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  3. Probably happen the same season VY wins his SuperBowl.
  4. Damn right I'm happy I'm getting likes Eat it soiledunderwear
  5. And your point is that Trump possibly being bought by Putin/Russia is the same type scenario?? You can't be serious.
  6. I'd be pretty surprised if we signed 2 high priced CB like that. I definitely think we'll try to sign for sure. I think if we sign another, it'd more likely be nickel CB type like a Munnerlyn. I don't see it being two outside guys.
  7. Yea I looked at it after I posted lol
  8. Nah. Totally fine with Conklin.
  9. Five moves Titans should make in the offseason: 1. Pick up Lewan's 5th year. 2. Sign a cornerback (Logan Ryan, AJ Bouye, Stephen Gilmore, Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne, Prince Amukamara). 3. Sign another cornerback (Logan Ryan, AJ Bouye, Stephen Gilmore, Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne, Prince Amukamara). 4. Draft Reuben Foster or Jamal Adams at #5. 5. Draft Corey Davis or Mike Williams at #18. If both are gone, trade back and get Cooper Kupp, JuJu, or Zay Jones and BPA with the other pick.
  10. FAKE NEWS. Dictionary is FAKE NEWS!
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    Please get a dictionary. Please.
  12. That's just the information I was given. I am the least bad speeler you will ever meat and everybody nows it ok.
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    Conklin went 6 to the Ravens. 2 spots ahead of our pick at 8. Shows just how good he was as a rookie.
  14. But if you read all the anti-POTUS Donald J. Trump threads from all the different libs, they all say the same thing. One guy patting the other on the back for agreeing with his point of view. Read 520's remark -- he's all excited by getting likes from his like-minded brethren (and I'm kinda happy for him too -- sorta like seeing a retard actually put food in his mouth and not up his nose). You do realize that those that don't agree with that lib point of view have every right to consider these nearly identical posts to be spam. I haven't read the fine print yet, but I don't remember seeing a requirement to open a thread that appears to be intentionally antagonistic.
  15. The option for no is the highest vote since Ronald Regan! That's the information I was given.
  16. Still give me Conklin
  18. I'm working under the assumption that his contract is more heavily weighted in the first/early year/s than accepting an albatross. With this assumption, we get quite a bit of flexibility in the draft and can still target a quality TE in the first few rounds.
  19. That's the joke. Maybe you don't remember last year he said he still thinks he will make it to the HOF.
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    Check out @si_nfl's Tweet:
  21. He had a good senior bowl. I heard some talk about him on NFLR and they were singing his praises. I was going to start a thread about him, so I went to get some film. OMG! He's going to need some work!
  22. I quit even opening any thread he started. Waste of bandwidth.
  23. But some DO have a low grade level of comedic value
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