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  2. Ravens vs Jags

    I know I should probably be pulling for the Ratbirds....but I just can't do it. How about a "Tie" ?
  3. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    Way to try discredit what they did, especially for someone who doesn’t care about it. You see it’s not that you don’t care, yo dumb ass doesn’t even realize you are supporting what they are protesting by your notion that you don’t care but the fact you only speak against what they are doing. I’m still not sure why you are in here if you dont care lol
  4. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    It's actually not fair to Goodell You'd have to find a commish who knew nothing about the NFL or running it and was also secretly working with another sport to sabotage the NFL to find a fair comparison
  5. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    For all the people who believe they should stick to their jobs and not speak their minds, I wonder what you all do for a living that makes you think people value what you’re saying? What about your job gives you more right to speak about this than them?
  6. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    Worse than that, he was just getting past all the bad PR from supporting the Nazi's in Charlottesville and now he's brought it back to the light with the most watched TV event in America
  7. ya you had to go fournette and buck. I wouldnt flex the others. Rob Kelly is playing today.
  8. Ravens vs Jags

    This is looking great for the titans OL
  9. Staff seems to think that guys can rub some mud on the hammy and that playing on it will help.
  10. Is the London game not on tv?

    The game should be on TV period.
  11. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    Amazing that we actually found a shittier version of Goodell, isn't it?
  12. Not it's not clear unless you have an agenda *cough cough* The truth is Murray has had decent success through 2 games when not hit behind the line of scrimmage. He's also clearly injured which you refused to admit. Is he done? No one knows the answer as long as he's hurt.
  13. Oh I think if they control the clock and rack up carries they could def wear them out and end up running well as the game goes on. But the Seattle defense is going to be geared to stop the run and not fear the Titans passing game at all
  14. Ravens vs Jags

    This is exactly what's going through the mind. Titans are looking like a good team that demolished a decent jags team.
  15. Tre McBride Waived by Bears

    Another one trick pony to add to the inactive list? Need LB depth right now
  16. You already did You weren't even satisfied with the #1 2:00 offense in the league
  17. Ravens vs Jags

    Maybe we are pretty damn good. Jags defense killing Ravens. Embarrassing.
  18. Ravens vs Jags

    Jax DL is destroying the Ravens.
  19. Seems clear that the team and staff have no idea how to deal with hamstring injuries.
  20. Ravens vs Jags

    TN OL dominance is on display right now........
  21. Ravens vs Jags

    The Titans look pretty good watching that Jags defense destroy the Ravens
  22. Ravens vs Jags

    I want all AFCS teams to lose always.. other than titans of course
  23. Is the London game not on tv?

    Is there an app it can be watched on on Apple TV? I don't want to watch on my computer n
  24. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    And there it is lmao Hope you run a red and have a cop pull a gun on you for not respecting the rules.
  25. Ravens vs Jags

    Anytime the Ravens get hammered I'm in. And they have the Steelers and Oak coming up next. They feasted against two bad teams week one and two. Jax D is solid.
  26. Let’s leep track of all the protests today

    They gave that up right? So they didn't have to publish Goodell's salary anymore. Lol.
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