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  2. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    russell wilson came in as a rookie in preseason looking like a beast
  3. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I'm not sure that Connecticut is accurate. There's a lot of people here who either like the Giants/Jets or just flat out hate the Patriots for spurning them in the late 90's. Although I'm sure that many Giants fans want the Patriots to win just like most of us wanted the Patriots to win yesterday.
  4. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    Again people are drooling over QB coaches and OCs who have been successful with Wentz and Goff 2 prototype QBs who were considered the best prospects at that position in their draft. But when a guy has success, fantastic success with a 5'10 QB who was a third rd pick and that is nothing? Josh McDaniels could shit on the playbook and be successful with Tom Brady. People called Tom Moore some sort of genius for what he did with Peyton Manning. Shit Manning was the de facto OC! Wilson is an athletic mobile QB, so is Mariota. I never said they were the same. Never said anything about race either. I'm tired of a bunch of glue sniffing morons who can't pull up a scouting report or a web page pretending they know something.
  5. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I didn’t even notice that little speck.
  6. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    Jimmy Graham was just as productive in Seattle as he was in New Orleans in 2015 and 16. He just missed 5 games with injury in 2015. He averaged 56 yards a start and 13.5 a catch. How is that having your balls clipped? 2 pro bowls in 3 years really sucks eh? https://sportsnaut.com/2014/12/jimmy-graham-on-his-struggles-its-been-a-long-year/ He played with a shoulder injury for 11 games this year. Please do your homework before you post next time.
  7. And now they are hiring two guys that are scheme agnostic with the potential OC having experience in both spread and power running schemes. The common theme is adaptability.
  8. Yall Sound Like St8Bitches

    Yeah, people bitch when we hired a retread this last time, and now when we get a first time coach, they act like a whining women up in here. Get over yourselves, and get on board.
  9. Go get me Lane Kiffin

    How about being hired by Saban? I guess Saban is some scum sucking Trump fan as well that goes around hiring incompetent people? Yea, Kiffin has some baggage but it is obviously people that actually know football respect his offensive mind. Trying to say the guy is incompetent is stupid. And yea, he took Florida Atlantic to a 11-3 record his first season. He also was signed to a deal to stay there for the next 10 years so don't worry, he isn't coming to TN.
  10. You guys are over focused on the read option. The run heavy, vertical offense worked one year but it never best suited Mariota. When that became clear - the coaching staff never adapted. Robinski even had several quotes to the philosophy that they were going to do their scheme regardless
  11. Yall Sound Like St8Bitches

    Every head coach is a gamble. Vrabel not more or less than others. He could be good or he could be bad. Nobody knows and to speculate is a waste of time. Same with the OC and anyone else on the staff.
  12. It was a run first scheme that looked to set up big shots down the field with a qb whose strengths were quick reads, quicker release. He did some rpo, he did a little spread but mostly it was a classic, run first, vertical scheme when we didn’t have a run game and had qb whose greatest weakness was sitting in the pocket and throwing the ball deeper. It’s the same basic scheme MM used in Atlanta with Turner and Ryan. Then when it was obvious to everyone watching that the Titans were more productive spreading it out — they mostly ignored it and went back to the run heavy, vertical scheme. MM dabled in a bit of everything but was stuck in one scheme. That’s pretty much exactly what Jrob said - regarding the need to maximize talent.
  13. Back in July bleacher report rated our offensive schemes the 4th best in the league. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2718815-nfl1000-ranking-the-best-offensive-schemes I assume we stopped running the read option to avoid hits on Mariota.
  14. Dude, MM was running QB options and QB sweeps. It isn't MM was stuck in his own old fashion scheme or something. Maybe the scheme wasn't good but it wasn't because they refused to be original. Your argument was MM tried to get players to conform to his scheme. Not true at all. They were not rigid. Now you can argue in game adjustments weren't great or that the play calling wasn't great either. But this idea MM was running head strong scheme he made the player conform to simply isn't right. If anything MM tried to be too cute at times.
  15. Go get me Lane Kiffin

    That is rich, wasn't your coach just fired....again.
  16. Go get me Lane Kiffin

    You can look at Kiffins time at any stop. He is a top offensive mind. He just has a lot of other baggage. I have zero doubt our offense would be much better with Kiffin vs Day. Not even close.
  17. Yall Sound Like St8Bitches

    Vrabels resume is weak at best. JRob is taking a huge gamble. No reason to cheerlead it.
  18. Key has major character red flags.
  19. That’s exactly what I said ... adaptability, flexibility and less rigidity to one scheme
  20. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    What is the fascination with Bevell? His claim to fame was scouting Wilson and being instrumental in bringing him in but they also signed Matt Flynn. Bevell has never had a top passing offense and while the Hawks have been a pretty good rushing team with him there some of that is because Wilson puts up decent rushing numbers (Wilson was their leading rusher last season). It isn't rocket science with Lynch and Wilson to be one of the top rushing offenses. The guy also essentially clipped Jimmy Graham's balls. Graham goes from one of the top TEs in the NFL to pedestrian. Bottom line is the guy has been sucking it and got fired. MM might be a better OC than this guy.
  21. Today
  22. Best news about this draft for TN?

    We could always use a CB or S as much as a LB. It comes down to who is the BPA. I'll take another real good CB if one falls to us.
  23. Vrabel named Titans HC

    They still have Crennel. It would be like DLB being given a position as assistant HC and promoting our LBs coach to DC. Then the LB coach leaves and DLB goes back to being DC. Then on top of that Houston had a massive number of injuries and went from the #1 defense to last. Yea, the Texans gave up the most points in the NFL last year. On paper it isn't a great loss for them. We shall see. I hope JRob is right.
  24. I do not want to take the lazy approach of pigeon holing Day as running Chip Kelly’s offense, but a couple of points of note. Ohio State’s offense this year was an outstanding running offense first and foremost. All of Kelly’s offenses at both College and NFL have run the ball well. Carlos Hyde had his best year rushing (averaging 4.6 ypc) when he was in that offense. If Day comes here, I don’t doubt he emphasis the run very heavily, just not from jumbo sets with 9 offensive linemen. Day and DeMarco Murray we’re together with the Eagles in 2015. The run concepts that were used by the Eagles were clearly an awful fit for Murray. If there was any question of Hatem returning, I think this signing would kill it.
  25. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    Same here. Wouldn't doubt VY is close to 300 however. His head weighs 150 pounds of that.
  26. Older coaches don't seem to bring anything new to the table. So if you want status quo just hire John Fox, make Haley your OC and leave DLB as your DC. You could do worse but maybe that doesn't get you to the next level.
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