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  2. PetroleroTitanico

    2015 Trade Offer for Mariota

    iirc Kelly denied it while still coaching Philly. Which made sense as the deal didn’t go through. Would have gained nothing by admitting the failed offer, just a lot of animosity from his players and bad press
  3. As a general rule I wouldn’t argue that reducing business taxes are a bad thing. However what a lot of these Fortune 500 companies did with the savings is dishonest. Buying back stock so the upper executives can double dip on their tax breaks and giving $1000 bonuses to hourly workers and using it as a public relations tool is shitty. These companies didn’t buy equipment or actually raise wages long term. They just double dipped on tax breaks. Regulations can be difficult to discuss because they are complicated. Most just talk about environmental or banking regulations because of climate change and bailing out to big to fail companies. This too big to fail idea is just another case of government not doing their job and breaking these companies up like they did Ma Bell years ago. Instead they allow mergers that aren’t good for a competitive business environment then leave tax payers on the hook using our multi-trillion dollar credit card. I’ve rambled on enough I guess.
  4. CaliTitan3518

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Started the first episode and just wasn’t into it.
  5. IsntLifeFunny

    Going to be on 102.5 The Game at 10:15 AM today

    Great segment, Tom. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t agree more with the idea we have to keep implementing the system and deal with the results. I would add a caveat that the Rams started the season wanting to run 21 and 12 as their base and ended up with the most 11 personnel usuage in the league. Our receivers are terrible, but so are the TEs. Marcus does better from spread sets and Henry is for some reason a shotgun runner. We should be tweaking the system to fit the players a bit more in my opinion, but at the end of the day if Marcus and Henry can’t run the system with any efficiency then they need to be replaced.
  6. Is this exchange recorded? What reporters dont record these days? I heard him say they were passing it after the election. You know, once they win. Anyone can phony up some words on a paper. Also, wouldn't the lie work better if he did say "after". I mean if he said before and election day gets here and it hasn't happened, that would be bad, right? But there is this...by your beloved CNN... https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/22/politics/donald-trump-tax-cut-election/index.html Nowhere in that article is he quoted saying "before". Anti Trumpers have to do better than this. Yall buy the biggest lies being sold. So sad.
  7. Taking this a step further into particulars, I saw the other day one of the regulations they are cutting is one on oil rigs where they have to use a government certified person to make sure the rig is safe and properly sealed. How much money can that really save these guys? 1000th of a penny on the dollar? Less? It’s crazy these are the actual regulations Republicans want removed. I have no issue with deregulating some aspects of business, but ones that deal with the financial sector or food safety, or drug regulations, or oil regulations are plain stupid.
  8. its the RG and C that are the interior problems. Spain has been decent. I'd worry more about pass pro than run grades though.
  9. I agree with business tax cuts. I disagree with giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Raising the income tax rate on the wealthy to offset the business tax decrease should be the policy. I'm a liberal that believes we should embrace a pro business model. I think business taxes should be lower. We simply cannot compete with cheap labor. Period. But we can lessen the tax burden on businesses so that they have a better chance to compete. Regulations are another matter, which I feel justifies the lower business tax. Some regulations are a requirement, but I can see some regulations being a burden to businesses. It's harder for me to declare regulations are bad, particularly when particular regulations are seldom discussed. I'm sure I agree with Republicans on a lot of burdensome regulations. But particulars are seldom discussed. In fact, I rank it high on the ignorance topic. We don't talk about specific regulations much. It's the watered down regs are good or bad, little public discussions on the details. We all know that bad chemicals in your water supply is bad. So not all regulations are bad, right? I'm all for reducing business taxes, raising taxes on the upper echelon to offset the revenue loss (or keep money within the business), but regulations needs more pondering on the particular regulation. But you know, who has time for that? I'm out causing riots every night.
  10. CaliTitan3518

    Red Sox vs. Dodgers MLB WS

    I might be wrong but I think Red Sox had left more on than the Dodgers
  11. TitanicoNFLriotFAN

    Red Sox vs. Dodgers MLB WS

    Well this game was interesting until the Dodgers left more men on bases and with the score 3-5. That has been a negative mark at many games from the Dodgers. Tomorrow will be another day.
  12. 9 Nines

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    you. Please note for clarification, I am not responsible for misreading the ticket.
  13. AussieTitanFan08

    Patrick Peterson Request trade

    speculation around that the Eagles have offered multiple picks to the Cardinals for Peterson.
  14. Damn dude lol. Yeah that's rough. I haven't messed around with them but the new iphones are aesthetically incredible. A buddy of mine got the XS Max. The battery thing is troubling for sure, these companies do very little to enhance battery life from one version of a phone to the next because they know people would sit on their devices for years before upgrading. I'm on my 2nd year with my Galaxy S8 Plus and while the battery life is no longer great, it's not anywhere close to being as dire as what you're experiencing. I'll usually run it down to about 50% by 2pm or so and then give it a charge. Same original device and battery.
  15. CaliTitan3518

    Red Sox vs. Dodgers MLB WS

    Regardless of my strong hate for LA I still think Red Sox in 5.
  16. Right after case keenum and that Colin kaepernick Guy
  17. Today
  18. It’s almost always @japan on Spain’s case. He not great but Kline is worse and Jones play is pure trash. Low snaps missed assignments. The right side is bad.
  19. JoelinBellevue

    Going to be on 102.5 The Game at 10:15 AM today

    Kline is grading out at 49 on run blocking per PFF. Spain is 72, way above average.
  20. Why are you so upset about her lies? Trump lies on a daily basis. It’s not that uncommon for people to claim Indian blood from some long lost grandparent (at least in the area I live). Hell I’ve heard the same stories in my family on both sides. It’s true on my mothers side (actually saw my gg grandmothers photo) and on my fathers side I couldn’t find anything and I traced it back to 1774. As far as using Native American heritage for political gain or profit that’s wrong but political characters have done much worse.
  21. Spain is very good. I'm not sure why this board is so down on him.
  22. Highpockets84

    If we rebuilt this offseason without MM...

    I didn’t even read this. You lost me at trade Mariota and sign old ass Joe Flacco for 4 years. He has been pure garbage ever since he got lucky and won that super bowl. He finally is having a decent season again.
  23. JakePA_Titan

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    So you are saying that makes him better? Carrs production plus age plus potential netted him a contract worthy of 24 million annually. So you say Mariotas analytical stats are much better. Therefore he is better. Right? Mariota is as young if not younger than Carr when he got his extension. Most think he has great potential. How much you wanna bet that if Mariotas analytical stats continue to be much better, but his traditional stats stay the same, that he doesn't break 20 million per by the time hes a RFA in 2020? And the salary cap will have increased by then...making it that much less.
  24. Former_Fan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    I don't think this has anything to do with Kaep at all. Likely playing time and wanting to be the #1 receiver. I heard he was having some bad practices, but this could be because he had mentally checked out. Regardless, he wanted off the team and that is what he got.
  25. Spain has been way better than Kline. But it does seem like they Have been looking to replace him.
  26. Middle class tax cut coming next week.
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