, Conklin, Mariota, Walker, Jones and Matthews, who else? Mariota has missed a game and a half and couldn't move 3 other games. The defense did fantastic against the Steelers until getting gassed? LOL, false. The defense gave up two TD drives to start both halves. The Titans controlled the ball in the first half by a huge margin. The Steelers offense has actually been a big disappointment, hadn't cracked 30 points until last night(40!). #1 threat, Brown has a career type game, which usually happens against a DL defense the last two years. How do you single cover Brown with Sims? Or with anyone for that matter? The Texans game was so bad Mularkey called DL out. DL's scheme was scorched last season as well. Kessler, Barkley even scorched them. Luck probably had the best game of his career. Even before last night the Titans were the worst defense in the league covering opposing #1 WRs. Then Brown dropped 10 catches 144 yards and 3 TDs. Baldwin, Hopkins, Brown, A.J. Green all had huge games. The problem last year was McCourty and Cox. They get replaced with better players yet the production is no better. Meanwhile McCourty plays zone with Cleveland and has a good season. The Titans actually have a solid pass rushing DL. Orapko, Klug, Casey and Morgan are serviceable. DL's scheme has totally neutralized them because of the 5 man rushes. The Titans are near the bottom in sacks. Quality passing offenses don't just do well vs the LeBeau, they absolutely torch them. You cannot win meaningful games in the NFL with a defensive scheme this flawed vs the better passing games. When comparing the defense to the offense and who needs to go it's not even close.
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    The Rams and Eagles are great counter arguments to Mularkey's offense. Look at the Rams: they pass about the same as the Titans, but average 1.6 more net yard per attempt. They rank #2 in pts scored, #4 in passing yards, and about #10 in rushing yards. So they are much better at running than us too. We run more 2 TE and 1 WR sets than anyone in the NFL, and we're dead last in 3+ WR sets. Meanwhile, the Rams and Eagles use 3 and 4 WR sets more than anyone else in the NFL (over 66% of the time). They spread receiving options across the field and spread out the defense. Yet they have more explosive passing plays, and more success rushing. They're a perfect argument that running heavy sets with tight formations isn't necessary for big plays (or success in the run game).
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    Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    Cowherd? Not interested.
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    Terry Glenn dead

    RIP in Peace
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    The tax bill raises taxes on the middle class, forces people off health coverage(13 mill) and adds 1.5 trill to the deficit What's the problem!
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    Taylor plays in a rushing offense run by a WR coach and a man with CTE.
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    around the NFL today

    If i was a Bills fan I'd probably want a new head coach. Benching Tyrod was insanely stupid.
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    around the NFL today

    After having rooted for the Browns, i feel like I've been ass raped. Seriously, I feel sexually violated.
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    Reminder: Mariota broke his leg at the end of last season. He didn't get an offseason. He was in therapy. He's 23. He shows flashes of absolute brilliance, of the sort we haven't seen in a long time around here (since McNair). And then he's inconsistent. Again, he's 23, playing with receivers that he didn't get to gel with in the offseason. I'm NOT worried about Mariota.
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    Lol, there's no way in hell you've spent 10 minutes actually reading the analysis of this bill.
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    Flat Earthers UNITE!!!

    I hear they had people flying in from around the globe...
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    The cameras were fucking awesome

    I loved the Madden View. But 4 times, Marcus hit the "B" button, when I hit the "X" button. I damn near threw my controller through the TV.
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    He also says that he likes to call the same plays over and over even if they aren’t working because he feels like they will work eventually. And he also mentions that Mularkey asks him why he keeps calling the same Plays...... I've never liked Robiskie being the coordinator going back to the first time i heard the news. Then i see this ignorant shit he spews no damn wonder the offense is stalling look at the dumbass running the whole thing. As far as Mularkey goes i want to knock that dumb ignorant smile off his face that he gets each time we barely win games against teams we should be blowing out. In fact i'd be quite happy with wiping the whole slate clean and bringing in new coaches. Put Marcus in an offense with a new coordinator where he can thrive and while we are at it get a new coordinator in here as well with a more modernized defense. In my opinion we are underachieving big time with the staff we have now. Like someone stated earlier Mularkey is just another Jim Mora he will make you a bit better but his ceiling is 9-7 and thats all your gonna get.
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    Mariota on Rich Eisen Show

    Sign Language. Samoan Sign Language. It involves Hibiscus flowers, palm fronds and pineapple slices. And Eisen has connections.
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    http://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/24262/delanie-walker-frustrated-titans-offensive-potential-hasnt-been-realized "It's a little frustrating that we're not putting up 35 points a game," Walker said. "We have the offense to do that. We have the quarterback. We have the running backs. We have the offensive line. We have the receivers. For us not to do that in Week 11, it’s kind of disappointing. We played poor offensively." "Everybody's piss is hot right now. I know mine is," Walker said. "I'm a little upset on how the game went down Thursday night. I think this is a good chance to see what type of team we have on how they answer. Receiver Rishard Matthews had a similar take after the Titans loss to the Steelers: "I hope we all learn from this -- players and coaches. Learn what it takes to close out games, what it takes to get the ball in playmakers' hands. What it takes all around. I hope we all learn."
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    Terry Glenn dead

    Terry Glenn > CJ
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    Said this on the podcast recently. The team likely peaks at just the right time... or doesn't peak... which is exactly what wins Super Bowls. Start the playoffs week 1 and KC wins. They aren't looking so hot right now, though. Hopefully we're the opposite.
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    Well this is an offense in which Eric Decker moonlights as a QB so who knows...
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    Colts Week (plus AFC Playoff Picture)

    My God the AFC sucks......
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    Tajae > corey

    He was probably more pro ready from day one but doesn't have a fraction of the physical talent
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    What is Derrick Henry?

    yes you were wrong for pulling a Bongo and throwing shit against the wall in preseason. It's week 10 now, Murray is healthy, and he still lack explosiveness. That doesn't make you right. Reminds me of my great uncle who would yell "fumble fumble fumble fumble" whenever the other team had the ball and when a fumble actually occured, he's turned to you and say "see, I called it". Thats you in a nutshell. As for Mularkey continuing to play Murray, isn't it obvious why we would make fun of you for that?
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    Everything. Seriously. The buck stops with him. Stand up and take some responsibility. See the responses I posted from O'Brien in the other thread. I don't care if it's PR-speak. I think it goes over much better in a locker room because they feel the coach has their back. I'm willing to bet Rishard isn't the only one who doesn't like it. As long as we win, you probably won't hear about it. But if the losses start piling up, I'm sure more and more players would be irritated by it.
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    It's funny how certain posters here believe every story written about the Clintons or Obama. But now they require "conclusive proof" while reading a story about a Republican.