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  2. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Didn't come off that way to me at all, honest no nonsense guy.
  3. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Vrabel has worked other places. In your/our reading up about him before he came, did he have this trait mentioned? One thing about this board, we are a Titans Wikipedia, so if that's a character trait of his it would have been mentioned, a lot.
  4. Vrabel OTA press conference

    I agree. But whatevs I'm still excited to see what he does. He has the right perspective.
  5. He got to perfect his craft and build his roster because of Brady. He had the guts to it when other coaches wouldn't, not saying he isn't great and didn't maximize his opportunity but he got players to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, take below market value contracts, put in extra time etc when these players would not have done any of that if Brady wasn't there being the greatest and making the same sacrifices. People talk about Manning being a field general, but Brady is the type of player to scare his own offensive coordinators, there were years he didn't even have a coordinator at all. You can't put that on the system or Belicheck.
  6. You don't have to convince me he's a great coach, I think he's the best of all time. The question was who was more important. OK, he's 19-17 lately without Brady, that's mediocre. That's my point
  7. No, he doesn't. His first season was 5-11. The last 20 games in 2008 and 2015, he went 14-6. That's a winning record, and more importantly, the two most recent sample sizes are a much more accurate representation of him as a coach, as he's had time to perfect his craft and build his roster. They started winning when Brady became the starter, but you act as if that was the only addition they made that year. Not even close. A great QB can succeed anywhere, but a lot of QBs could succeed if they had Brady's supporting cast, coaching, abysmal division and schedule, and defense.
  8. Vrabel OTA press conference

    He can be a bit obnoxious & bloviate at times but too many people on the inside rave about his personality & leadership, so I don't want to put too much emphasis on quick interviews & pressers. That said, I can see him being very combative with the media, which can get tiring. It can make for an edgy environment & wear players down.
  9. Vrabel OTA press conference

    He reminds me of Mike Singletary
  10. He has a losing record with the Pats without Brady too I think BB was a great coach with the Browns. Great coaches need great QBs, great QBs don't need great HCs
  11. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    You're confusing spare with overrated
  12. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    You are correct in your assumption in my meaning he was the guy Marcus usually looks for in big moments. I mean, someone DID post the tweet that he copied word-for-word.
  13. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Well, alright then..... https://www.newschannel5.com/news/waffle-house-to-reopen-wednesday-after-shooting Waffle House has reopened and donating 100% sales to the victims and families for the next month. We'll be visiting more often than normal. Hopefully the lady that bangs the dishes together to wash them is no longer there or has learned a better way.
  14. Comey Memos

    I see.
  15. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    They arent take a 265lb guy who can only run 4.8-4.9 in the first, dont worry.
  16. I think he wants to but @ctmhad a good point, you need somebody who wants to trade up & it doesn't look like there will be anything to trade up for, unless a QB drops. Maybe the Giants trade up for a tackle?
  17. Wow..this thread went totally off the rails..
  18. Vrabel OTA press conference

    I use different ways to try to understand people. I found it useful to not look at Vrabel, but listen. I heard something different. I did it for a few interviews and I thought he made a lot of sense.
  19. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    I'd say it's much more complicated than that and I do beleive this has probably been studied at length. What's your conclusion? Thrown at which problem?
  20. I hate the Hubbard pick but I agree, this mock draft was obviously very well thought out. He nailed the positions we're looking at & the players we've shown interest in. Wolfe is excellent BTW. He obviously knows the game & really studies the team. He's written some pieces about some very specific things that shows he really does his homework.
  21. What's Brady's sample size without Belichick? All this vast coaching sample size you speak of is his rookie head coaching stint (also defacto rookie gm) with a Brown's franchise in absolute turmoil. (which he also won a playoff game with after dumping Kozar for Testaverde). If you are a big Fisher guy you should definitely sympathize with his situation. But dont forget his assistant head coaching positions with the division champ jets with HIS Testaverde and with the afc champ pats with Bledsoe. Belichick was absolutey highly regarded as a potential head coach after the Browns for a reason.
  22. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    First of all it is just a word like cracker or whitey and if it rouses violence in someone that person is proving themselves to be a hater. Secondly, more than a small % of black people use the word. It is also real common in movies and in music. The point is if it is OK for black people to use it then is should be OK for others. Not that I use the word normally or care to use it other than to make a point and show how some of these race baiters are nothing but haters themselves.
  23. Ruston Webster GM from 2012-2015 had 30 draft picks which only 3 remain on the roster going into 2018 and some people want to complain about Jrob!
  24. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    So when poverty was worse and discrimination was way worse, but there was less violence, it means nothing? Obviously nothing is the all in all but it does make a statement that excusing the situation because of economics and also race issues isn't necessarily a conclusion either. Not to mention billions of dollars since the 60s has been thrown at the problem by the Federal government and the problem keeps getting worse.
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