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    I have no problem with the players using the leverage they have to get the best deal they can.
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    Nice Video

    Texan fan with a pretty good breakdown of our team https://reddit.app.link/C7TRysERGN
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    Trump on pace to Triple 2016 deficit

    https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1J82FN The month of May posted a $147 billion dollar deficit. For reference, 2016 (Obama’s last in office) had a $585 billion dollar deficit for the entire YEAR. Trump is bankrupting our country and his redtard followers are lapping it up. On pace for a $1.6 trillion deficit for 2018!! Way to fuck up the economy long term. Hear that? It’s the sound of interest rates rising again.
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    It's like they elected the male version of everything they see Hillary as.
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    "I actually support police brutality and corruption, therefore I'll be standing" said no one ever. Here's the problem kneeling morons - no one associates the target of your protest with the subject of your cause, no matter how many times you try to explain it. You're taking a noble cause and doing nothing but driving people away - many people who could be allies are lost forever. It's like if I chained myself to the front door of my local elementary school in order to protest TGLC's constant spam on TR. You guys picked the worst possibly strategy, and then followed your biggest idiot (CK) right off a cliff.
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    As I've gotten older I've shifted my stance on this sort of thing. The bottom line is NFL contracts aren't guaranteed and teams fuck over players all the time. I'm not going to blame Lewan for wanting the big second contract/extension as thats usually the biggest one for players. Hopefully both sides get it done in time for preseason.
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    Nice Video

    It’s the same offense guys, nothing to see here.
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    Are you 12? OF COURSE business > sport. Players make these owners billions. Why should he risk rendering himself unable to get the most lucrative deal he possibly can just for a minicamp? You think the team is going to reward him a lucrative multi-million dollar deal for being a good sport if he happens to tear his ACL in minicamp?
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    AFC weak spots by Greg Rosenthal

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000937032/article/afc-weak-spots-can-blake-bortles-rise-pats-flawed-on-edges Tennessee Titans: Nothing This team is perfect. Kudos to general manager Jon Robinson. Super Bowl, baby! Thats a quote btw lol
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    Mike Vrabel Press Conference today

    My takeaway is he knows what he's doing. My favorite part was when he was talking about the importance of screen passes, which is something he harped on at his initial press conference. He basically said that if Brady can throw screens then Mariota should be able to too. He said he stresses this all the time with the coaches, the importance of screen passes.
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    Vrabel on analytics

    very anti meathead
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    Cohen Flips on Trump

    Does anyone find it the least bit ironic that the folks screaming "WITCH HUNT" are the same people who believe in literal witches? Anybody?
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    OTA Updates

    That's weird. I thought the offense was the same as last year. 😊
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    One of Vrabel's best press conferences to date, IMO. I liked most of his answers. The way that he defends Dodd against a loaded question and the way he voices just the right amount of toughness with the Lewan hold-out really impressed me.
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    This is the fairest and most balanced assessment I can give of this summit. (1) We agreed to meet with Kim, one on one, without concessions. I am fine with this. That is a win for Kim, but I liked it when Obama said he would sit down with Kim without preconditions, and so I can live with this. (2) We agree to suspend joint military exercises with South Korea. This is not cool. This is a major concession. One of the biggest wants on the N. Korean side. But the most concerning part of this is Trump adopted Kim's language in doing so. Whereas we have always called these exercises "defensive," Trump referred to them as "provacative." (3) Kim promises to work toward denuclearization. This does not have any teeth or meaning. This is not a concession. (4) The parties agree to work towards the denuclearization of the "Korean Peninsula." What does this mean? It could mean everything from not having nukes on the peninsula, to not having nukes deployed in the theater, to not having any nukes with the capability of reaching the Korean peninsula. By my understanding, we legitamized the Kim regime, made a major concession, praised Kim as someone who loves his people, and I am not aware of anything concrete we received in return.
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    Cohen Flips on Trump

    @MadMax, I think your personal touch is needed.
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    You bunch of fucking ghouls would justify and normalize anything to divert criticism of your grand leader. These are children! How the hell can you shit heads sleep at night.
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    Nope. They were bad when conservatives tried to discredit a president FOR 8 FUCKING YEARS by claiming he wasn't an American citizen. Republican snowflakes just can't take a taste of what they dish out.
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    Mike Vrabel Press Conference today

    It seems like the Titans for years, even going back to our good years, had a hard time throwing a well timed and blocked screen pass. We saw how effective they can be with Henry last year and with Henry and Lewis we should have a good dose of screens each week. They do need to get them perfected along with the quick passes to the flat to the RBs which serves as an extension to the run game.
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    If you sidelined 3 of the top 5 receivers from any team in the league, I'd bet their receivers would struggle against the #1 defense in practice too...
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    Byard is talking about championships. The run has officially begun. Pretty quick considering we had the number one draft pick three years ago and the number two the year before. I hope they can get enough of the offense installed to get off to a great start. We have a QB. He came in the league setting records and his third year, he leads to the team to a playoff win. I really don't know how I would feel if we had the same staff. What would they say they would do different? Could they instill confidence after the collapse going for the finish line? Vrabel is youthful and highly energetic. He's surrounded with a great staff and support system. Now after seeing a few press conferences, some practice clips and comments by players you see a high energy level. The players seem to show more confidence. Everybody likes his coaching style, publicly at least. A lot of attention is being put into form and detail. "HAROLD" I think he is going to be Vrab's guy. He already mentioned before the draft about how well HAROLD responded to just 30 minutes of coaching. Vrabel has his hands in everything, but it doesn't look like he's micromanaging. It's more like he's letting everybody know they are all in it together. It doesn't appear that the job looks to big to him. In just a few weeks his composure with the media has improved and I think you can see more of why the players seem to like him. I believe IF we can get home field, the SB is a real good possibility. That's as long as the Ravens don't come to town.
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    When one party has controlled both chambers of Congress for many years, and has controlled all three branches of government for a year and a half, you have to be a true believer to blame the other party for the deficit. God bless ya!