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  2. If the titans resign Jones, Succop and Walden they should be able to make the roster numbers work out to 53 guys rather easy. If they resign Decker or possibly Weeden, it gets even easier and would have room to cut a few guys like Murray and Cassel . It can be done with 6 drafts picks and four guys (Wallace, Sims, Sharpe, Jones) returning from IR who weren't on the final 53. The question is whether JRob wants to pursue that strategy. Not resigning Williamson and Kline would then give them 2019 comps.
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  4. Remember when we got compensatory picks every season?

    not sure our roster is at a stage where we can limit our FA intake to simply players released by other teams. here is a pretty good definition of how a player qualifies to be considered as a compensatory free agent. "In order to qualify for the comp equation, a player must have been a true Unrestricted Free Agent whose contract had expired or was voided after the previous season (i.e., he cannot have been released by his old team); he must sign during the UFA signing period (which concludes the second Tuesday after the draft.) his compensatory value or contract value must be above a specific minimum amount; and he cannot have been permanently released by his new team before a certain point in the season (which seems to be after Week 10) or, possibly, before getting a certain amount of playing time, unless he was claimed off waivers by another team."
  5. Correct. Lebron more or less likes to run the organization and dictate the moves. That won't happen in San Antonio.
  6. Actually that's not true. We can just target FA that have been released (ie cap casualities). I think the Ravens do this every year and stock up on comp picks the following year.
  7. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    I mean, she sucks because she lost - being fit for President has been redefined now to include basically anyone so based on this new definition I think she would have fit right in.
  8. Deadlift or no deadlift?

    No, a piece of gym equipment
  9. Hue Jackson is probably going to have to win at least 6 games next season to save his job. with 6 of the first 65 picks in the draft and $110 million in cap space, and an all star personnel department now running the show, they are going to bring plenty of talented players into the building. if the Browns suck again next season, it won't be ownership/management that cops the heat it will be Hue Jackson and the coaching staff.
  10. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    She doesn’t and she would have been a capable president. Infinitely superior to the Bozo we got stuck with.
  11. Idc what ppl said about me. Id have no problem telling CLE I wouldn't play for them. I can't believe it doesn't happen more often.
  12. Its not because he didn't want to play for Dallas, the CFL offered him more money.
  13. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    I think we will get an answer, it will just be predictably moronic...
  14. Do a Eli Manning. Refuse to play for the team that Drafts you.
  15. You won't get an answer from the Trump supporters about this.
  16. Their OL is not amazing. They are real good at run blocking. Average at best at pass blocking, even with a healthy Thomas. But after Thomas went down they were really hurting in pass pro. No one should ever be pumped to go to Cleveland unless you're going there you play them.
  17. If he doesn't sign he could go back into next years draft. Idk if going to another pro league changes that or not.
  18. So we will get a lot of comp picks because of the guys Jrob drafts... and your basis behind that is the fact that we might get a comp pick for losing a player that he didn’t draft? Makes sense.
  19. Philly vs OKC tonight

    October 28th and 30th. You lost both games. Only player you were down was Paul. November 14th, lost to TOR, only down Paul. Thats three right there. Prolly more but I felt that is enough to prove you wrong. And that was just looking at your first 3 losses. Starting to wonder if I should take your word on the 25-1 record when Harden, Paul, and Capela are all in the lineup. Starting to seem questionable now...
  20. Bleacher Report grades the 2017 NBA draft class.

    I didn't know saying they're the favorites means they get the title. But I do remember ppl saying all through the season they would win the year they set the regular season record for wins. But see what the regular season gets you? Not a title... So keep talking about that "when healthy" record as if it depicts the future.
  21. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    No trolling. And the fact you keep going back to that yet continue to repsond shows how weak that claim, or you, really are. And they are two totally different situations. Cruz actually incriminated himself. If you think there was more proven evidence in that dossier to infringe on someones rights but there wasn't enough on Cruz, you're a confused individual. What this boils down to is you cant admit the FBI fucked up, because you believe you'll be feeding into Russian propaganda. Lol. Sad. If that isn't a classic class of deflection that you like to talk about....
  22. Bleacher Report grades the 2017 NBA draft class.

    They already gave the title to Golden State before the season, remember?
  23. Remember when we got compensatory picks every season?

    compensation picks are awarded after matching up your FA gains and losses, for us to get compensation picks for 2019, we would have to do almost nothing in terms of bringing in FA.
  24. Another shooting today!!

  25. The off-season quarterback carousel

    the picks 21&22 plus Cordy Glenn and Tyrod Taylor package was more angled at getting the 5th pick off the Broncos, they have had previous interest in Taylor. if they want to go all the way up to pick #2 with the Giants, it will probably take picks 21&22 plus Cordy Glenn and then their 2019 first rounder as well.
  26. The off-season quarterback carousel

    Taylor won’t go there I don’t think. If Taylor gets cut he will sign a team to start while they groom the QB if he is fine with backing up someone then i say sign him! You couldn’t do better for a backup QB
  27. Under JR that will begin. If Williamson signs with another team as expected we will get around a 5th for him next year. He should command a contract about 4 years 18 million from a FA team. Likely a 43 team needing a MLB That’s what happens when you draft good. In two two years when Sims walks we could get one for him. Same with Henry and Johnson if they walk however if Johnson continues to progress he will be going nowhere.
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