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  2. Today on Trumps twitter account, The Badlands National Park Service was tweeting climate FACTS and they were immediately deleted. Sometimes the truth hurts. Trump is censoring his own government Park Service. And BTW, isn't that a violation of freedom of speech? Trump is undermining our democracy on a daily basis.
  3. Sounds like we def want a TE...but also sounds like we could be waiting considering the depth there.
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    Jeremiah just said OJ Howard was the best player in either practice today.
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    in those drills on the outside
  6. Is Hall going to be a OLB or DE in a 3-4?
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    Wow. We would be spreading Lockers ashes if he got hit that many times.
  8. Was he playing in the slot or outside?
  9. I understood it the first time. Just don't think you pass up on a blue chip player if there is one. Over the month my hard on for certain players has gotten fairly flaccid so I'm not quite as opposed to the idea at this point in time. Really liking Corey Davis.
  10. Some were pretty cool. On the fence about the Titans one though.
  11. You think some of these people critical of environmental protection would give a flying fuck about protecting God's Kingdom. Or that those who are so anti-political correctness would give a shit about a president who is waging a war on fair reporting and banned governmental agencies for tweeting the day after he basically went nuclear on vital American programs. You'd think that, right? You think these people who are so job hungry would want to see more American jobs created, not have all government employment halted without any look into the effectiveness of the program, unless of course it is a sacred cow like military? Or, here's a good one--the same people that were so up their own asses about Obama usurping congress and acting on his own accord seeing Trump go fucking wild with executive orders day one into his presidency--don't you'd think that might be problematic? Of course, the response from those same people will of course be something about Hillary or Obama.
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    I think he is going to be a pretty good CB in the league. I wouldn't single him up on Julio or nothing, but I think he can maybe make some plays against a TY Hilton.
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    He's longer than King who I also like. Might have to move him up my board a bit. My board is pathetic right now though. I've had 0 time to do my research. Only gotten through 10 or so CBs. Typically I'd be done with the back 7 on D and all the offensive skill players by now. It's depressing. Gotta get it done before the combine.
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    5' 11" 192. He's not huge, bit he's not small either. Would have been real nice at 6' 1", but 5' 11" is adequate.
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  16. Couldn't disagree more with yall. So just for the record, you guys believe Rodgers is better and would have accomplished more in NE than Brady has?
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    Ah. I see.
  18. I'd be down with Adams.
  19. That wasn't my problem it was just getting low enough to wrap them up, I was kinda tall for a corner.
  20. Good old Ronnie. The man that wanted to log the Redwood forests and said "if you've seen one redwood you've seen 'em all." I'd rather be a wacko than a nazi.
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    Tackling was always fine, it's staying with them out of their breaks that's tough. They change direction so damn quickly and they have so much space to get open in the slot.
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    Zay Jones looking good as well
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    One down year and we all forgot just how badly Deandre Hopkins can dominate the best DBs in the league, tsk tsk. Also while he's less fast/versatile, Mike Evans was the most dominant receiver in the league this year.There aren't many guys more gifted than Julio but injuries have prevented him from making the most of that talent.
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    Cooper Kupp destroying the DB's in drills, easily beat King and Lewis
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