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  2. Good and long read if you have time... Gifs included... goes all the way back to their college days to present day...
  3. The sources I follow, unbiased on both sides agree this is fake. You're so caught up in Obama's success that you'll accept anything. Never go full Soxcat.
  4. I doubt it will backfire but I also doubt they gain much if anything from it. It does create some buzz and discussion which is for the most part a good thing for ESPN.
  5. You don't want to accept my conditional trade!? That's good, I was going to add another condition that Wisco grovels. Glad renegotiations are possible! FYI for the world: Maybe there's a reason I haven't used it yet and instead have been posting jokes about it.
  6. Funny. The article is about as factual as it can be and the violations were disclosed. But hey, it was Obama. Imagine if Trump did the same. Shit would fly.
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    At least learn how to speak something besides pigeon English...Is something wrong with you? I see your reach around buddies have got your sack though... That's nice oldschool!!! Props on the scholarly look...
  8. Corey should fit perfectly with Mariota. Both are humble and hard working. I predict some trips to Hawaii for Davis in future off-seasons. I have often thought if I were a WR on this team, I would spend a month or so in Hawaii every off-season training with Marcus. What a place to train and vacation at the same time.
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    obviously it was a joke although it was pretty damn funny to see Jamal jump on it. Don't you have some UMD tail to chase?
  10. He reminds me a lot of TO, body wise, his style. TO would have been first ballot if he had a better attitude.
  11. Did I stutter? Rankings are life.
  12. No interest in Latavius Murray for this pick straight up since he is out of the 150?
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    My original point was that they are being social justice warriors and subsequently making bad business decisions. They have bet and continue to bet on a losing horse.
  14. Damn, you beat me to the Rice comparison, cept I wasn't thinking to
  15. In return, I conditionally swap 3rd round picks with Oldschool next year if I finish in the top four (playoffs) this year and my 3rd round pick (if any) held at the start of the draft comes before the latest pick Oldschool has at the start of the draft.
  16. NFL is a different beast than any other sport. No one, and I emphasize NO ONE, is going to turn the game off because attempts to get more demographics.
  17. I'll trade the next draft pick for any player in the top 150 of this expert ranking:
  18. Why would they do it if it wasn't an attempt to get higher ratings? Not saying it will work. Certainly they have a motive here.
  19. Maybe Klay, he's by far the least important of their big four. He's barely that much more important to the team than Iggy. But one could argue that Green is the hardest person on their team to replace with his defense, rebounding, and assists.
  20. We're going from draft picks being worth Todd Gurley to just being worthless. Which one is it?
  21. That's completely false. He's their best defender and he leads the team in rebounds and assists. If they lost Green, they would have to have Zaza and McGee play all the minutes at center and move Durant to PF. Iggy would have to start in KD's place which would give them almost no bench at all if he had to start.
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    In general women dont enjoy watching men's sports and hardly enjoy watching women's sports. This move isnt some grand experiment that they can reach an untapped audience with. ESPN has been trying to tap into the womens demographic using shows that have more of a TMZ feel to them as opposed to straight xs and os sports for over a decade now. They have admitted to such. Their ratings and revenues have dropped because in doing so they have lost their key male demographic.
  23. I thought Sims played well, given the circumstances. A mid/late round rookie getting forced into a starting role for any reason is usually a recipe for disaster....and he struggled at times, but he also had some very solid stretches and showed enough to make me think he can be a legitimate starter at this level. Reed made a number of plays in preseason...and when he got some live reps at the end of the season, I don't recall him doing anything to embarrass himself. I also seem to recall him being reasonably effective in punt coverage. Seventh-round picks are typically borderline camp fodder...but if he can develop into a solid, consistent 3rd or 4th corner in the rotation, that just improves the depth chart that much more.
  24. Agreed, if you aren't going to "sign" him and just drop him then have someone pay a dollar in FA once he gets dropped
  25. I want my OL to be shirtless, flinging catfish on the ice, guzzling beer, yelling at refs. I'm fine with the QB taking a different approach.
  26. Yeah Sims played well in the Bronco & Chief games. As for Reed though I read a lot of good things about him. PFF had him as a 2nd rounder but they were far from the only ones who liked him. I read the opposite, that he has fluid hips & was very smooth in coverage. I did read his deep speed didn't look like the 4.4 he ran. That said, teams obviously weren't impressed with the guy, he was the last pick in the draft.
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