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  2. I voted for him largely because he was anti-establishment. Nothing in DC will change until the current system is blown up. I liked his stance on immigration. I liked his stance on being more non-interventionist. Liked that he would repeal Obamacare, didn't really like the replace part. Liked his climate stance. Liked he was going to kill TPP and renegotiate NAFTA and kill a lot of regulations. Would rather him pick SCOTUS than Hillary.
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  4. @TitanDuckFan put another way... Let's say I sign up for "HealthCare" outside of my employer. It's a monthly subscription, more than what I see as my monthly premium but I'm also getting paid more by my employer instead of getting it as a benefit. And let's say the whole thing is tax deductible or at least tax neutral with the way things are currently setup. That "HealthCare" subscription to some extent is a savings plan, covering a certain number of yearly check-ins, sick days, anti-biotic prescriptions, etc. It also has a component to cover hospitalization, emergency room care, etc. The later is fundamentally a form of insurance, since I won't use it every year but sometimes I'll need it.
  5. Close your eyes and imagine. You could be banging anyone when you do that
  6. There is only one interpretation. The one that was debated and passed in Philly, then sold during state ratification conventions. There is very little ambiguity.
  7. Yeah I would be ok with it only if it was like this. Because it would bring some excitement with the uncertainty but you have to give the lesser teams more of a chance.
  8. He got run over while on his bike as a kid and was a great college QB for one year. Not a bad life. Vince, STFU and go away...
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    The government has no right to control and run heath care. Only communists believe that it should.
  10. And that French President is licking Trump's shoes after Trump told him that his people were not getting our trillions.
  11. This is a fair post, but ultimately I'm waiting for you to come around to single payer. The options are: Either the government pays for all health care (single payer) perhaps with individuals choosing providers based on their opinion of the service, or Individuals pay for healthcare, and purchase insurance to cover the risk of outlier conditions like car accidents, cancer diagnosis, etc. So far any middle ground between these options has turned out to be an opportunity to introduce more bureaucracy, raise the cost of care, without providing any service. If there is a decision to be made let's make it.
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    The liberal judiciary activism has tried to legislate from the bench to fit political agendas. Constitutionalist understand that the laws of the US Constitution were written to work in any day and age.
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    Tell that to the judges have been interpreting it for centuries. Like always, you're wrong.
  14. I stand corrected. We've all seen girls kyle has banged.
  15. He WAS an outright bust. If you want to classify him as the level of bust right above the Jamarcus Russell-Matt Leinart-Akili Smith-Ryan Leaf level of bust because he won a few meaningless games with a few pretty spectacularly athletic plays, that's fine with me. Just realize no one really cares about whether it's a piece of shit or diarrhea.
  16. He's in his 3rd year now, you really don't want him "struggling", aside from the occasional bad game that every QB is going to have. I also can't see the injury being a problem, he's basically fine now. If he opens up the season with a bad 4 game stretch, which I don't think he will, it will be alarming.
  17. No, I don't think it is what he means
  18. The good news is NFL's joke of a career and how it ended is haunting him. He clearly is in a state of depression. This is not a happy man and he'll likely be bitter and have regrets the rest of his life.
  19. You mean a hot friend.
  20. duh, breh. He's probably gonna suck ass the first half of the season. He had major surgery.
  21. The French president crushed Trump's hand then boasted about it
  22. This to. Supernaw is a bad blocker whose zero threat as a receiver. It's not like replacing him with an OL will change how the D approaches that set at all. But I actually think Leliti could be a darkhorse at the RG spot. He's a very good run blocker.
  23. I want to see him in preseason. He struggled in preseason last year and it carried into the regular season.
  24. The Titans are pretty hard to gauge right now. I absolutely have to see them in camp and preseason before I make a real assessment. I think have the potential to be a SB contender but they need a lot of unknowns to fall the right way. Mariota has be be consistently good, Davis has to be a real threat, Jackson and Simms both have to be solid at CB, Brown has to contribute in the nickel at LB.... odds are some of this won't go well early or at all this season. If they do go well then look out.
  25. I'll go ahead and make the same banal statement I did last year. I won't be surprised if he struggles more than people on the board seem to be predicting. He was still far from a finished product last year and the injury probably did set him back. This is actually going against what I said a while back but I put more thought into it now.
  26. He ain't wrong about Fitzpatrick.
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