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  2. President Trump - Witness Tampering

    You turkeys have been wrong since before the election and your still whining and crying for "Russia, Russia, Russia" when are you going to realize there is nothing there??? Strike up the band and dig to North Korea and you're still not going to find shit... This isn't the Clinton's you're dealing with where there is a skeleton in every closet... It's been over a year, do you think Trump would be in office if they had anything??? Hell. they'd impeach him for jaywalking--- you dems are just wiggin for no reason... Go take a hit or two and relax --- you've got 7 more years of this to live through!!! ENJOY!!!
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  4. They embraced the popular revolution over the dictator instead of letting him kill his people. We were fine with the original set up though. Mubarak was our ally. We had no reason to want him gone but when it came down to it we chose the people over the dictator.
  5. And ended when the Muslim Brotherhood managed to get Morsi in the presidency, which obama embraced. Who then got unseated and arrested and was replaced by Al-Sisi, (and secular coalition) who obama rejected. I would guess the CIA's involvement was more than you think.
  6. State of the Preds

    Last 7 or 8 games, they look like a totally different team from last year, in a good way. First few games, they were fighting for chemistry or something. As of right now, I'm really liking what I'm seeing.
  7. No. They were backing the protesting civilians turned rebels. There are 3 sides to the Syrian conflict. No clue. I would guess less than you think. That civil war isn't something we wanted. Hell, it started in large part with our ally in Egypt.
  8. So now you're saying the obama admin was backing Al-Qaeda against Assad. Good to know. So how much of the Arab Spring would you say was started or fomented by the CIA? (speaking of spooks and the various ME uprisings)
  9. ISIS is an off shoot of AQ. It's the same people. They've been there since the beginning or right after it started. And the Revolutionary Guard has been fighting there in defense of Assad from the beginning. You were clearly wrong and poorly informed.
  10. Regardless of how much you want to nitpick my assertion, what was discussed between Trump and the Russian ambassadors was a tool in the fight against ISIS. And the fact remains more headway has been made in the war against ISIS since that meeting, than in the previous 3 years. You may see that as a coincidence, but I say that's borne of your hatred for all things Trump, and denies reality. And I'm sure that puts us at an impasse. The next flaw in that article is a fact that I'm sure you'll deny, and that is that spooks don't tell the truth to the media. They just don't. Spooks that talk to the press can't be trusted by the covert community. If they do, they get disavowed and lose all status in intelligence circles. As far as the media goes, the intelligence community regards them as their medium for misinfo/disinfo. I'm sure Bill Binney and Edward Snowden would be glad to explain to you why, but I doubt you'd believe them either.
  11. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    I just hate that people simply choose sides in politics like they're fucking teams. People's refusal to admit ANY faults within their team's members or actions is complete insanity. I wish (stupidly) that people would step out of the black or white confines and come exist in the gray area where all politicians are judged singularly and separately as unique entities as opposed to blindly supporting them because they sport a D or R beside their name on a fucking ballot. Also, we can come to a completely mutual agreement on the bolded statement.
  12. https://hbr.org/1993/01/to-build-a-winning-team-an-interview-with-head-coach-bill-walsh Long, but good read. Some quotes I thought were relatable to the kind of discussions we've been having about Mularkey.
  13. Rockets looking to do work in Free Agency.

