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  2. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    I must have watched a different game than some of you. The only other pass that stuck out to me other than the horrible missed TD was the back shoulder throw to Matthews at the end and who knows who’s fault that was.
  3. No More Defending the Play-calling

    For whatever reason, our running game isn’t quite what it was last season. Maybe the O-line is partly at fault, or maybe it’s Murray wearing down a bit. Either way, last season we seemed to run to set up the pass - because we could run, and run well. This year, it just seems less effective. Yet they’re still seeming to try to run to set up the pass - but in reality we’re running to set up the run (hopefully by the fourth quarter) and were also running to put ourselves in terrible passing situations (third and 7 or longer). Maybe they do need to give serious thought about passing more to set up the run instead of the opposite.
  4. Mularkey feels the heat

    Paul is an ass but I'm glad he asks the kind of questions that a fan would...
  5. Stop hiding Marcus

    More like 3 quarters..... The point is they expected him to contribute from day one and his absence is hurting the offense
  6. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    maybe we can figure out a covert system to deflate some footballs
  7. around the NFL

    The big bad wolf!
  8. Done

    Did you even watch the game? Each week is exposing more and more flaws. This was a must win against an opponent who should have been blown out the water. A winless team took us to over time. The game was ugly as hell. Winning today wasn't all that matters.
  9. Mularkey feels the heat

    Even before that...coming into this game Cleveland's rush defense was #9 and their pass defense was ranked #21.
  10. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    I'll also say on playaction either the Browns weren't biting or players still weren't getting open. Saw plenty of times Mariota having to go underneath instead of going downfield.
  11. Done

    Different match ups and different game plan, speculation
  12. around the NFL

    things falling apart at the Colts, never good when team mates call each other out.
  13. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    They weren't all "terrible." They were off though. I think there were a few questionable offensive playcalls this week, and overall trying to run into a good run defending Cleveland 8 man front instead of exploiting the beat up Browns secondary was questionable as a strategy as well. But the bigger issue was Mariota's inaccuracy at key moments. I think we'll see Mariota turn it on down the stretch as he recovers from the hamstring and gets Davis back.
  14. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    The coach is a loser: period
  15. Done

    This franchise is going nowhere with Mularkey leading us.
  16. Mularkey feels the heat

    Can you imagine Mularkey in the lockeroom after the win bitching out the team because they weren't "entertaining enough". "Yea, guys we won but we need to be more entertaining".
  17. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    It would be great if the coaches knew how to fix the problems. So far, after every game, the same ole excuses.
  18. Mularkey feels the heat

    To be fair...even those of us who tolerate him for the most part don't really like him that much. He's an asshole who's not an idiot. I tolerate the asshole part because of the not an idiot part.
  19. No More Defending the Play-calling

    It's horrendous
  20. If you try and defend the play-calling today, you are delusional. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Robiskie is horrific at play-calling. This run, run, pass stuff does nothing but put us in obvious situations that defenses can predict. It’s time to give Robiskie an ultimatum. Either give up play-calling duties or be fired. Yes, poor execution by the players does not help matters but if they weren’t put in obvious situations, maybe they could execute. Mularkey is so gung-ho on “never giving up” on these 1-4 yard gains throghout the game and then one finally breaks through one time during the game to give him a reason to say “told you so.” Please open the damn field up and let Marcus pass the ball. 4 TDs through 7 games is freakin ridiculous. The run game isn’t what it was last year, let’s do something different. We just beat an 0-6 team by a field goal and by kicking only field goals. We play a good team, we get our tails kicked. This win feels like a loss.
  21. around the NFL

    Who thinks the Titans win against the Jags and Texans the 2nd time?
  22. Done

    We lose against any other team
  23. Done

    Yea, that damn JRob, drafted Davis, Taylor and Adoree and ignored drafting for speed.
  24. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    Put this game in a drawer and lock it, than throw the dresser in the Mariana trench. Going into the bye with a W and time to fix the problems, also get healthy. Byard showing he's the same playmaker he was in college is the best thing to come out of this game.
  25. Stop hiding Marcus

    It's 7 games into his career lol
  26. Done

    Because fans are retarded and a lot of them really do care about being entertained more than winning
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