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  2. Ravens vs Jags

    Anytime the Ravens get hammered I'm in. And they have the Steelers and Oak coming up next. They feasted against two bad teams week one and two. Jax D is solid.
  3. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    They gave that up right? So they didn't have to publish Goodell's salary anymore. Lol.
  4. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    You act like the guy is calm, cool, and calculated. Spend some time in nursing homes full of old guys with dementia and Alzheimer's, and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that our president isn't playing with a full deck. There are no intentions, no master plans, no higher order thought. He's just an old sick dude living in the moment, oblivious to the long reaching consequences of his statements and actions.
  5. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    All these entertainers need to focus on one thing - ENTERTAIN! I don't care about their thoughts or political views - they get paid for one thing only...
  6. Ravens vs Jags

    I agree. I like it though.
  7. Ravens vs Jags

    This is incredible
  8. Ravens vs Jags

    Bortles looks like Week 16 last year........Jax is killing them and Balt does not have the offense to come back. I think Jax D cant stymie them
  9. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    That’s just an archaic way of looking at things.. plus your statement just isn’t a humane response.
  10. Ravens vs Jags

    Bortles is on fire.
  11. Is the London game not on tv?

    Time to call DIRECTV and protest!
  12. Ravens vs Jags

    Balt has to be shocked now
  13. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    There's nothing racial about it. Whites should be shot as equally as blacks and other minorities.
  14. Ravens vs Jags

    Our defense looks better than the Ravens so far
  15. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    Yet instead they can't even all be on the same page. Yes they're all interlocking arms but some are standing and some are kneeling.
  16. Who is watching the game today?

    I wasn't insinuating anything. I was directly pointing out the part of the story you intentionally omitted to make the incident seem even more unjustified. What you just did is a microcosm of what the media and activists on both sides have been doing. Why can't you post all the facts, give your opinion, and then let others decide whether to agree or disagree?
  17. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    Yeah that falls in line with what every ever racist I’ve spoked with... no surprises here lol
  18. Is the London game not on tv?

    Its on NFL.com
  19. Is the London game not on tv?

    Only streamed on yahoo
  20. Is the London game not on tv?

    Yahoo are doing the livestream
  21. Ravens vs Jags

    Jax D is showing up. And I think the Ravens offense is getting exposed.
  22. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    If players want to make a statement then kick the ball through the end zone, line up on first play from scrimmage, snap the ball and let the first quarter run out without doing anything but looking at each other in every game. There would be sweeping change in a week if this happens in every game. No commercials and can just imagine what announcers and networks would do for 15 minutes of nothing. Just play the next three quarters.
  23. Is the London game not on tv?

    I thought last year it was only streamed
  24. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    That's why we need police to shoot the people who don't respect the rules.
  25. Ravens vs Jags

    Jax first drive looked great. And Fowler with a sack.
  26. I disagree and know that I am in the minority, but I'm thinking that we run the ball well. I will go as far as say that Henry tops 120 today, if he gets ample opportunity. There are a few things in our in our favor . First, Seattle's D is going to be on the field a lot. Next, it's going be nasty hot this afternoon and they are traveling cross country to boot. This is likely a slog fest but by mid 3rd quarter I expect us to start picking up large chunks of yardage on the ground. They are going to stack the box early on and we need to make them pay with Taywan, and then we can go to dropping the hammer on them. Titans 20-16
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