    Yea, we saw 1-9 didnt matter much last year either. Plus, I thought MD was this great coach who won COY once upon a time.... With Gordon, Harden, CP3, Ariza, Luc, Capela, and Nene being so great, I woild also think he would spend more time with the bums. And wasn't some Asian supposed to be great? Surely his skills should have prevented such a disparity in points.
  14. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    My comment had nothing to do with your allegiance or lack thereof. Nor was it my intention to "talk up" the Republican party. Simply felt your insult towards the Democratic party was lacking and that their incompetence needed emphasized a little more.
  15. ISIS was not at the root of the Syrian uprising against Assad. ISIS's involvement came later. The Syrian civil war started in 2011, and ISIS presence wasn't recognized until sometime around 2014. Our fight against ISIS was started in Iraq and persisted there for at least two years before ISIS was recognized as a player in the Syrian civil war. They wanted all of the Levant and later used the uprising in Syria to gain a foothold there.
  16. Not doubtful. It's completely wrong. Iran's Revolutionary Guard has been in Syria fighting ISIS from the start.
  17. Some claim it's not, but I addressed that in the post that followed. And that was my mistake, in not including the qualifier. The Shia-Sunni conflict makes it extremely doubtful.
  18. This is patently false.
  19. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Spend $750 to "win" $500.
  20. Good job. I didn’t know if you turned into vondyJR
  21. The overreaction is totally laughable

    And that's how you know you've penned quality sarcasm
  22. Lol this whole post is someone realizing he was wrong and scrambling to throw out as much as he knows to prove he's not poorly informed. It's hilarious and transparent. And now to the actual post. Civilians in Syria started protesting as the green revolution spread across the middle East and it became a civil war. Muslim extremists, who are extremists bc of dictators in the ME, took this opportunity to fight the gov. There is currently a 3 way war on Syria between ISIS, Syrian government and the civilian rebels. US backed the rebels. Russia and Iran backed Assad. ISIS is fighting both but primarily the Syria gov. As they gained more territory thru expanded into Iraq. They have since been getting pushed back starting with Obama.
  23. The overreaction is totally laughable

    Prepare to be disappointed. Rumour has it AAS has a lifetime coaching contract penned up for Mularkey after he goes 9-6 again this season. She understands it's hard to win in this league. It dosent matter by how much you win against scrub teams, just as long as you win. Even though 9-6 is a one game winning record it's still a win. Winning an above .500 record is hard in this league and should be rewarded.
  24. Not it's not deflection, it's reality. ISIS has been driven from its base in Raqqa, Syria and has been/is being systematically crushed in Iraq by US backed Iraqi forces and US backed Kurds. ISIS is losing members in the ME in droves. Canada and the UK are debating what to do with returning ISIS fighters in their respective parliaments. ISIS used the chaos and conflict in Syria to hide, and to garner support, but rarely ever went against Assad's forces directly. Their fight was more in Iraq than it ever was in Syria. The Syrian war has ALWAYS been a civil war, with us supporting rebel forces aligned against Assad. That's the truth NOT bullshit. Unless of course you're saying obama was backing forces directly aligned with ISIS? Is that REALLY what you want to say reo? Because we've spent billions over there, training and equipping the rebel fighters, and many have accused obama of creating ISIS. So are you one of those? Sorry, but you can't have one without the other. Furthermore, some have said ISIS a tool of Iran's, but only in the sense that they are aligned against us, the great satan and the Israelis. But the Sunni-Shia ideology conflict does place that claim in doubt for sure, but as long as ISIS is fighting against Israel and the U.S. you know Iran will never go to great lengths to impede them. That's not in their interests whatsoever. In any event, the VF article neglects to mention ANY of this, and like I said before, the results tell me far more than an unspecified and unverified spook that likes to talk truth to the media. ANYONE in the media. Real spooks don't do that. And when they've done it in the past, whatever they told the media was far more likely to be the opposite of the truth.
  25. Mularkey getting shit canned will be a great day for this team the fact people still lobbying for him is completely laughable
  26. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Robbiscuits ramblings remind me of scratch ticket gamblers. Those filthy degens who keep going back for more. Each time they're just one off from winning the jackpot in a matching game or one letter short of hitting it big on a crossword. Everything looks so good but it's just not there for some reason. They keep coming back since everytime they are one away. Thats exactly like what his doubles BS sounds like. It looks really nice each of the 6 times but for some reason just isn't doing it, just like a lottery ticket looks nice when it's one away.
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