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The Two Tone Crew

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Episode 88 - Standing Still

Nov 13 2014 The Two Tone Crew returns to chart a course of sanity between week 10 and week 11 of the 2014 season. After showing early promise, the Titans lost...
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Episode 87 - Welcome to the Mett Show

Nov 05 2014 With the bye week in the rearview mirror, the Two Tone Crew returns to recap the first half of the season. The original trio hits on all the c...
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Episode 86 - Breaking News!

Oct 22 2014 Jonboy and Jamal return for an episode filled with news discussion. They run through a range of emotions, ranging from disappointment at...
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Episode 85 - Winning While Losing with OILERMAN

Oct 16 2014 Scotty (AKA @[member='OILERMAN']) joins @Jonboy to try and make a boring game sound interesting. Did the Titans win over Jacksonville fee...
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Episode 84 - Dog Pounded

Oct 09 2014 The Two Tone Crew returns to discuss the Titans after a week that found the team on the wrong side of history. A first half 25 point lead at home s...
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